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Autocomplete and Verify Addresses With Address Checker

Ever found yourself in situations where you need to mail someone and don’t know their correct address?

Of course, you did- everyone comes across such situations. As a result, thousands of individuals and companies get their mail returned due to mailing on invalid, undeliverable addresses.

If you are looking for a robust solution to verify mailing addresses, you should use an address checker. It can help you identify incorrect addresses and modify them beforehand. This tool helps you check postal addresses and correct them according to the Canada Post standards.

In this blog, we will discuss how an address finder tool can help you avoid getting returned mail.

Steps Involved in Address Validation

The process to check shipping addresses involves a few steps, and they are:

Canada Post Address Autocomplete

As the name goes, address autocomplete enables you to enter your address within a few keystrokes. For example, if you start typing 9187 Bay, the tool can autofill the remaining address details- 9187 Bay St, Toronto, NT X8Z 2G8.

A Canadian address checker tool uses geocoding to find a list of the most accurate suggestions for the user. The user can select the correct address from the list and complete the transaction.

Thus, there are few data-entry mistakes, and you can enter addresses in less than half the time.

Address Parsing and Standardisation

Address parsing is the process of disassembling an address into different parts. It separates and tags every component, like a street address, city, province, etc.

The next step is standardization; wherein addresses are formatted according to the Canada Post addressing guidelines.

So, these two steps break down your mailing addresses and reformat them so that Canada Post can send mail to them accurately.

Address Verification

An address verifier double-checks a mailing address to ensure that it exists. If yes, it is marked valid and deliverable. Otherwise, the tool troubleshoots the issue and solves it (if possible).

Sometimes, some addresses are fake or imaginary, which is why they never pass the validity test. Mailers should refrain from mailing to such addresses to avoid returns.

Please note that the above steps happen simultaneously and not one after the other.

Why Do You Need a Postal Address Checker?

Most people don’t realize that they need an address checker until they face specific problems. Below are some reasons why businesses should start using an address validation tool already:

Increased ROI

Canada Post offers mailers the lowest postage rates when their mailing addresses are fully validated. This way, they can save a lot on shipping and increase their ROI.

Also, an online address check helps them compile targeted mailing lists to improve their campaign performance.

Accurate Mailing

No more reshipping items several times to fulfill orders correctly! A quick Post Office address check before shipping can help you complete orders precisely the first time.

Also, no mail returns mean that you don’t need to pay extra for packaging and postage.

Save Time and Effort

Valid address checks can enable you to reduce the number of keystrokes on your website. Suppose a customer wants to enter their mailing address before checkout. Address autocomplete will automatically fill their address in a few keystrokes.

It will create a good impression about how your brand prioritizes customer convenience. Also, you can save a lot of time and effort required to modify incorrect customer addresses.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

You can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing them with quick ways to checkout on your website.

Incorporating a Canada Post address check on your website can help you improve your website UX. It can further push customers to buy from your online store and complete checkouts. Hence, you can bring down cart abandonment rates and increase conversions.

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PostGrid’s Address Checker Tool

PostGrid’s address verification API can help you check address validity and verify your mailing lists in no time. Find below some of its features that allow you to mail precisely:

Verify Single Records or Bulk Mailing Lists

It doesn’t matter if you need to verify a single address or a list containing thousands of mailing addresses. PostGrid’s address verification API and software are scalable and can accommodate your needs in a hassle-free way.

If you have doubts, like- what is my correct postal address, you can check the same with PostGrid. Similarly, you can verify tens of thousands of addresses for your upcoming direct mail campaign at about the same time.

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National and International Address Checker

Like volume, it does not make a difference whether you want to verify a local, national, or international address. PostGrid’s address verification services can validate mailing addresses of 245+ countries. Furthermore, they can transliterate and standardize them according to the destination country’s guidelines.

SERP and CASS Certified

PostGrid is certified by SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) and CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System). They are postal certifications issued by Canada Post and the USPS, respectively, for address verification vendors.

Being certified by these programs, PostGrid has access to millions of addresses in the US and Canada. Thus, you can verify your mailing lists securely and confidently with PostGrid.

Bifurcate Residential and Commercial Addresses

Our residential address checker can separate residential and commercial addresses. It is particularly helpful to B2B and B2C companies to mail their target audience accordingly.

They can also segment their database based on other demographics, like age, gender, income level, etc.

Fuzzy Matching

PostGrid’s address checker Canada Post can help you verify your addresses even though they contain some errors. Our fuzzy matching capabilities can fix misspellings, spacing issues, missing details, and other similar issues.

Easy to Setup and Use

You would need to install or integrate an address checker tool before you check mail addresses. However, our setup process does not take more than a few minutes, and you can get started speedily.

Moreover, there are no minimum fees or setup charges involved. You can manage your account settings and user permissions according to your requirements. Also, you can customize other aspects of our services to suit your needs.


Knowing how to check if a mailing address is valid can help you avoid losses and earn more ROI. It also assists companies with data management and expands their database.

PostGrid’s address verification API and software can help you update your mailing lists from time to time. They can also help you launch targeted mailing campaigns to reach your prospects.

Sign up now to know more about our address checker and how it can make address verification a breeze for you!