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What Is An Address Verification API or Address Validation API
and How Does It Work?

The prime job of an address verification API is to make sure that all the addresses entered are correct and valid. It processes the entered addresses and matches them with the addresses registered with the Canada Post, USPS, Royal Mail and other trusted data sources. It helps the API to quickly verify and validate the addresses accordingly. It is accurate, easy, and quick. With our address validation API you can autocomplete and cleanse your mailing addresses lists. It works by integrating with your system to check and correct all the data. It can also instantly verify any address that you have entered.

Address verification also helps increase your brand reputation and maintain its customer relationships. Correct addresses facilitate faster and smoother deliveries. It leads to customer satisfaction and improved business operations. PostGrid’s address verification software and API helps you just do that.

Why Should You Go for PostGrid's Address Validation API Services?

CASS and SERP Certified

With an automated system, like PostGrid, in place, you can trigger each of your direct mail, whether it’s a welcome mail, thank you mail, confirmation mail, invoice, monthly report, or anything for that matter. Plus, you can also personalize them in terms of design, message, and the audience segments that’ll receive those direct mails. Once set, you can forget about it and let our system get the job done for you, each time when a person enters you campaign.You no longer need to face troubles regarding the returned shipment and lost mails. Save your time and efforts by mailing on addresses that are CASS and SERP certified. Our API only provides addresses that are up-to-date and deliverable. Replace the outdated and inaccurate mailing lists in your system with high-quality data.

Tracking Every Order

Get delivery reports and tracking information for every direct mail and order sent by you. Make other plans accordingly. Also, you can have better control on the deliveries. By having all the tracking details, you can keep a record of all your direct mails and can easily draft performance reports.

Address Parsing and Autocomplete

Break down addresses into components, and get all the fields auto-filled. Motivate your customers to order and checkout by adding address autocomplete. Avoid shopping cart abandonments and get your visitors to purchase from your website. Autocomplete will help them enter their complete address within a few keystrokes. This process immensely improves the user experience for your customers.

Standardization and Validation

Standardize all the addresses in a consistent, standard format accepted by the postal services. It will help you avoid delays in deliveries and ensure that the mails are not lost in transit due to poorly drafted addresses. Our address validation API also validates the data to check whether the details are accurate and valid. Invalid addresses are corrected and saved.

Address Verification

PostGrid’s API for address verification allows you to verify each and every address in your database. Also, it immediately verifies the address that your user enters while ordering from your website. When incorrect addresses are entered, a list of correct address suggestions is shown. The user can then select their addresses from the list.

Data Cleansing

Cleanse all your records and data using our API for address validation. Get our API integrated with your CRM so that all the addresses are collected and cleansed in one place. Make sure to have accurate data on which you can send direct mails and expect responses. Incorrect data, on the other hand, will waste your time and resources.

All-Round Support

Our team is available for you 24×7. If you have any difficulties or questions while using our API, you can contact PostGrid with your queries anytime. All you need to do is dial our toll-free number. Our team will get in contact with you instantly and get your problem solved.

Competitive Pricing

PostGrid’s address validation API is very affordable and available for you at competitive rates. Generate positive ROI by sending direct mails on verified addresses and reduce losses.

Benefits of Address Verification API

  • No More Lost Direct Mail Pieces: Sending direct mails and other shipments on unverified addresses can lead to misplacements, delays, and lost mails. Significantly avoid these things by using PostGrid’s address validation API.
  • Best Quality Data: Make sure that you have accurate data all over your system. Our API verifies all addresses at point-of-entry to prevent any wrong data from entering your database.
  • Improved Communication: An API for address verification can help you interact better with your audience. You can print and send direct mails in thousands to your targeted audience at the perfect time. Address verifications will make sure that a perfect opportunity is never lost due to delayed and wrong deliveries.
  • Decreased Mailing Cost: PostGrid combines several techniques to store and show verified addresses to you. Our API is able to provide IMB – Intelligent Mail Barcodes, pre-sorting, and priority processing on bulk orders. Sending orders and direct mails in bulk allows the API to fetch such offers and huge discounts for you, which ultimately reduces the overall mailing expenditure for your company.
  • Increased Speed: You can save a lot of time and effort by using our API for verifying your addresses. Its speed is simply unmatchable.
  • Faster Turnaround Time: With reduced delays and misplacements, you will be able to deliver your orders faster and easier. It helps to build your brand image with quick and smooth fulfillment of orders.
  • Scalable Services: PostGrid’s API for address verification has the ability to verify millions of addresses together at the same time. It verifies any number of addresses at almost the same speed.

