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Counting The Benefits of Print On Demand Canada To Drive Scalability

The business world is ever-evolving and fast-paced. Whether you work in the finance, real estate, or service industry, having printed materials handy, updated, and customized increases the success of your business.

Canadian print-on-demand is identical to the dropshipping business model, where a service provider handles all the fulfilment & mailing responsibilities. Since vendors do not have to keep products on hand to sell them, print-on-demand can be less costly than buying wholesale and even less expensive than brick-and-mortar stores.

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Moreover, it enables vendors to create uniquely branded, on-demand products that are affordable and available in demand. Print-on-demand Canada provides a variety of products waiting for personalization. 

These include:

  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Cards
  • Branded T-Shirts, Stationery, etc.

Businesses can create unique items by using white-listed items, allowing them to sell to a potentially large online audience. Because of the diversity of available mail items, businesses can also put their mark on the products they sell.

So, are you considering the best print-on-demand Canada campaigns for your business? Or if it is worth your investment and efforts?

Almost every marketing campaign should include direct mail as a major component due to its higher response rate, enhanced visibility, and creativity.

So, what is Canadian print-on-demand exactly? 

Defining Print-On-Demand Canada

Business owners can print products or mail items using print-on-demand Canada, an innovative and increasingly popular printing technology. Thus, businesses can avoid keeping an inventory, thereby saving money. POD allows you to create personalized mail items that appeal to the target market due to its flexibility in terms of design and customization.

Advancements in digital printing technology have enabled high-quality, low-cost print-on-demand to become popular in the country. A growing number of businesses are also selling their products online due to the growth of e-commerce.

Businesses can design, personalize, and send automatic direct mail anywhere, whenever and however you like with PostGrid. Our platform helps automate direct mail along with our print-on-demand Canada services. 

You can send thousands of letters, postcards, and more. We will handle all your on-demand requests by printing and mailing the orders individually in 2 Day SLA with no minimum at the most affordable prices

PostGrid For The Best Print-On-Demand Canada

A direct mail campaign involves delivering physical advertisements to a prospective or customer’s mailbox. There are many different ways in which PostGrid works can provide direct mail services to its clients. You can increase engagement, increase donations, memberships, and brand awareness by customizing the mix of our online and offline print components right from our dashboard. Our direct mail fulfillment services on demand offer businesses several benefits.

Print-on-demand Canada direct mail service combined with customer mail order fulfillment and acknowledgment processing involves mailing out welcome and thank you letters or postcards to customers according to their program models and benefits if necessary. 

For example, PostGrid offers clients the opportunity to make the most through customer-centric print materials with a worldwide mailing network. In most cases, keeping your inventory full of these necessary print materials, such as invoices, letters, portfolios, and more, isn’t cost-effective. 

It is detrimental to print in bulk if your brand messaging or business model changes. Also, personalized items are sometimes impossible to change after the initial printing. And your printed inventory or messaging may become outdated to improve customer engagement, boost sales, and make a lasting impression.

At PostGrid, we know it all-you cannot predict outcomes related to your direct mail fulfillment requirements. For instance, your envelopes or letters-related requirements can and do change based on the brand messaging of your businesses. With our Canada Print-On-Demand services, we avoid processing your mail items until they are ready for mailing and shipping.

Benefits of Canadian Print-on-Demand Services

Canada Print-on-Demand Direct Mail Offers Great Response Rates

In recent years, direct mail has improved and proven to be more effective than other types of marketing. A recent report concluded that these rates were 9% for house lists — previously associated with a brand—and about 5% for prospects by the marketing and advertising trade association Data & Marketing Association (DMA).

The cause of these spikes depends on many factors, including personalization. Additionally, a recent study shows that direct mail print-on-demand Canada increases response rates by 10 percent or more.

The response rate for emails is below 5%, followed by a click-through rate of less than 2% is the average for attached links in emails.

High Open & Read Rates 

Take a moment to imagine yourself walking out to your mailbox and bringing your mail inside. 

What do you do with it? 

Do you only toss it all in the trash or scan it to find out what you got? 

Trust us when we say that you are not the only one who scans or reads through each piece. According to a study, approximately 74% of Canadians will notice advertising and read their mail, and 57% feel connected to the brands. It means your direct marketing message is read and seen by countless recipients, which is more than other marketing methods.

