Increase Response and Conversion Rates With PostGrid’s Online Direct Mail Services

  • Direct mail is impactful and interactive. It can help you reach out to prospects and connect with them instantly. 
  • Print and mail marketing can produce great results when done right. It is the best way to improve brand awareness and increase visibility. 
  • But, conducting a direct mail marketing campaign is a huge task. There are several processes involved making it time-consuming and hectic.
  • Use PostGrid’s direct mail API to conduct campaigns with high conversion rates. 
  • It replaces traditional direct mail tasks with smart automation features.

All-in-One Direct Mail Solution

Create, Design, Personalize, Send, Automate & Track your direct mail campaigns with PostGrid API


Traditional Vs Automated Direct Mail Services

No Manual Effort Needed

  • Your staff needs to perform a lot of manual tasks to conduct a campaign in the old, traditional way.
  • All tasks related to direct mailing are monotonous and repetitive, affecting employee morale negatively.
  • Manual jobs affect the company’s productivity. Your employees can rather focus on important business areas and showcase their skills.
  • But, things can be different for your company if you use PostGrid’s direct mail services.
  • Marketing companies can help create, print, and mail in an automated manner without any manual efforts.
  • Get everything done with a few clicks and increase your campaign efficiency.

2 Business Days SLA

  • It is impossible to plan and conduct traditional direct mail campaigns swiftly. You need weeks and months of planning and organizing things.
  • Businesses conduct a lot of team meetings to come up with sound direct mail campaign ideas. It takes weeks to approve ideas and get started.
  • Oftentimes, you need to make a lot of edits based on feedback.
  • The entire process is daunting and time-consuming.
  • If you want to save time and streamline your activities, try marketing automation.
  • Our print and mail API guarantees a 2-day SLA. Get all your mail items designed and printed in this timeframe.

Save Resources and Money

  • The costs for handling a direct mail campaign in-house are significant. They can exhaust your marketing budget.
  • In traditional direct mail, you need to buy a lot of perishables like paper and ink.
  • Moreover, you also need to invest in high-quality printers and sorting equipment.
  • Small businesses can work on a low budget with PostGrid’s direct mailing services.
  • PostGrid also enables you to save money in other ways like getting huge postal discounts.
  • Our all-inclusive rates are competitive and affordable. You can conduct a campaign of any size according to your needs and budget.


  • Outsourcing your design to a professional is expensive. It is also challenging to find a designer that understands your goals.
  • You might need to meet with a few designers and discuss rates. Again, there are going to be a lot of revisions.
  • The other way is to do your design in-house. It can save costs and speed up the process.
  • PostGrid’s in-built templates are available for several direct mail formats. You can pick one and customize it as per your needs.
  • This way, you can design your collaterals yourself. It is a modern approach towards an efficient direct mail design.


  • It is difficult to select printing services that can print according to your needs.
  • You need a printer that offers variable data printing for personalized mail items. Plus, they should be able to print in high resolution.
  • Your mail items represent your brand. They should be appealing and eye-catching.
  • Marketing collateral can perform well only when they are attractive. They should impress the prospects the minute they pick them up.
  • Our advertising mailing services prioritize high-quality printing.
  • PostGrid’s associated printers are reputable and experts in their field. They can tend to your needs very well.
  • There is no need to pick the mail items from the printer. They are directly sent to the Canada Post office for mailing.

On-Demand and Bulk Mailing Services

  • On-demand and bulk mailing are both important and are needed at different points in time.
  • Sometimes, you need to only print and mail invoices to a few clients. But, other times, you might want to conduct a large-scale marketing campaign.
  • If you take the traditional approach, printing and mailing single pieces is difficult. You won’t get any bulk mail discounts.
  • Even large-scale campaigns are expensive for companies not using printing and mailing services. There are several different vendors you need to pay for. In short, you can never find a cost-effective way to print and mail traditionally.
  • PostGrid can solve all your problems related to on-demand and bulk mailing.
  • Our automated direct mail API is scalable and can accommodate all your needs. Hence, you can send mail items in any number.

