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Postcards, to this date, makes for one of the most effective marketing strategies. Conveying gratitude to the clients, informing prospects about business opportunities, sending out offers or discounts to the customers – through postcard marketing, all this gets a personal touch. It serves as one of the quickest and measurable ways of driving traffic, boosting engagement, increasing visibility, and reaching out to the target audience.

But only those postcards that can send out clear and concise messages with a neat and appealing design and content make the client, prospects, or your consumers respond to it. And that’s where an automated postcard printing and mailing solution can be your partner in building and strengthening business relationships.

Take the legwork out of printing & mailing postcards

Forge and foster a client base and nurture better leads with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand letter printing and mailing solution.


Cost-Effective Postcard Print & Mail Solution

Postcards and letters make a significant portion of the businesses looking to market their brand to the target audience. However, they also add massively to the campaigning cost. Reach out to PostGrid for premium quality automated postcard printing services at the most competitive price.

PostGrid will provide a quick, easy, and cost-effective direct mail postcard printing solution that will boost your campaign, ensuring better engagement and a higher return on investment. Personalize the postcard as per your business requirements and add your brand’s logo, designs, and message on the template. This way, not only you’re getting easy postcard printing but also adding marketing value to your campaign – enhancing engagement and client retention.

Why Should Your Business Invest in an Automated Postcard Printing and Mailing Solution?

Postcards have been used for a long time as a useful tool for marketing globally. They’ve played a significant role in helping the brands reach out to their highly targeted audience and strengthen the relationship with their existing customer base.

Nevertheless, you may ask, why are we suggesting incorporating an automated direct mail solution over getting it done in-house?

The in-house printing team of designers can’t create the designs exactly how you want them to be if they have limited resources, and it may wreck your marketing campaign.

Make a cost-effective and efficient decision with an automated postcard printing and mailing solution that will help your company boost the results of its marketing efforts, enhancing the probability of a higher return on investment with customized printed postcards.

PostGrid Postcard Printing and Mailing Solutions Will Help You With:

Secure Printing and Mailing

Manual postcard mailing can’t give you the assurance that it has reached the destination or did it get lost or got delivered to the wrong person. But with the automated postcard mailing services, you are assured of getting your printed postcard mailed with the utmost security.

With an automated system in place, you are in control of the postcard, which is getting mailed. This way, you can track the progress of your mail’s delivery from your dashboard.

Personalized Printing

Personalization is a way to win over your staff, clients, and prospects and take your relationship a step further. An automated postcard printing solution provides you with several designing and writing options relevant to the intended recipient.

A postcard with personalized content can significantly improve lead nurturing, increase the possibility of engagement, and enhance conversions. As for employees, personalized postcard mailing makes them feel valued and increases their motivation and loyalty for the organization.


With an automated direct mail system, you have the power to monitor and track the exact position of your postcard from your dashboards. This way, you can rest assured that the postcard mailers have delivered it to the intended individual at the right time. With a single sign-in to your dashboard, you get to create, mail, and track your postcards.

Building Mailing List

With the automated postcard mailing solution, you can build a mailing list consisting of several clients and prospects’ mail addresses. This step will help in speeding up the mailing process. Once you’ve created the postcard, the API and integration system can collect the mailing address list from the previously authorized mails to speed up the process and ensure quick and easy delivery of the postcards.

Set and Forget Triggers

Forgetting to send important events’ postcards to the clients may jeopardize your relationships with them. Ensure long-term alliances by setting event-based triggers that will send out postcards with personalized and relevant messages to the intended client after getting your confirmation.

Dashboard Analytics and Reporting

With automated postcard printing and mailing solutions, you get a dedicated dashboard and an account manager, which is updated regularly, to track all of your marketing campaigns.

Check your mailing history, track per piece delivery, and monitor your mails’ progress and get periodic reports of your postcards’ status, all by logging-in from a single platform.

Automated postcard printing and mailing will ensure streamlined mailing without compromising the quality of the postcards and security of the parties involved in the process, be it the sender or the recipient.

Vast delivery Network

We expect and expedite on-demand postcard printing and mailing orders. Our goal is to ensure that your postcard reaches the destination as soon as possible, without any security breach.

