Everything you need to know about direct mail advertising to grow your business

We’ve described how direct mail is doing wonders in this predominant digital era and have revealed some jaw-dropping statistics to shoot the belief “direct mail marketing is dead”. Read more about direct mail marketing and automated direct mail and find out about them yourself.

But if you’re still looking for numbers to substantiate the effectiveness of direct mail in 2021, then read on. 

The United States Postal Service reported that 454 regular advertising mail gets delivered to an average household every year in the US. Furthermore, in 2018 BIA/Kelsey announced that direct mail alone was one of the largest US local advertising spends at $38.5 billion. 

So we won’t be wrong in advising you to incorporate direct mail in your business development strategies?

If you’re new to direct mail or are planning to invest in direct mail, you’re in the right place. We are going to help you navigate through the intricacies of this effective strategy.

Completely Automated Direct Mail API for Advertising

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What is direct mail advertising?

One of the oldest, yet results-yielding, methods to send promotional offers to your prospects or existing customer base through the mail is direct mail advertising. Some of the most common pieces used in direct mail marketing are brochures, sales letters, or prepaid envelopes. 

It’s one of the best-used tools for its high success rate with small and medium-scale businesses. The reason lies in how these businesses can send tailored promotional materials on a one-to-one basis. The expected response through direct mail is a call from the interested consumer. 

SMEs benefit significantly from this method because it’s one of the most cost-effective approaches to pushing their traditional sales efforts. 

We do not deny that a large corporation does not or can not use direct mail in Canada. In fact, it makes for a standard advertising method in their culture to boost customers’ interest in the product and generate brand awareness. 

Benefits of an Cloud Based Direct Mail Advertising Solution

Wondering how despite such competition, direct mail is still thriving? Thinking what are the benefits of direct mail advertising that make it still relevant?

Let’s answer your curiosities with these benefits of it:

Save Money

One of the most important features of direct mail – which makes the method outstanding despite the fierce competition in the advertising landscape – is how cost-effective direct mail is. Plus, it can be automated using the tools and software, saving significant money otherwise wasted on paper, printing supplies, and visits to the post office.

 Tremendously flexible

Direct mail has multiple case-use applications such as postcards, letters, brochures, and flyers. Businesses, depending on the type of products, offers, and promotions they want the audience to know about can design a creative copy for advertising, adding as much information as possible to make sure that the audience is engaged and compelled to take a transactional action. It gives businesses the freedom to customize their advertising mail according to the target audience for maximum profit. 

Easy to Measure

It is easy to measure the impact of direct mail, whether it is for one or multiple campaigns. All you need to do is add an eye-catching call to action that generates urgency like a “limited period offer” or an expiry date. This method can work wonders and help you quickly measure the success of your direct mail campaigns.

Did you know that a study by Canada Post reported that the number of coupons redeemed through direct advertising was a whopping 52%?

You can also dedicate a phone line to specific campaigns and add a phone number on each mailpiece to check which campaign is performing better. This strategy can further help you make a more infrared decision when creating direct mail campaigns, going ahead that will maximize the possibility of profitability. 

Highly Targeted

Direct mail campaigns can be highly individualized. Every campaign should have a particular objective that serves a specific group audience. Personalized mail makes the target audience feel more valued, and it emotionally appeals to them, which affects their purchase decision or their decision to begin or continue with your brand.  

According to Canada Post, direct mail convinced 65% of the people to make a purchase. When you have defined these two factors, you can create a highly targeted campaign that will drive more awareness, leads, and engagement. 

Less Common

Before you think about how this is an advantage, look back at the competition and similar techniques that every business is following. Direct mail is becoming less common, which you can leverage to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Unlike emails that often find themselves in the spam folder, direct mail will reach the mailbox and be read by the target audience. 

Being less common but highly targeted exponentially increases the response rate of the direct mail campaign. Furthermore, being tangible makes it easy for your consumer to open and read whenever they want to, which gives them an upper hand over their digital counterparts. 

Even though direct mail advertising is highly effective, we cannot overlook why it has become less common. It involves extensive manual work, which makes it prone to errors and is also a time-consuming task. Furthermore, it can be challenging to predict how long it will take for the team to get the mail designed, printed, and sent. And these steps again depend on a lot of internal factors. That’s why you should switch to a solution that we at PostGrid offer with our direct mail automation API to manage everything from one place with a few clicks.

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transactional mail

What Can You Do with PostGrid's Direct Mail Advertising Solution?

Integrate seamlessly with PostGrid API to send highly personalized and targeted Letters, Postcards and Cheques. Connect over 1600 apps with PostGrid through Zapier to build your automation pipelines, with an HTML template editing system in place and variable inclusions you can rest assured to reach the right audience with the right message.

Address Verification and Validation – Ensure deliverability of addresses across Canada using our SERP-certified Address Verification API. Streamline address input at the point of entry using our Address Autocomplete Feature and Correct malformed addresses to Canada Post standards without manual intervention.

Get Guaranteed 2 Days Shipping:

Did you know timely shipping plays a crucial role in building brand loyalty and enhancing the conversion rate? Yes, it does. PostGrid aims to deliver the right mail at the right time to the correct address. With our platform, you can be rest assured that with the industry’s best SLA of 2 days, your mail is handed over to Canada Post for delivery in an efficient and timely manner. 

Create and Customize Mail with Editor

No longer will you have to half-heartedly settle with any design or have to resolve an issue between the content, design, and marketing team who will be at loggerheads for deciding the right format. With our direct mail solution, you have the freedom to select from a wide range of templates. 

Depending upon which design will best convey your message or be relevant to your audience, you can also create and customize your mail with our inbuilt editor. Our direct mail API and CRM integration will also allow you to import your designs as well. This way, you can save a significant amount of time and your workforce potential, which you can use in business growth and development.

Track the performance of the campaigns:

While tracking with traditional direct mail was a possibility, it was a time-consuming and resource-draining task that consumers did not revert much to. PostGrid’s direct mail solution can help you gather insight into how each of the campaigns customers are performing.

You can add QR codes, pURLS, dedicated contact numbers, and unique URLs to know how many leads, engagements, and conversions are coming from each campaign. This tracking method can help you make a well-informed decision regarding how you should strategize your direct mail campaigns in the future for maximum return on investment. 

Unburden your workforce and save time and money exponentially by switching to PostGrid’s direct mail advertising solution for enhanced efficiency and continuously growing return on investment.

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Completely Automated Direct Mail Solution for Advertising

Target new prospects and customers or keep advertising to your existing customers


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