Enhanced Security

  • It is difficult to maintain data security in the traditional direct mail approach.
  • Your design and print vendors may not follow the data security laws of the country. There is always the possibility of a data breach in such cases.
  • But, you don’t have to worry about such things while using PostGrid’s direct marketing services.
  • PostGrid is PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant. It also complies with other laws regarding direct mail marketing. Rest assured that your data is in the right hands.

Mailing Lists

  • Using house lists for a direct mail campaign is the smartest and most affordable option.
  • Traditional direct mail marketers spend a lot of time building accurate mailing lists.
  • Sometimes, they have to call up customers and ask for their correct addresses. It is impossible to execute this task if you have a lot of people on your mailing list.
  • PostGrid’s mass mailing services can help you build precise mailing lists in minutes.
  • You can also use several geo-demographics and build segmented mailing lists.
  • There are no extra charges to create fresh mailing lists with us.
Reaching New Audience

Other Direct Mail Features Offered That PostGrid Offers

Control Everything Through Your Dashboard

  • Our direct mail API allows businesses to centralize their direct mail efforts.
  • You can give design, print, and mail orders right from your dashboard.
  • There are several other things you can do like saving designs and mailing pieces in bulk.
  • Track and report your items in real-time.
  • Control which team members can access the dashboard. Manage the user settings at any time.

Customize and Personalize

  • It is crucial to customize your mail items as per your campaign objectives.
  • PostGrid’s online direct mail services can help you customize your mail design. You can add promotional messages to your transactional documents. We offer excellent possibilities for trans-promotional printing.
  • Personalization is another important aspect of direct mail. With PostGrid, personalize your pieces in any way you want.

Native and Zapier Integrations

  • Our zero-code native and Zapier integrations can make it easy for you to fetch data from your CRM.
  • Zapier enables you to connect with over 1600 apps and export data to your system.
  • You can draft mail items in seconds with this speed and convenience.
  • Integrate with Zoho, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Hubspot, and other popular platforms.

Address Standardization and Validation

  • Standardizing and validating addresses are important. Companies can face huge losses if they don’t double-check addresses before mailing.
  • Lost mail and failed deliveries are real problems. They lead to delays and other such issues.
  • Our address verification API can help you parse, standardize, and verify addresses. Thus, you can always have access to an updated and cleansed database.
  • Verify all local, national, and international mailing addresses.

Timely Reports and Campaign Insights

  • You should know your campaign’s response and conversion rates. PostGrid makes that knowledge easily accessible.
  • Log in to your account and find the campaign reports in your dashboard at any time.
  • Use these insights and reports to plan your future campaigns.

All-in-One Direct Mail Solution

Create, Design, Personalize, Send, Automate & Track your direct mail campaigns with PostGrid API


Send Postcards, Letters, Cheques, and More

  • PostGrid allows you to print and mail several types of direct mail.
  • Postcards are the most common marketing collateral. People love postcards and like receiving them in the mail. 
  • Print and mail postcards through our API for better efficiency and accuracy.
  • The next popular direct mail item is a letter. You can choose a size that fits your needs and move ahead. 
  • PostGrid also helps companies send oversized envelopes for added emphasis. 
  • Cheques are very important and confidential mail items. For complete security and data protection, print and mail cheques with PostGrid. 
  • Other mail items that you can send with us are statements, invoices, newsletters, and more. 

Over to You

  • PostGrid’s on-demand and bulk direct mail services can make direct mailing a breeze for you. 
  • Plan your direct mail campaigns without worrying about the budget and time frame.  
  • Build fresh mailing lists and design attractive collaterals with us. 
  • Keep accurate campaign records and plan better campaigns. 
  • You can do everything related to direct mailing using PostGrid. 

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