Automated and Versatile Letter Print and Mail Solution

PostGrid’s automated and versatile print and mail solutions are apt for companies or individuals looking to automate highly sensitive, confidential or important documents in a regular manner without having to worry about data entry-prone errors, compliance issues or print and mail accuracy issues.

Our seamless integration solutions have added capabilities to your existing CRM to send letters or other sensitive documents in a secure and scalable way. Personalize every single piece of information on your document intended for higher engagement and open rate without having to spend countless hours and useful resources with strategic and personalized triggered campaigns.

Automate Printing & Mailing Letters with PostGrid API

Personalize Letters & Documents on-demand or at Scale


Why should you invest in our letter printing and mailing solution?

In this digital age, where time is of the essence and you have a few seconds to make an impact with your content, an on-demand letter printing and mailing solution can help personalize your message to your client and prospects in a quick, easy and effective manner, thereby keeping a strong foundation for steering the business ahead.

Secure Letters

We will make sure that the letters are mailed keeping HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance into consideration. Whether you are sending one piece or in bulk,  right from creation to mailing, PostGrid ensures the entire process is carried out in a safe, and secure environment.


Benefit from our address verification software and ensure your addresses are cleansed, validated and standardized to local postal carrier standards that result in higher mailing accuracy and delivery success rate.


Over the years, customization has enhanced lead generation, and engagement, building loyalty and fostering healthy relationships. With us, you can get as creative and personal as possible with your letters, depending upon the bond you share and the message you wish to communicate to the recipient. Upload your own design or customize it with our in-built HTML editor systems to convey the right message to the right user.


Track right from when the document is being printed, processed, handed over to the postal carrier or on route to delivery from your dashboard ensuring timely and accurate delivery.

Seamless Data Integration

Automate your entire workflow of having to mail sensitive documents right from your CRM by integrating seamlessly with PostGrid, we also validate and cleanse your address data to ensure a higher delivery success rate.

Trigger event letters

PostGrid frees you from the hassle of having to remember important dates for different clients. After confirmation, all you need to do is set a trigger for the dates, and customized letters will be automatically sent to them. With an intelligent letter printing and mailing solution, you will never miss any important event. It’ll have a significant impact on your client retention rate.

Build mailing lists

With API and integration systems, we will be able to build your mailing list. This will minimize the task of you having to fill out the details every time you have to mail a letter, especially when the letters are to be sent to several people. With one click you will be able to send personalized letters to numerous important people at once.

transactional mail

How PostGrid’s Letter Printing and Mailing solution help your business?

Reduce Manual Work

Getting letters written for the client and prospects manually can take a disastrous turn with minor mistakes. By automating letter printing and mailing, you will be saving significantly- not just your brand’s reputation but the workforce potential.

Your staff should be able to contribute to taking the business to the next level and achieving higher goals, and an automated system will give your business the freedom to do that.

Moreover, it’s not necessary that you’ll always have staff available for urgent letter printing and mailing requirements. The automated system will rescue you from delays and keep you from ruining your association with the clients in such cases.

Save Time

You no longer have to waste time, managing the inventory budget for printing, haggling with the design team for better designs, or cross-verifying every single detail. With an intelligent, integrated letter printing and mailing system in place, all you have to do is customize the letter template, verify the address, and hit send. Invest this time in developing and executing strategies to take the business ahead.

Save Resources

Manual printing requires having the inventory all stocked up with papers of different sizes, colour cartridges, printing supplies, and other tools. It’s a tedious task to keep a check on supplies every month and make sure you don’t run out of them during emergencies. An automated system in place takes care of all these little details and saves time, money, and resources.

Ensure Mailing Accuracy

With our address verification, print and mail API and integration solution, we guarantee to mail accuracy to the maximum rate. All you have to worry about is which template will best send out the message you want your clients or prospects to get. From the mailing list that we have built, we will fetch relevant mail addresses for you to verify and mail the letters to.

You can also verify and standardize the information as per the local postal address from the dashboard. If you spot any mistake in the address list, you can update the delivery process/our system will update it in the delivery process automatically. With PostGrid, you can rest assured that the right letter will be mailed to the correct address.

Automate Printing & Mailing Letters with PostGrid API

Personalize Letters & Documents on-demand or at Scale



Why should I opt for an automated letter printing and mailing solution when I can have it done in-house?

The automated solution ensures quality, accuracy, and security – which will boost your potential clients’ engagement, and retention, and garner leads. By adopting an automated solution, you will save significant time, money, and staff potential, which you can invest in achieving your business goals.

Why should I trust Postgrid for letter printing and mailing?

We guarantee accuracy, security, and premium quality letter printing and mailing solutions at the most competitive market price.

How will I know the status of my letter?

You can track and monitor the whereabouts – right from the processing of letters to the mail’s final delivery – from your dashboard.

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