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What is a Mailer in Advertising

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How To Use Marketing Mailers To Promote Your Business And Generate High ROI?

Are you having trouble generating the desired ROI or Return On Investment from your online marketing campaigns?

Do you wish for a more efficient marketing strategy that offers tremendous convenience and high ROI?

canada post personalized direct mail

Direct mail could be the answer you are looking for, and implementing it for your business could be easier than you might think. Here, we will explain what is a mailer in advertising and how you can optimize it to get the best result for your marketing campaigns.

What Is A Mailer In Advertising?

A mailer in advertising is called advertising mail or direct mail. Advertising Mail also goes by the names marketing mailer, mailshot, and admail. Any advertising material sent to the recipient via postal mail can be called a marketing mailer.

Marketing mailers are one of the most effective direct marketing strategies a marketer or business owner can employ for their business. Today’s marketing space is majorly occupied by digital marketing, and the competition is fierce.

Direct mail enables you to cut through the voice and convey your marketing message to the target audience.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a marketing strategy where you send physical items such as printed marketing mailers via mail to engage with potential customers. Marketers employ it for both inbound and outbound sales marketing purposes.

According to Niel Patel, a famous entrepreneur, and best-selling author, the direct mail campaign’s ROI is greater than paid search and online display ads. Niel based his statement on a survey they conducted. The survey also found that marketing mailers were right behind social media in terms of ROI, losing by only one point.

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How to Create Successful Marketing Mailers For Your Business

Although direct mail marketing campaigns offer a high ROI, it is not necessarily easy to create successful marketing mailers for your business. Below we discuss the steps you can take to maximize your chance of getting the desired result from your direct mail campaigns.

Narrow Down Your Targets

Accurate targeting is the key to creating a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Make sure that you target the right audience for your product or service based on your specific marketing objectives. Without proper targeting, your direct mail will end up in the group of junk mail that the recipient discarded without a second thought.

Use Clean Mailing Lists

Using clean mailing lists is also required for effectively targeting your marketing mailers. Consider using SERP-certified address validation software like PostGrid to ensure the quality of your direct mailing lists. PostGrid can access the official address database of Canada Post and check whether your addresses are deliverable or not.

Use Postcards For Better Results

Postcards are often considered the best type of direct mail for promoting your business. Many things play in favour of postcards as the direct mail marketing channel. For example, postcards cost relatively less than other mailer types. 

Additionally, postcards can accommodate attractive images, which are always better than plain old letters. You can use PostGrid’s direct mail automation tool to print and deliver beautiful postcard marketing mailers to your target audience.

Use Vibrant Colours And Eye-Catching Designs

When it comes to marketing mailers, making a solid first impression is vital. Hence, businesses should consider using vibrant colours and eye-grabbing designs in their direct mail.

Using pictures, charts, etc., are also great ways to grab user attention and quickly convey the message to prospective customers.

However, you need to ensure that the pictures, charts, etc., you use are relevant to your marketing message.

Add Value to Your Marketing Mailers

One of the best ways to ensure that your marketing mailer does not end up in the junk mail pile is to add value to it. Consider providing discount coupons or coupons with your marketing mailers. If you use enveloped letters, hint at the offer on the envelope, so the customer does not toss the mailer away, thinking it’s not helpful. It is another reason why postcards are a perfect fit for direct mail campaigns.

Rethink How to Print Your Return Address

One of the disadvantages of direct mail is that there is only limited space for your marketing message and images. It is even more problematic when it comes to small or regular-sized postcards. However, you still need to add a return address to all your marketing mailers.

Hence, you need to consider how you need to place or print your return addresses. For example, you can print the return address vertically and use it as the line that separates the message body and the address block. Similarly, you can use other strategies to optimize your space usage in direct mail.


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4 Ideas To Get Your Marketing Mailers Noticed By The Target Audience

1. Envelopes That Stand Out

Using enveloped letters is sometimes unavoidable for specific direct mail campaigns. In such cases, ensure that your direct mail envelope stands out so that the recipient feels curious enough to open your marketing mailers. So, instead of using the plain white rectangular envelope, consider using vibrant colours for the envelopes and odd shapes to catch the recipient’s attention.

2. 3D or Three Dimensional Marketing Mailers

Your prospects and customers are more likely to open your mailer if they can feel an object inside it. The simplest form of 3D marketing mailer you can use is the 3D or pop-up cards. Furthermore, you can also include other items such as pencils, keychains, etc., with your advertising mailers.

3. Boxed Marketing Mailers

Another unique way to implement your direct mail marketing campaign is to use boxed mailers. It is often more exciting for people to open boxed mail than regular mail. You can use such mailers for sending out product samples or other fun promotional items, including toys, assemblable items, etc.

4. Use A Fully Automated Direct Mail System

Using a fully automated direct mail system like PostGrid can help you optimize your direct mail campaigns. You can set up the printing and mailing of your marketing mailers and let PostGrid take care of the rest. Furthermore, industries like healthcare and financial services can use PostGrid for sending out regular mailers such as patient reports and account statements.

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Marketing mailers are an excellent way for businesses to market their products and services to prospective customers. However, it is not easy to create successful direct mail marketing campaigns without the right set of ideas, tools, and processes.

Using an advanced direct mail solution like PostGrid can help you overcome several challenges involved in direct mail marketing. For example, you can target your campaigns better and clean your mailing lists with PostGrid’s address verification tool.

Furthermore, PostGrid’s direct mail automation enables you to personalize, print, and deliver quality marketing mailers with the click of a button. As a result, you can optimize your entire marketing campaign, minimize your expenses, and boost your marketing ROI.