What Type of Businesses Need Address Verification API

E-Commerce Platforms

Brands sell their products on various e-commerce platforms. It is essential that they maintain the quality of their user experience on these platforms. E-commerce websites largely utilize the features of an address verification API. PostGrid provides an API that helps such platforms with accurate address entries, faster deliveries, and to avoid return issues. It facilitates the entire shopping experience for the users and enables these websites to maintain their image in the market. Apparently, an e-commerce platform will lose its users if the address verifications are not done and shipments don’t reach the customers on time.

Personal Selling Stores

Many companies sell products and services on their website and online stores. It means that all these companies require to incorporate address forms on their website, wherein customers can fill out their shipping information. Your customers may mistakenly enter some incorrect details or leave the address incomplete. Our API for address verification helps capture and store accurate addresses of your users so that the orders can be delivered on time and with complete accuracy. It will help you gain popularity and trust of the people, which is very good for the company’s business.

Third-Party Logistics

These companies basically collaborate with brands and e-commerce platforms to complete their shipping orders. Hence, the third-party logistics businesses also use an address validation API to verify and validate all the addresses. It helps them to complete the orders in a timely manner and without any hassles. This way, they are able to keep their clients happy and get more business. These companies specialize in shipping and delivering. PostGrid helps these businesses keep up to their expertise without any manual efforts and wasted time on address verification.

Rental Homes Service Websites

Thousands of websites offer rental home and hotel booking services. They widely use an API for address verification. By doing so, the users can easily verify the address of their property so that their customers can accurately reach the location without any difficulty. It is very helpful in booking hotels, wherein customers are looking for a hotel as per an exact location. Providing them with a verified and accurate address using an API like PostGrid, will maintain the purpose of the site and help these businesses provide smooth services to their clients.

Financial Institutions

Banks and all types of financial institutions need to check and verify thousands of addresses from time-to-time. They will have to get addresses verified every time someone has to open a bank account or apply for a loan. For approving loans, these institutions need to run credit checks. An address validation API, like PostGrid, can make the work of entering and verifying addresses quick and simple. Banks make use of these services to have accurate records on every customer and save time, cost, and efforts required in the address verification process.


Restaurants are one of the prime users of address verification APIs. People, in large numbers, order food from their websites. Therefore, it is required that restaurants incorporate a tool on their websites, that will help them to get all the addresses verified instantly. Restaurants can serve their customers faster and better by verifying the addresses at the point-of-entry and avoiding any delays in fulfilling orders.

How to Use PostGrid’s Address Verification API?

  • Create an account with PostGrid – Enter the required details and get your account ready in just a few minutes. The set-up is very self-explanatory and quick.
  • Login – Login into your account with your unique user ID and password. A go-to dashboard will be made accessible to you, which will contain everything that you need to use the API.
  • Use the API keys – Your test and live API keys, both will be available for you through the settings menu. You will have to copy the keys from here. It is recommended that you use these keys only on trusted servers to ensure maximum security.
  • Paste the keys – The next step will be to paste the URL of our API to your website’s address form, where you want the addresses to be verified.
  • Start API calls – Once you paste the URL, you will start receiving successful API calls on request. You can even customize it according to you. If you get stuck at any stage or the API is not responding in the way you need, feel free to contact us, and we will help you out instantly.

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