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How To Effectively Use Spot UV Printing For Your Business?

Businesses often admire printed marketing and communication materials for their professional nature and ability to deliver their message effectively. But they often use the same old practices when making the printed material more attractive. They often need help to use a modern method like Spot UV printing to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their printed materials. 

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Below, we look at Spot UV printing and how you can effectively use it to level up the visual appeal of your printed materials.

What Is Spot UV Printing?

Business organizations use Spot UV printing for different marketing and communication materials. It is also famous for the names Spot Gloss and Spot Varnish printing. Technically, Spot Gloss printing is not a printing technique but a print-finishing method of coating printed materials or products.

The Spot UV printing method may sound slightly complex at first glance. But if you bear with us, you will see that the process is much more straightforward than you think. Spot Varnish printing involves using UV light to cure varnish on the printed material. The printing (or finishing) method is ideal for products with colour print.

It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the product or material by improving its colour and shine. You can protect the printed surface from damage and moisture with Spot UV printing, effectively preserving the product material. Even though it is primarily for colour-printed products, it is also an ideal choice for printing white paper or card stock.

And you can see why Spot UV printing is an ideal choice for your marketing and communication material that needs to last longer. For instance, real estate direct mail postcards can use UV finishing on their printed marketing material because the time for a buying decision is significantly longer. Furthermore, Spot Gloss printing is non-volatile and produces no varnish gas, making it eco-friendly.

What Are The Benefits Of Spot UV Printing?

Bulk printing your marketing and communication materials with Spot UV printing offer numerous benefits. We mentioned some of these benefits in the section above. The most significant benefits of using UV coating on your marketing and communication materials are as follows.

Excellent Shine

The most attractive feature of using Spot UV coating on your marketing materials is its ability to add an excellent shine. It significantly enhances the aesthetics of your printed materials. As the name suggests, spot printing or coating is applicable to highlight specific design elements of your marketing materials, such as the brand logo.


People associate it with fumes and pollution when they hear the word varnish. Since Spot UV printing also goes by the name Spot Varnish, people automatically assume it is harmful. But the truth is that it is environmentally friendly because the varnish does not turn into gas. Moreover, the spot-finishing process uses significantly less varnish and, therefore, is less polluting.

Long Lasting 

As we discussed earlier, the Spot UV printing process adds a protective layer to the surface of the printed material. It protects your printed materials from moisture and locks the colour without letting it faint or smudge for a long time. As a result, your printed materials last longer and have a significantly higher shelf life. The UV coating is ideal for your relatively long-term marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Clarity

A direct effect of adding that extra shine to your printed material via Spot UV printing is enhanced clarity. It makes the UV-finished parts of your marketing material, such as the brand logo or value offering, pop out and quickly grab the reader’s attention. The quality also creates a good impression for your brand and makes it more reliable.

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How To Effectively Use Spot UV Printing For Your Marketing And Communication Materials?

Now, you know what Spot UV printing is and how your marketing and communication materials can benefit. But you may still have questions about how to use it efficiently for your marketing materials. Below, we discuss some of the best ways to use the UV finishing process for your marketing materials.

Spot UV Printing On A Matte Surface

You can use Spot UV for various marketing materials and paper stocks. The paper stocks you can use for adding the UV finish include everything from thick 24pt cardstock to much lighter 100# text. It means you can use the UV finish on any paper stock regardless of its thickness. 

However, the Spot UV printing process works better on some materials. Take matte-finished paper, for example. A UV finish is significantly more impactful as it adds an attractive colour contrast to the printed material. 

Imagine using a matte-finished paperback for your marketing material and highlighting your brand logo with a shiny UV finish. You can already picture how classy that can look on paper, can’t you? Similarly, you can use Spot UV printing to highlight any aesthetic part of the material.

Clear Impact Technique

The Clear Impact technique involves using backgrounds of solid colours and leaving them blank. You must add it with Spot UV for the design or text content. Doing so creates an aesthetic feel to your marketing material that always impresses your audience. 

Many designers argue that it is the most creative way to use the Spot UV effect on marketing or communication material. Although beauty and aesthetics are subjective, it is a design that works for most audiences. After all, marketing is a game of numbers, and the clear impact significantly enhances the chance of success for your marketing materials.

Image Accentuation

Another way you can effectively use Spot UV on your marketing and communication materials is through image accentuation. It involves using the UV finish on a specific image or part of a printed image. Using spot UV on logos or features of the logo is an example of effective image accentuation. 

It is an excellent practice for printing top-quality business cards and marketing postcards for your business. The Spot UV finish can also become a compelling design element in your creative direct mail designs. 

For instance, let’s say that a new beer place uses a picture or caricature of a glass of beer in the direct mail postcard. You can highlight the bubbles in the beer or the whole glass with Spot UV printing and make it more attractive.

Use An Automated Print And Mail Solution

Creative ideas like those discussed above are essential in efficiently using Spot UV printing for your business. But merely thoughts are not enough. Businesses need efficient implementation of these ideas. And that’s where automated print and mail solutions like PostGrid come into the picture.

Our automated direct mail solution lets you print beautiful, top-quality printed materials for your business. You can personalize your printed materials by connecting PostGrid’s system with your CRM solution. Highlighting personalized content with a Spot UV finish can immediately grab the reader’s attention.

PostGrid partners with leading printers all over the US and outside it to print top-quality, environment-friendly materials. Our advanced automation ensures zero delays and errors in your printing process. It ensures that none of your marketing materials with Spot UV finish goes to waste.

Furthermore, you can use PostGrid’s automated print and mail solution to execute effective direct mail advertising. Our automated solution is also ideal for sending your standard business correspondence, such as bills and invoices. We also enable you to add advanced print finishes to your marketing and communication materials using our extensive printers.

Schedule a demo to see how you can use PostGrid’s print and mail solution for Spot UV printing beautiful marketing and communication materials for your business!

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