Secured & Scalable Print & Mail Solutions

Send Transactional Mails

Send personalized financial statements to your clients for maximum engagement

Automate Reporting

Create an error-free, transparent, and customized comprehensible report with a click

Ensure Compliance

Automation keeps your business audit-ready, ensuring your financial processing meet standards and protocols

Enterprise Security

Enterprise-level security to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your customer data

Automate Sending of Personalized Transactional Mails

Customize and edit financial mails with variable fields for automation

  • Highly Personalize – Easily personalize content, style, and format according to the client
  • Automate Transactional MailsAutomate the sending of invoices, billing statements, checks, pay stubs, collection notices, and many more
  • Template Editor – Use our pre-built templates or upload your own to save time

Send Timely Financial Documents & Mail

Send mail on time with high deliverability and avoid delays

  • Reduce Costs – Minimize wastage of time, cost, and probability of error
  • On-Time – Never miss sending your financial documents on time
  • AutomateAutomate the entire process of printing and mailing sensitive financial documents

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Keep your financial processes compliant to regulatory standard requirements and avoid any legal hassle

  • Activity Log – Timely risk assessment for vulnerability identification and management
  • Regulatory ComplianceHIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, GDPR & SOC-2 Compliant

Enterprise Security

We provide enterprise-level security to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your customer data

  • Enterprise Security We store our data securely on best-in-class Amazon Web Services
  • Data Encryption – We ensure end-to-end data encryption technology
  • Regular AuditsWe regularly bring in certified third party agencies to audit our cybersecurity infrastructure

PostGrid has you covered from all sides

Regulatory Compliance

Build trust by ensuring your customers that your data is PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA, GDPR & SOC-2 Certified and Compliant.

Data Security

Your data security is important to us, which is why we use Amazon web services for quick, easy to use, and safe hosting.

Scalable Solutions

Level up your marketing with PostGrid, as we provide native integration and API documentation for easy operations.

All teams run on PostGrid

Learn how our unified platform and API will help take different team of any organization’s performance to the next level.

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