Integrate the Cheque API With Your System to Work Speedily

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  • Integrate PostGrid’s cheque print and mail API with your accounting software and streamline your payments.
  • Automatically update payment entries in your accounting software after payment is completed. Save time spent on double entries and reconciliation.
  • Import all the required data and start writing cheques within seconds. No manual cheque writing or data uploading is required.
  • Fill in all the details accurately and avoid cheque frauds. PostGrid’s API allows you to be accurate and efficient while writing your cheques.
  • Keep your records updated and never miss a payment’s due date. The cheque printing API can remind you about the due payments and also help you get the cheques drafted, printed, and mailed automatically.

Print and Mail Cheques Without Any Security Concerns

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  • Worried about cheque security? Use PostGrid’s cheque API to get your cheques drafted and printed safely, stuffed in security envelopes, and sealed tightly.
  • PostGrid complies with all the laws and regulations of data protection and security acts like HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-1, and SOC-2. Therefore, you can be assured that your data is kept confidential.
  • Control payments and authorizations using the easy-to-use API dashboard. Manage user permissions easily.
  • Print and mail cheques that have all the necessary security features like watermarks, micro prints, and chemical reactivity.
  • Use PostGrid’s cheque printing API to print the MICR line on your cheques correctly, hence securing your cheques from frauds.
  • PostGrid’s API can help you get your cheques printed only on cheque paper with bank-level security.

Get Cheque Templates to Draft Cheques Easily

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  • Just select your respective bank for getting its cheque templates. You can use these in-built templates easily and start drafting cheques without needing to have any graphic designing skills.
  • You can also simply upload a copy of your cheque to start writing cheques.
  • Add, edit, or remove fields with just a few clicks. The templates can guide you on what is required and what can be removed.
  • Add your brand logo and turn your cheques into marketing materials. Advertise your brand and complete payments simultaneously.
  • Companies can add inserts in envelopes along with their cheques. They could be personalized postcards or letters.

Validate and Verify Addresses Before Mailing

  • PostGrid is CASS and SERP certified, which means that all the mailing addresses are verified against the USPS and Canada Post database.
  • Using the cheque API, businesses can make sure that their mail is not lost, stolen, misplaced, or delayed.
  • As a time-bound document, cheques need to be delivered on time, and PostGrid’s API can help you do just that.
  • Validate addresses beforehand to see whether they exist, complete addresses to help postal workers reach the destination effortlessly, and save yourself some money and trouble by preventing cheque frauds.
  • Auto-parse, standardize, complete, and verify addresses in one go. It can help you cleanse your database and also mail accurately

Never Miss Due Dates and Pay On Time

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  • Pay salaries on time and secure employer-employee relationships. PostGrid’s cheque printing API can help you process pay-cheques on a particular date every month and send them out punctually.
  • Make payments to your vendors, clients, and suppliers without having to draft or write cheques every now and then. PostGrid’s API enables you to have an efficient payment system in place. The API can get all the payments done on your behalf using automation.
  • Set reminders to print and mail cheques. You don’t have to remember dates and events. Just feed the details in the API and let it handle the rest.
  • Avoid penalties and maintain a good brand reputation by not missing due dates.

Add Multiple Bank Accounts and Start Paying

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  • Set up multiple business accounts and pay seamlessly. The cheque API allows you to navigate between different bank accounts and pay through any one of them, as needed.
  • Manage payments of all accounts altogether using a single dashboard.
  • Use different templates for different bank accounts. The API provides in-built templates for all leading banks in the US.
  • The process of adding bank account details is very simple. You can select your bank and save the details so that the API can use them to write cheques every time.
  • Make payments with ease and convenience, without doing anything manually or going anywhere.

Write, Print, and Mail Cheques Altogether

  • Allow your employees to focus on productive areas of business by relieving them of writing cheques manually and getting them printed on your office printer.
  • Get print and mail fulfilment done through PostGrid’s cheque printing API that allows you to print your cheques through reputed printers.
  • These printers can print your cheques on cheque paper stock with complete safety and get them enveloped and sealed securely.
  • Your cheques are then sent to the post office directly for mailing. There is no need for you to visit the post office for any reason as all the mailing activities are taken care of by the API.
  • Depending on the mailing speed you require, PostGrid’s cheque API can select the ideal mailing option for you.
  • You can also keep pre-printed cheques ready using the cheque printing API, which can come in handy anytime.
  • Ensure accuracy, speed, safety, and efficiency by mailing through PostGrid.
  • The all-in-one rates charged enable companies to sit back and relax while all their drafting, printing, and mailing activities are being completed in one go.

Track Cheques and Keep Detailed Records

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  • Know the status of your cheques in real-time through the dashboard.
  • No more entering tracking details of mail items manually on the USPS website that allows entering only up to 35 tracking numbers in one go. Get a consolidated view of all your mailed cheques altogether at any time.
  • Check the estimated delivery time by simply logging into your account.
  • PostGrid’s cheque API also provides access to timely reports for you to keep a record of your completed payments.

PostGrid’s cheque print and mail API can be integrated easily with your CRM or accounting software to facilitate speedy and efficient cheque processing.

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