Direct Mail Print-on-Demand Canada Builds Trust & Boosts Loyalty

Digital advertising has had many drawbacks for years, but mail has survived. But the truth is- Direct mail does not infect computers or homes. An unsavoury digital ad? Well, that’s another story! There have been many free iPad offers online. And they are too good to pass. Right?

Most consumers, especially seniors and those unfamiliar with technology, feel secure and trustworthy when they receive direct mail.

Canada Print-On-Demand Direct Mail Is Highly Targeted

With bundles of consumer information available today, the best Canadian print-on-demand direct mail API is the most effective way to reach consumers. PostGrid provides accurate customer data that fly past names or addresses and includes details such as occupations, lifestyle, and purchase preferences. 

Our experts understand that marketers have defined and targeted their ideal personas more accurately by personalizing and targeting each batch of mailings. 

As one of the best print-on-demand Canada, we ensure that our direct mail services help you make the most of the customer-related information on the internet. You can also personalize and target each batch of mailings more precisely to define and reach your ideal personas in just a few clicks with our easy-to-integrate  Print & Mail API.

It Is Cost Effective

Direct mail offers simple execution as well as cost-effectiveness.

A direct mail campaign can be effective with even a small list, unlike digital campaigns that require a large budget.

A POD printer can produce a print job more efficiently and at a lower cost than an offset printer. It is because you only pay for the printed copies you request rather than paying for a conventional bulk printing service in advance.

You can review our pricing at Postrid for more- Click Here. 

Print-on-Demand Direct Mail Is Simple & Straightforward

Besides targeting, personalization, and cost-effectiveness, print-on-demand Canada may look complex.- But it is not hard as well. A well-crafted campaign with several data variables can help you boost your ROI. PostGrid is an easy-to-use platform designed to help businesses execute direct mail campaigns with simple designs, the right customer lists, and a trusted global printing and mailing partner. 

Also, we think Canada Print-on-demand direct mail is the best for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including fortune 500 companies to local startups. 

Easy to Track

As direct mail is not easy to monitor, tools like PostGrid help businesses measure or track your performance for any print-on-demand direct mail performance. 

Here’s how we do it:

Through a Website: One of the common techniques for print-on-demand Canada campaigns are to link it with a custom landing page or list the URL on your mail items. You can also add a custom personalized URL (PURL) and redirect to an already existing webpage populated with your recipient data. It also makes the experience simpler and straightforward. PURLS help identifies the webpage hits and customer actions. 

Through Phone Numbers: Adding custom phone numbers is also better for your direct mail campaign. PostGrid lets you add calling numbers to forward and document all customer-related calls. It is to help you see what other marketing methods yield the desired or best outcomes. 

Through Exclusive Discounts & Offers: You can create and promote exclusive discounts or offers to promote them through Canada Print-on-demand direct mail. Once done, you can keep track number of requests received for that specific deal. 

Lastly, Canadian print-on-demand is the best for businesses to print and mail personalized items without the hassles of inventory, mailing needs or minimum order requirements. Additionally, it is the best option for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. 

PostGrid helps you deal with this by automating direct and mail while solving issues related to print quality, on-time shipping, higher prices, and customer services. As discussed, we also offer great choices to companies looking for a trusted and reliable platform. 

PostGrid for Efficient Canadian Print-on-Demand Direct Mail Solutions

Combining the power of direct mail or print-on-demand Canada with your CRM, you can design, create, personalize, and mail your automated mail items wherever or whenever you wish to. You can also leverage our Canadian print-on-demand services and innovative drag-and-drop dashboard to print and mail send direct mail items efficiently. With PostGrid, send one or thousands of mailpieces and let us handle the rest.

A print-on-demand Canada fulfillment solution is the best option for your company if you need to create personalized messaging for a specific audience in a timely and seamless. You can create campaigns to accommodate a variety of letters, envelopes, postcards, and a lot more with PostGrid. 

Crafting the right printed item while keeping in mind the parameters for your ongoing business requirements is simple and hassle-free with PostGrid’s print & mail API

Have questions? Talk to our sales, and we will help you as much as you need. At PostGrid, we aim to create solutions related to Print-on-demand Canada for all our clients and take the worry out of things.  

 Good luck!

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