Direct Mail and Print Invoices Online using PostGrid

Invoice generation is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks that business owners regularly have to go through. But it is also something that they can’t avoid because the record makes sure they are getting the right amount for the services they have rendered to keep their business operational. Now with the help of PostGrid’s Print & Mail Platform

Premium Quality Customized Invoice Printing services

Printed personalized invoices enhance readability and reflect positively on the business’s work ethics, thereby making it easy for the client to verify the payment and release the cash at the right time periodically. Plus, it helps strengthen your transactional communication and build a relationship of trust and credibility with the client in the long run.

Timely Automated Invoice Mailing Solutions

A delay of a few days can have an unfavorable impact on your relationship with the client. And if this becomes a regular thing, then you might lose the client forever. You wouldn’t want to lose a precious client because the post office couldn’t deliver the invoice at the right time, would you?

Send clear invoices periodically and ensure continuous cash flow with PostGrid’s automated mailing solution.

Take the legwork out of printing invoices manually. Automate with our Print & Mail Platform & API

Create, Print, Send & Automate with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand invoice printing and mailing solution.


Why should you opt for PostGrid’s automated invoice printing and mailing solution?


You have the freedom to select from a wide range of invoice templates and edit them in our inbuilt editor, adding your brand’s logo and information along with a direct CTA for maximum visibility. Customization is deemed one of the best strategies to establish a long term relationship with the client and customer by adding a personal touch and making them feel valued. It enhances customer experience and will also help your business gain a competitive edge in the landscape.


The invoice contains sensitive information that should be confidential between both parties while sending it to the intended recipient. If the data goes in the wrong hands, it can easily subject either party to bullies’ blackmail. With us, you can trust that your invoice’s security and data integrity is maintained. In PostGrid’s automated system, from printing, mailing, and packaging to delivery, every process is carried out incorporating HIPAA and PIPEDA standards and norms for maximum security and compliance.  


If you want to send invoices — single or multiple — urgently, but you ran out of paper or printing supplies, PostGrid automated system can help you design, print, automate and send the invoice – individually or in bulk — with one click. Trust PostGrid to take care of your urgent and on-demand invoice printing and mailing requirements with accuracy, quality, and security.


It’s essential to ensure that the invoices have reached the intended recipient; otherwise, this might delay the payment, and your business might suffer because of it. But the traditional method of tracking the packages involves having to wait to hear from the different vendors. With PostGrid, you can track the parcel, whether it’s still being printed, packaged, on in transit from your single sign-in dashboard.

Build a Mailing System

It is a tedious and inefficient task having to jot down mailing addresses to send invoices to. Why not automate this process with PostGrid? Our API and CRM integration solution will fetch addresses from your database and build a mailing list. Depending on different parameters, you can segment this list for the ease of sending it in bulk. With PostGrid, you no longer have to worry about remembering the mailing address or typing them wrong.

Mail fulfillment

PostGrid takes the guarantee of delivering the invoice securely and with integrity. Right from warehouse fulfillment to delivery, with us, you can rest assured that the packages reach the right address at the right time. You can always track the status of your invoice from the dashboard.

transactional mail

How PostGrid’s automated invoice printing and the mailing solution will help your business?

Reduce Manual Work

Your employee’s knowledge and potential worth way more than just filing, preparing, and running back and forth to the post office to make sure the invoices are sent on time. Unburden them from these inefficient and mundane tasks and automate them with PostGrid. They should not be worried about the right paper size or if the printing supplies are stocked. Invest your employee’s expertise in achieving your business goals.

Save Time

PostGrid’s invoice automated printing and mailing solution will free you from the burden of having to waste your time in creating, verifying, and sending every invoice, with everything now being done with just a click. Traditional invoice printing and mailing require coordination between different entities, which results in wastage of time. The time thus saved can be used in developing effective strategies for business growth and development.

Save Resources

Time, money, and employee potential are critical resources for every business and should be judiciously invested. Why let them drain with such repetitive tasks which you can automate with a single click with PostGrid’s automated invoice printing and mailing solutions?

Ensure Mailing Accuracy

PostGrid’s automated invoice printing and mailing and direct mail services solution enable you to integrate the data in your system with an efficient API and CRM integration solution. This step frees you from having to write every mail address, which is highly prone to mistakes. If sent to the wrong client, any invoice can lead to colossal miscommunication and damage your rapport with them in the long run. PostGrid will build your mailing list, which you can segment for your convenience. If you seem to have added the wrong address, you can validate and standardize it according to the local postal address for accuracy.

Automate Invoice Printing & Mailing with PostGrid Platform & API

Create, Print, Send & Automate with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand letter printing and mailing solution.



Why should I automate invoice printing and mailing?

Invoice printing and mailing can be a cumbersome process if done manually and would be highly prone to error simultaneously. But automation will help save time and money.

Why should I trust PostGrid’s invoice printing and mailing solutions?

At PostGrid, we guarantee premium quality invoice printing and the safety and security of the data in the most cost-effective manner.

Will I be able to track my invoice status?

You can check whether your invoice is being packed or is in transit for delivery by signing in to your dashboard. You can track and standardize the address to make sure that it reaches the right individual/firm.

Will you fulfill single piece invoice printing and mailing on demand?

We have a no minimum requirement policy, so whether you want to create, customize and send a single invoice or in bulk, we at PostGrid have got you covered.

Why burden your in-house staff with managing a heap of papers and running to the post office when you can have an automated solution at your click to do that for you periodically?

Bolster transactional business communication with PostGrid’s supreme quality invoice automated printing and mailing solution.

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