Postcard Printing and Mailing API

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  • Postcards make an excellent choice for direct mail marketing campaigns. They are small and can deliver your messages precisely. 
  • A postcard API like PostGrid can help you integrate with your CRM to create, print, and mail postcards speedily. The integration is simple and does not require technical expertise.
  • Businesses can send marketing postcards consisting of a clear CTA and compelling offer to their target audience.
  • These postcards can be small, jumbo, large, or oversize. The postcard API makes it easy to send postcards of any size. You can also select the choice of paper stock and coating.
  • Communicate with your existing and potential customers through eye-catching postcards, hereby increasing conversion and customer retention rates.

What Can You Do With a Postcard API?

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  • A postcard API can enable companies to reach out to their customers directly with impactful messages and create an ever-lasting impression.
  • Postcards are memorable and impressive. Direct mail marketers can use a postcard print and mail API like PostGrid to design postcards and also get them printed and mailed altogether.
  • Keep in touch with your existing customers by sending them postcards regularly through our API integration.
  • Get direct sales and improve ROI by including discounts, coupons, and more.
  • Target the right audience and reach out to them with the right message. 
  • The API also enables you to conduct A/B testing and measure campaign performance.
  • Generate fresh leads, follow-up, link direct mail campaigns with email and digital marketing, and close deals.

API Integration

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  • Start printing and mailing letters anywhere and at any time through our API integration.
  • Expand your database using the Zapier integration that allows you to connect with over 1,600 apps.
  • PostGrid’s RESTful API comes with comprehensive documentation for you to integrate with your system easily.
  • The process only takes a few minutes, and the process is not complicated at all. Hence, marketers can be up and running effortlessly.
  • You will be given both tests and live API keys to use accordingly. Every API call uses HTTPS to help keep your data secure. 
  • Postcard API reduces your workload of importing data and doing everything manually. It makes print and mail as easy as sending an email. 

Address Verification and Safe Mailing

  • All mailing addresses are standardized, validated, and verified using the Canada Post database. PostGrid allows you to access SERP-certified addresses that are valid and mailable.
  • Avoid lost mail and delays by sending postcards to the right people, and verifying addresses before mailing makes on-time deliveries easier.
  • PostGrid’s API provides several security features such as data encryption and absolute confidentiality. It is compliant with various data security standards and acts such as PIPEDA, HIPAA, SOC-1, SOC-2, and other general data protection laws that are related to direct mail marketing.
  • Businesses can import their data, design postcards, print, and mail securely through our postcard API.

Design Creative Postcards

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  • Choose from among several professionally designed postcard templates. These HTML templates can let you create postcards from scratch without having any designing skills.
  • Skip through the part where you need to find a skilled designer and negotiate on several terms and rates. A postcard API like PostGrid can help you create appealing postcard designs that can perform great.
  • You can get creative with PostGrid’s postcard API and try out several colors, messages, and design combinations. Furthermore, you can add graphics and images that go with your content to make your postcards more impressive. 
  • The postcard API can help you get these graphics printed in high quality. Marketers can select from between matte and glossy paper coating options for sending postcards. 

Track Mail and Get Campaign Insights

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  • Using PostGrid’s API, you can track your postcards in real-time and stay updated throughout the campaign.
  • Know how your postcards are performing by getting periodic reports and campaign analytics. The insights are meant to guide you on what works best for your brand and what doesn’t. 
  • Through these insights, you can plan your future campaigns in a way that can pass through the odds and get maximum engagements. 
  • Postcard API can help you add trackable phone numbers, pURLs, redeemable coupon codes, and QR codes that make it easy to measure performance.

Variable Data Printing

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  • The in-built templates allow you to insert variable data and print personalized postcards.
  • Variable data printing is an excellent way to grab the attention of your audience and get them to respond to your postcard marketing campaign.
  • With the help of a postcard API, it is extremely easy to customize and personalize postcards. It is even possible to personalize every single postcard while mailing in bulk. 
  • Personalized offers, discounts, CTA, and messages that fit the needs of potential customers and are in accordance with their customer journey can drive conversions significantly. 

Print and Mail Postcards Globally

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  • Mailing overseas is now as simple as mailing locally. PostGrid’s postcard API can help you create eye-catching postcards, get them printed, and mailed anywhere across the globe. 
  • PostGrid’s address verification solutions can help you standardize addresses in the destination country’s format and validate them to avoid wastages and reshipping due to wrong addresses. 
  • Grow your business internationally and let the postcard API handle your direct mail marketing activities.

No Minimums and No Upper Limits

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  • There are no minimum volume requirements for mailing postcards with a postcard API such as PostGrid. An order for a single postcard has the same SLA time and is completed with the same priority as that of a thousand postcards. 
  • PostGrid’s postcard printing and mailing API is scalable, which means that you can scale up and down as required. Hence, sending out a few postcards and bulk mailing are both possible.
  • Mail any number of postcards with ease. The API can help you mail any number of postcards in a single go. 

No Installation Fees and Hidden Costs

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  • Don’t be bound by long-term contracts and commitments. PostGrid can help you set up and get started without any minimum monthly fees or installation charges.
  • The pricing structure is transparent, and there are no hidden costs involved.
  • In case of technical issues, you can always dial the toll-free number and get in touch. 
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Build New Mailing Lists

  • Want to conduct a direct mail marketing campaign and have no mailing lists at hand? No problem! PostGrid’s API can help you build mailing lists containing real, deliverable, and verified addresses. 
  • Sort your mailing lists as per several demographics for conducting targeted marketing.
  • ZIP code targeting is also possible with the help of a postcard API.

Send Appreciation Postcards, Reminders,
Giveaways, and Coupons

  • Send direct mail postcards, including offers, giveaways, and discount coupons to your loyal customers.
  • Companies can send appointment reminders in the form of postcards using the postcard API. 
  • Sending thank-you postcards can help make your customers feel special, which can lead to repeat business.
  • Announcements about events and new product launches can be made through postcards printed and mailed with PostGrid’s postcard API. 

Why Choose PostGrid’s Postcard API?

  • Get your postcards printed through reputed printers that can get the work done with the best quality standards in place. PostGrid offers complete print and mail fulfillment.
  • PostGrid’s postcard API makes postcard printing and mailing a breeze. Companies can focus on their other operations while the API handles all their direct mail campaigns at all-in-one rates.
  • The easy-to-navigate dashboard can help you save templates, add customizations, track mail, access campaign reports, and more.
  • Manage user permissions, authorize API calls, and handle all the direct mail efforts systematically. 

Boost responses, drive sales and get an improved ROI through professional and appealing postcards. PostGrid’s postcard API can assist you with all your postcard marketing campaigns and make the task much easier and faster.


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