That’s why we keep on expanding our network of delivery agents across the United States and Canada. You can trust us on collaborating with only recognized and trustworthy delivery partners for your postcard mailing solutions.

Take the legwork out of printing & mailing postcards

Forge and foster a client base and nurture better leads with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand letter printing and mailing solution.


How Postgrid's Postcard Printing and Mailing Solution Can Help Your Business?

Reduce Manual Work

Maintaining stacks of postcard prints, writing employees, clients, and prospects names and addresses, verifying full information, and sending it out to mail is a tedious task. Our postcard printing and mailing system is automated to ensure accuracy in designing and guarantees that only the supreme quality postcard will be delivered to the intended recipient.

Also, you never know when you might have to send a postcard to your clients or prospects. You might not have an active workforce to design, print, and mail postcards immediately, which is where we come to your rescue with an automated on-demand postcard printing and mailing solution. All you have to do is select a template, describe the type of message you want to print, and confirm the addresses by selecting our API and integrated solution and hit ‘send’.

The saved manual potential can be used and directed towards business objectives, thereby enhancing employees’ efficiency and overall productivity.

Save Time

A lot of time and staff’s potential goes into selecting, designing, and printing postcards that could have been otherwise used to devise and execute strategies to steer the business towards productivity and enhance employees’ efficiency.

Save that time and let postcard printing automation take care of it. Just select a template and design that best reflects your business’s personality and the message that you wish to send out – whether it is for your employees thanking for their contribution or your lead or network nurturing.

Save Resources

A business must massively invest in getting postcards printed for better lead conversion or improving networking relations. But it requires setting up a separate budget for printing with all the essential resources. With our automated postcard printing solution by your side, you can allocate this fantastic strategy to your business’s core objectives without any hassle of resources and labor.

PostGrid, with its automated postcard printing and mailing solution, will free you from the worry of having to keep track of the printing inventory. All you have to do is choose from our wide range of postcard designs and templates, and we will ensure you get a supreme quality postcard mailed to your prospects, clients, and employees.

Not only will you be saving significantly on resources, but an automated printed postcard solution will also upscale your brand’s image, ensuring outreach, retention, and loyalty.

Ensure Mailing Accuracy

Manual designing and mailing are prone to errors that can cost your business financially and affect your relationships with your clients. So, relieve yourself from this tension with our postcard mailing accuracy solution.

We will make sure every detail that goes on your postcard is confirmed. You have the choice to enter the data either manually and then approve it or choose our API and integrated solution for collecting the data from your previously authorized mails to ensure mailing accuracy. You can trust our automated system on verifying the accuracy and integrity of the data before you hit “send”.

Proactive Support Solution

If you have any questions regarding the postcard printing and mailing or any other query regarding your order, our technical experts’ team is ready to resolve your queries promptly. We have a team of dedicated account representatives to guide you throughout the process, starting from selecting a design.

Our live chat support team is available around the clock to respond to all of your queries, ensuring your postcards are well-designed, printed, and mailed at the right time to the correct address promptly.


Will You Provide Me With the Templates for My Postcards?

You can choose different designs from a plethora of templates. We are continuously updating our list to match the latest postcard styles in the market.

How am I supposed to manage orders sent in bulk to different mails?

Once you create an account, you can check your orders, the status of your deliveries, and manage the mailing list from your dashboard.

Can I Track the Present Status of the Postcards That Have Been Mailed

Yes, you can track and monitor the delivery of your postcard from your dashboard.

What Makes PostGrid Postcard Printing and Mailing Solutions Different?

Our automated postcard printing and mailing solutions give you the freedom to make the process event-driven. The triggers will mail the postcard with the relevant message after confirmation. It’ll ensure your relationship with the employees and clients stay strengthened.

Do You Guarantee a Safe and Secure Delivery of Bulk Orders?

Yes, despite the volume, the orders get automatically directed to the designated delivery partner that ensures a quick, easy,  safe, and secure postcard mail delivery to the destination.

Get rid of the hassle of maintaining supplies in the inventory or printing quantity that won’t guarantee the design or the outcomes you want. Seek an automated solution, and get the desired results with the PostGrid postcard printing mailing solution.

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