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Personalized Direct Mail

Top Direct Mail Integrations to Send Offline Mailings With an Online Feel

Are you looking for ways to make your direct mail and digital marketing platforms work together?

If yes, you have come to the right place! We agree that transferring data back and forth between different tools can be daunting and time-consuming.

The good news is that there is a way to resolve this issue!

Most automated mailing platforms like ours offer several direct mail integrations to help you achieve this goal. They allow transferring data from online to offline campaigns and vice versa.

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Incorporating direct mail into your current tech stack simplifies sending personalized, timely items without disrupting your workflows. You can save time and reduce error-prone tasks while improving offline communications!

Below, we discuss our built-in, seamless direct mail integrations to conduct data-driven, responsive mailings! Let’s dig in!

What Does a Direct Mail Integration Mean and How Does It Work?

A direct mail integration enables you to combine mailing capabilities with your existing digital marketing tools. The primary purpose is to interchange customer data for brand promotions, engagement, and correspondence.

Let us think about- automating daily posts and reaching relevant audiences with social media marketing tools. Mailing custom postcards using direct mail integrations can motivate your most loyal followers to purchase from you.

You can identify your followers by the number of likes and comments they make on your posts. .Sending mailers to them can help push them ahead of their customers’ journeys and boost sales.

But how can you prepare custom postcards and ship them to the correct people?

Mail integrations allow you to extract data from your online tool to create, print, and send relevant mail pieces. There is no need to complete labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks in-house. All you have to do is push a few buttons, and your campaign is ready!

PostGrid’s native direct mail integrations provide you with

  • Triggered direct mailings,
  • List import and compilation, and
  • Detailed analytics and reports.

Integrating our direct mail API into your systems makes all mailing features available to you on a platform of your choice.

It makes direct mail a breeze because you have all the tools at your fingertips.

For instance, your CRM only allows you to view, manage, and track new client orders on your website. But a direct mail integration enables you to prepare and send offline items, like an invoice or customer account statement.

It is handy because many people prefer getting offline correspondence. Also, direct mail response rates are 30 times higher than email.

Using direct mail integrations to automate sending marketing and transactional items to customers is the need of the hour!

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How to Expand Your Marketing Activities With PostGrid’s Top Direct Mail Integrations?

PostGrid offers many integrations, enabling clients to send offline mailers from a digital ecosystem.

Our zero-code integrations ensure you complete the process in a few minutes without advanced technical know-how.

Here are some of our most popular direct mail integrations:

HubSpot to Automate Marketing and Transactional Mail

PostGrid offers easy and quick HubSpot direct mail integration to add offline mailing to your marketing, sales, and customer management tools.

This integration enables these companies to print and mail postcards, letters, cheques, invoices, statements, and other items with a few clicks.

They can automate direct mail campaigns, from design and printing to labelling, distribution, and tracking!

You can send triggered mail pieces, which you generate from HubSpot lists, workflows, and contacts.

Also, you create new flows or contacts based on your needs and campaign goals.

PostGrid leverages this direct mail integration to help businesses send personalized mailers, making them stand out! Here are some use cases:

  • Onboarding new customers: You can send a welcome letter or postcard to make an excellent first impression. It shows you value your clients’ business and care about their preferences and needs. The HubSpot integration simplifies shipping on-demand mailers to every new customer without your manual intervention each time.
  • Lead nurturing: Keep in touch with your prospects by sending frequent mailings to remind them about your brand. It is the best way to push them ahead of the marketing funnel. The HubSpot direct mail integration allows you to nurture leads without wasting time or resources.
  • Cart abandonment: Connect with website visitors who add things to their shopping carts and leave without buying them. Our direct mail integrations can plug into your eCommerce websites to send reminder mailings at the correct time to revisit lost opportunities.
  • Re-engagement: It is easier to produce repeat businesses from existing customers than get new leads. Thus, conducting client re-engagement win-back campaigns allows you to act promptly and not lose customers to competitors.

