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Transactional customer communication is one of the most overlooked but impactful business communication forms that reflect your business’s professional stand. Streamline statement printing and sending with PostGrid’s automated direct mail system ensuring accuracy, impact, and value.

Whether you operate a business or run a financial institution, statements and documents make for a regular deal. They are a part of your everyday transactions between different parties or within the departments. It is essential that these statements and documents, thus generated, are free of errors, and by the industrial standards for layout, colour, and other factors.

Using solutions provided by automated statement printing and mailing systems, your business can gain a higher response rate and better engagement.

On-demand Premium Quality Statement Printing Solutions

Get on-demand supreme-quality statement printing with PostGrid’s automation solutions. Create and customize the statement according to your business requirements and standard practice. Whether you want to create and send ten pieces or notices in bulk, we’ve got all your needs covered on-demand with our quick, easy, and accurate printing and mailing solutions.

Safe and Secure Statement Mailing Solutions

PostGrid’s print and mail operations are handled in a safe, secure and compliant manner, all our partners are PIPEDA/HIPAA/SOC-II compliant ensuring data integrity and security is maintained.

Automate Printing & Mailing Statement Documents with PostGrid API

Personalize Every Single Statement Document on-demand or at Scale


Why should you opt for PostGrid's statement printing and mailing solutions?


A customized product shows that you value the receiver and the efforts that they invest in your business. It reflects on the increasing engagement, loyalty, and customer retention.

With us, you have the freedom to customize your statements the way you want to present it to the clients or customers. 


Statements from businesses, banks, and financial institutions carry confidential information which, if leaked, can have a disastrous impact on the market and the customers relying on them, with their data now being public property. Statements are prone to data leakage, especially at the time of mailing. We at PostGrid ensure HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliant processing to ensure data security and integrity from printing, processing, and packaging to delivery.


Effectively track the status of your mail pieces right from when it is printed, being processed, handed over to the Postal Service and on route for delivery. With industry-best SLA, free address verification and compliant partnership in place you can be rest assured that your mail is delivered with higher accuracy and on time.

Build a mailing list

With our API and CRM integration solutions, free your staff from the burden of scrapping and manually inputting address lists. Automatically fetch data right from your CRM in response to actions that are set to deliver outputs such as mailing out letters, notices or statements.

Mail fulfillment

PostGrid’s industry-best mail fulfillment and operations facility is equipped to maintain highly sensitive and confidential data and documents in a secure, safe and fast environment. Our partners are highly compliant and trained to operate and process documents that require a high level of security and processing standards.

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How our automated statement printing and mailing solutions help your business?

Reduce manual work

Your staff should be investing their knowledge, experience, and expertise in helping your business grow and not writing down piles of statements to the clients. Automate statement printing and mailing with PostGrid and let your employee channel their potential where it matters. You can do it all with a click — by creating and customizing the reports and sending them with PostGrid.

Save time

Employees spend considerable time maintaining the stock of statement papers, printing supplies, and other necessities, be it monthly or quarterly. With PostGrid’s automated statement printing and mailing system in place, you can save significant time and train the employees to work towards the company’s core competencies and achieve the desired goal.

Save resources

Traditionally, you would spend a significant amount on stocking up the resources such as different sizes of paper and printing accessories.  With PostGrid’s automated statement printing and mailing solutions, you’d no longer have to worry about the right paper size or anything else. Our transactional customer communication solution will provide you with a wide range of templates to customize clients’ and customers’ statements.

Ensure mailing accuracy

Manually adding and verifying mailing addresses can be a tedious task that is highly prone to errors too. Sending a statement to the wrong client can tarnish your image and adversely impact the bond you share, reflecting on your business’s revenue generation. Ensure mailing accuracy with PostGrid’s automated system and free address verification ensuring your addresses are validated, cleansed and standardized to local postal standards ensuring higher and accurate delivery rates.

How your intended recipient receives the designed and printed document says a lot about your business. It’s the work ethic and the kind of relationship they expect from you. Statement automation means compliant and timely delivery, which would further improve customer satisfaction and provide you with more cross-selling opportunities.

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Automate Printing & Mailing Statement Documents with PostGrid API

Personalize Every Single Statement Document on-demand or at scale



What is a statement?

A statement can be a record of expense or transaction between two parties

Why should I prefer an automated statement printing and mailing system over my in-house team?

An automated statement painting and mailing solution would ensure accuracy, premium quality, and timely delivery of the mail to the intended recipients, resulting in periodic and continuous cash flow.

Why should I trust PostGrid?

PostGrid offers cost-effective statement personalized printing and mailing solutions without compromising the statements’ quality, safety, and security.

Will I be able to check my statements’ delivery status?

You can track right from when the document is being printed, processed, handed over to the postal carrier, or on route to delivery from your dashboard ensuring timely and accurate delivery.

What are the various integration solutions that PostGrid offers?

Incorporate PostGrid with your favourite tools, we offer zapier integrations or custom support.

Integration is seamless and easy to implement with your existing stack without having to change your current workflow. Detailed API doc or dedicated development support offered.

Enhance your transactional customer communication with PostGrid’s automated statement printing and mailing system to boost your B2B relationships.

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