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  • Direct mail is a unique and personal marketing channel that offers people a break from the clustered digital world. It helps you grab your audience’s attention and effectively communicate your message. 
  • Customers delete spam emails, scroll past digital ads, and ignore sponsored social media posts. It makes it challenging for businesses to connect with them. In this era, using a direct mail CRM can transform your business and boost sales. 
  • Understanding how direct mail management works is vital to your company’s success. It assists you throughout your print and mail campaigns, ensuring high results. 

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

  • Many companies are still unaware of direct mail and whether it can produce better results than digital marketing channels. Learning about this offline channel can allow them to make better decisions to boost their campaign’s ROI.
  • Direct mail involves sending a physical item, like postcards or letters, to customers and prospects via postal service. It allows you to break through the noise and convey your message to the decision-makers. 
  • A direct mail management software application helps your company get these benefits without investing a fortune or wasting time on daunting tasks!
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  • Direct mail can surpass digital ads because it is more personal, effective, and memorable. The best part is you can integrate direct mailing into your online marketing tools to provide customers with unified experiences.
  • A direct mail CRM lets you launch multi-media campaigns to spread brand awareness and boost sales! The program comes in when you want to do more than conduct done-and-dusted campaigns! It lets you focus on your customers and sales instead of worrying about printing and shipping.
  • You can rely on our direct mail management software to send any number of items anywhere and anytime! PostGrid’s automated mailing solutions let you complete all tasks online and wave goodbye to tedious or manual processes.
If you have second thoughts about using direct mail, consider these reasons:

You can use direct mail to:

  • Increase response rates: Mail marketing offers a 2–4% response ratio. It makes people feel appreciated, motivating them to respond to your message. 
  • Create a nostalgic effect: Most customers like getting mail because it creates an emotional or nostalgic feeling. It is refreshing and innovative compared to emails or social media ads. To elevate these advantages, use an automated direct mail management API like PostGrid to send personalized and eye-catching items. 
  • Entice your audience: According to Canada Post, 47% of recipients visited a store after receiving a direct mail piece. This channel is the best way to capture your prospects’ interest and close deals.
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What Is Direct Mail Management?

  • It involves planning, managing, and tracking mailing campaigns using an automated solution. 
  • Executing a direct mail campaign is challenging. It takes many people, resources, and equipment to complete! But an online direct mail manager can help reduce the workload and expenses. You can use it to compile and use everything you need in the best way possible. 

Here are some things you need to get started with mail marketing: 

Pre-Defined Campaign Goals

  • List your expectations from a mailing campaign to take the correct steps to fulfil them.
  • Do you wish to inform customers of a new season offer? Or do you want to get more website traffic? Setting goals beforehand allows you to use the direct mail manager to its fullest potential.

Targeted Mailing Lists

  • Use geo-demographics like location, age, income, gender, and profession to create segmented lists. It is a pre-requisite for mailing campaigns to channel your marketing efforts in the right direction.
  • PostGrid’s direct mail management dashboard lets you compile custom lists before every mailing.

Direct Mail Types

  • Decide which mail format to use. Let your message and advertising goals dictate whether you must use postcards, letters, or other items. 
  • It helps you create suitable artwork and manage your budget.

Printing Vendors

  • Printers help you produce high-quality items and prepare them for shipping. Our direct mail management solutions connect with reputed printers nationwide.
  • PostGrid’s all-in-one prices help distribute costs evenly and lower printing expenses.


  • You need a courier service to ship your mailers to the correct destinations. We let you complete mailing via Canada Post’s reliable services via our direct mail CRM integrations.
  • Launching campaigns with direct mail management solutions guarantees high results with low input!

How Does Direct Mail Management Software Transform Your Marketing Campaigns?

Getting assistance from a direct mail API allows you to track your campaign’s effectiveness. It assists you in optimizing your advertising strategies so you spend your money only in the right places. 

Here are the primary advantages of using a direct mail CRM:


  • Download, use, and customize our professionally-designed templates for your campaign. Our direct mail services let you save on design costs by creating artwork within minutes. 
  • Since you control all tasks, you can make last-minute changes or personalize them based on your needs.

Print Production

  • A direct mail database software program can offer variable data printing, inkjet printing, and other managed print services (MPS) without hassles.
  • Our solutions let you print on demand or in bulk. The mailing volume, mail type, timeline, audience—you name it, we manage it!


  • PostGrid’s direct mail CRM integrations let you automate hectic and time-consuming yet crucial activities, such as
    • Assembling items
    • Inserting them into envelopes
    • Sticking postage stamps
    • Attaching name labels
    • Presorting for shipping, and more.
  • Even a single direct mail campaign comprises hundreds of small tasks. They combine to connect your audience to your brand and improve loyalty.
  • Effective direct mail management software helps you put your best foot forward with every mail item sent to every customer. Rather than focus on menial tasks, you can sit back and attend to the campaign’s responses to build your community.

Campaign Reports

  • A direct mail manager provides you access to timely analytics and insights into your mailing programs. It ensures your campaign runs smoothly and lets you record individual responses.
  • PostGrid’s direct mail management API lets you print custom QR codes on mailers. They simplify tracking respondents’ actions and following up with them.

Direct Mail Management Tools: What Are They and How Do They Help?

Users get various management and marketing tools using a direct mail API or dashboard.

These tools let them create, personalize, and run their campaigns in alignment with their brand’s tone and mission.

Here are some examples to help you understand what they are:

Template Editor

  • You can use PostGrid’s template editor to add your brand logo to your artwork and change colours, patterns, and other elements. Sign up to create a PostGrid account and try it out!

Activity Dashboard

  • Users can log in and access various features whenever needed.
  • Using our easy-to-navigate dashboard, they can use the direct mail management tool to manage contacts, templates, campaigns, mail types, and more.

Action-Based Triggers

  • Use website visits, customer inquiries, calls, and other actions to send mailers at the correct time.
  • PostGrid’s direct mail management software enables being prompt and connecting with prospects when your brand is fresh in their minds.

Report Downloads

  • View and download your campaign reports to see what works for your brand. 
  • You may use these insights for other marketing programs online or offline!

Variable Data Printing

  • Tailor your mail messages by adding recipients’ first names and other details.
  • Our direct mail CRM integrations personalize your mailers at any scale. It lets you attract better responses and convert more leads.

Create or Upload Contacts

  • PostGrid helps you target relevantly (if you need to send on-demand, individual mail items).
  • Our automated direct mail management API lets you upload lists from your device.
  • It allows you to engage prospects and customers with enticing and responsive campaigns.

Real-time Address Verification

  • Validate mailing lists to ensure your mailers reach the correct recipients.
  • With many companies getting mail returns and incurring losses, this direct mail CRM feature helps you keep these issues at bay.

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