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What PostGrid™ offers for companies

Post Grid API

Print & Mail API:

  • Automate print & mail operations with API Calls
  • Add capabilities to your existing CRM and enable sending letters, cheques or postcards
  • Verify, complete and standardise addresses to local postal standards in real time 
  • Set up within minutes using our detailed API docs and test API keys
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Post Grid Platform

Address Verification API:

  • Autocomplete, Clean, Verify and Standardise addresses to local postal standards 
  • All our addresses are CASS and SERP certified ensuring high delivery success rate 
  • Bulk Verify – Upload and verify up to 200k addresses at a time
  • Set up within minutes using our detailed API docs and test API keys
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Your end-to-end

Offline Communication Solution

Automate Print & Mail

  • Integrate print & mail functionality into your software using our fully documented REST API
  • Empower your team to send personalized letters, postcards and cheques without changing their existing workflows
  • Connect over 1600 apps with PostGrid through Zapier to build your own automation pipelines
Post Grid Transactional Mail

2 Day SLA

  • All mail pieces are processed and handed over for delivery within two business days
  • Orders are routed to vendors closest to the destination to minimize delivery times

Address Verification
and Validation

  • Ensure deliverability of addresses across US & Canada using our CASS + SERP certified Address Verification API
  • Streamline address input at the point-of-entry using our Address Autocompletion facilities
  • Correct malformed addresses to Canada Post and USPS standards without manual intervention
instant address verification

AI-Driven Address Parser

  •  Our multilingual freeform address parser can extract street names, city names, and more, enabling the verification of poorly formatted addresses
  • We’re able to process thousands of addresses per second. Hence, large mailing lists can be verified and cleaned in seconds

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