Send Targeted & Personalized Bulk Direct Mail

Highly Personalized

Personalize every mail easily specific to the individual to enhance response rate, designed for personalization and automation at scale.

Target New Audience

Target and Reach a wider audience in any region without having a full address list

Analytics and Tracking

Our platform comes equipped with analytics and tracking

capabilities to help you understand campaign performance.

Targeted Direct Mail

No list, no problem! Target new audiences with our pin-drop feature

  • Target New Mailing List – Reach a wider audience in any region without having a full address list
  • Demographic Targeting – Enhance your ROI by targeting your defined buyer persona accurately using factors such as median income, age, gender, location, and more
  • Campaign Tracking Tool – Save yourself from the irrelevant guesswork and track your marketing touchpoints in real-time.

Personalized Messaging

Increase the number of visitors by sending personalized direct-mails to your target audience.

  • Marketing & Sales Gifting – Personalize each of your gifts or assets to enhance the response rate and boost your ROI for prospects.
  • Employee Gifting – Recognize and gift your employees with scheduled gifts to delight them for birthdays, anniversaries, or recognitions
  • Accept Gift or Donate – Give your receiver the option to accept the gift or donate to a charity

Marketing automation and Integration

Integrate with any CRM and marketing automation tool.

  • Triggered campaigns – Send direct mails automatically automatically in response to events within your marketing funnel
  • Native Integration –Make use of PostGrid’s sending capabilities without leaving your marketing automation tool
  • Zapier Integration – Connect with over 1600 apps, without needing to rely on any developer, for your marketing automation

Team Management & Budgeting

Manage users, teams and departments. Assign budgets for more control.

  • Assign Teams – You can assign teams and members within teams
  • BudgetingAssign budgets to teams so that they don’t go overboard. Approve budgets if required.
  • Team Activity ReportsReceive team activity summaries and insights

All Transactional Mails

Detailed API Docs
Native Integrations
Sandbox Mode
Address Verification
CRM Integration
Per Piece Tracking
Custom Design Template Editor
Precision Targeting
Asset Library
Pre-Built Templates
Personalised Trackers
Marketing Insights
Data Security
Wide Range of Collaterals
No Minimums
Best-In-Class Pricing
Vendor Marketplace
Dedicated Support

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail by connecting to our integrations

All teams run on PostGrid

Enhance your team’s performance by getting the entire team on a single platform with native integration and automating the process.

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