Build Stronger Bonds With Your Employees

Enhance Onboarding Experience

Make a great impression with consistent and effective communication with the new staff


Automate Company Swag

Send gifts from a wide range of company swags with a click and encourage your staff for better performance

Foster Company Culture

Automate key company communication such as notices, announcements, awards and recognition to contribute towards positive company culture and growth mindset.

Anniversary Mail

Ensure employee engagement and retention by sending out scheduled messages on special days like birthdays and anniversaries

Better onboarding process

Reduce time wasted in paperwork and display modern organizational values with an automated process

  • Welcome PackagesCreate awareness among new employees by sending personalized welcome direct mail
  • Automate Onboarding Paperwork – Improve new hire experience and productivity by automating and personalizing onboarding documents
  • Reduce Costs – Reduce manual processing and automate employee engagement processes to minimize turnover cost
Better onboarding process

Automate Company Swag

Create, automate, and store diverse range of swag for your company with a click

  • Huge InventorySelect from our large inventory of swag and establish strong brand presence and messaging
  • On-Demand Sends – Automate on-demand sends through seamless integrations to your stack. Send one or one thousand customized gifts all with a click of a button or by triggering an activity.
  • Eliminate Procurement and Processing Hours – Save countless hours in vendor management,  procuring and processing different swag. Acquire and process them all in one place via PostGrid

Grow Better Company Culture

Create a productive and efficient working environment by automating HR functions

  • Memos – Engage employees with survey documents sent from the platform
  • Automate MailingsSend company announcements through automatic direct mail
  • HR Tools – Integrate with your favorite HR Tool for automating communications
Grow Better Company Culture
Automate Employee Recognition Mail

Automate Employee Recognition Mail

Make your employees feel valued and increase their engagement with automated recognition mail

  • Schedule Mail – Send out automated direct mail and gifts to recognize excellent performance
  • Save TimeAutomate the time-consuming, yet unavoidable, anniversary or event mail
  • Save Money – Cut down management costs by automating employee rewards and recognition at scale

PostGrid has you covered from all sides

Regulatory Compliance

Data is handled in accordance to all legal framework and requirements and our partners are PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA, GDPR & SOC-2 certified

Data Security and Secure Hosting

Your data is handled in the most secure and confidential manner and we host on Amazon web services for quick, easy to use and safe hosting

Scalable Solutions

Scale your communication channel with ease with our integration capabilities, API or platform 

All teams run on PostGrid

Learn how our unified platform and API will help take different team of any organization’s performance to the next level.

postgrid solution
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Customer Success

Learn how customer success teams use PostGrid to delight and retain customers

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily improve your workflow and automate your offline process by integrating with your current stack

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