There are several more use cases for HubSpot triggers. Once you get started with our HubSpot direct mail integration, you can

  • Set specific events (like website sign-ups, cart abandonment, or repurchase) and
  • Select the resulting actions (sending postcards with discounts, letters, educational newsletters, and more.)

Companies can use the HubSpot direct mail integration to decide the volume, timing, mail type, and event-based triggers! We help complete the print and mail processes in an automated manner!

ActiveCampaign for Triggered and Bulk Mail Programs

Generate more leads and sales with a high ROI using our ActiveCampaign direct mail integration for marketing.

Your sales and marketing teams can use this integration to connect with your audiences beyond email or once-in-a-while calls.

ActiveCampaign is one of the best marketing automation tools. Integrating our direct mail API into your account makes it better!

PostGrid allows you to avail yourself of many features via its direct mail integrations, like

A leading healthcare provider in Montreal recently launched a large-scale mailing campaign using our ActiveCampaign integration.

They used ActiveCampaign for years but only focused on email marketing and social media. Direct mail was a breath of fresh air for them because they could tap into new markets, engage more prospects, and boost their brand reputation.

PostGrid helped the organization set up the ActiveCampaign direct mail integration in only a few minutes. Also, our dedicated dev support and detailed API documentation assisted the team throughout the process.

Salesforce for Effective Multi-Channel Campaigns

Salesforce is one of the largest CRMs worldwide, with many comprehensive tools for businesses. It is a leading player in offering clients customer acquisition, retention, and branding features.

PostGrid’s Salesforce direct mail integration works the same way as others. You can set it up without coding and send mailings from within your system for ease and convenience.

Here are some use cases:

  • Save design costs with pre-built templates.

Use PostGrid’s professionally-built templates to create custom artwork for your mailers.

  • Boost responses with data-driven campaigns.

Send individual mailings based on customers’ behaviours via our Salesforce direct mail integration and contact relevant prospects promptly.

  • Generate dynamic QR codes to track engagement.

Ship items with trackable features to get in-depth campaign performance analytics.

Use the Salesforce direct mail integration to launch omnichannel campaigns and increase brand visibility. PostGrid lets you pull off these campaigns under one roof—effectively and affordably.

Zapier to Access Data From Over 1,600+ Apps

Zapier direct mail integrations let you connect PostGrid’s online mailing features with 1,600+ applications.

Hence, you can automate many direct mail tasks through software, like advertising, invoicing, compliance, and more!

PostGrid + Zapier direct mail integration can help you accomplish any task you want, depending on the apps you connect with.

For example, you can pair PostGrid, Zapier, and Jotform to send tailored quotes to prospects by preparing and sending custom forms. Or you can connect with Google Ads to take relevant data and use it for your upcoming direct mail campaigns.

The possibilities are endless!

More Details About PostGrid’s Affordable, Speedy, and Effective Direct Mail Integrations

Our all-in-one solutions allow companies to prepare, print, and ship items all at once 

We serve all industries, including healthcare, retail and eCommerce, real estate, insurance, and more. They can plug PostGrid’s direct mail API into their favourite platforms!

Here are our top features that you can find in every PostGrid direct mail integration

  • Print and mail fulfilment: Our postal API assists you throughout the printing and mailing process. We handle all tasks, like adding postage, stuffing envelopes, sealing, and shipping online. PostGrid’s reputed printing partners ensure high quality when preparing your items. Then, Canada Post helps us complete the delivery stage.
  • Real-time tracking: Check your campaign’s progress in real-time to stay informed and follow up with recipients at the correct time. 
  • Variable data printing: Add variables to every mail piece to make your campaigns unique and memorable. 
  • Address cleansing: To prevent mail returns, update, standardize, and verify your mailing lists with PostGrid’s direct mail integrations. 

Every direct mail integration we offer plugs these features right into your system. Thus, you can experience better flexibility, save time, and increase efficiency!

Request a demo now to know more about PostGrid’s direct mail integrations and how they can benefit your business!

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