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Marketing techniques have undoubtedly evolved with digital marketing attracting the attention of the maximum audience. But if the one tactic that’s still – to this date – remains as useful and persistent as ever, that’s flyer marketing. All businesses, whether big or small, are advised to invest in flyer distribution because it’s one of the quickest ways of reaching across the right targeted audience and makes for an even faster lead generation tool. But to be able to make the most out of these cost-effective tools that magnify the promotion output with its tangible features, you need creative, eye-catchy, and personalized flyer printing and mailing solutions by PostGrid.

Cost-effective flyer printing and mailing solution on-demand

PostGrid provides the most creative and cost-effective flyer printing and mailing solutions – sure to catch your target audience’s attention with its supreme quality – and secure mailing solutions at the most competitive price available in the market. Whether you’re looking to order different pieces of flyers for other clients or in bulk for prospects of the same industry, our flyer printing and mailing solutions have got you covered in every situation.

Improve your marketing reach with a personalized flyer printing solution

Make every flyer distribution count with PostGrid’s automated flyer mailing solution, where you have the freedom to let your creative streak out and personalize the flyers according to the message you want to give your intended prospects. Our flyer mailing service will impact your clients and prospects to take action.

Take the legwork out of printing flyers

Forge and foster a client base and nurture better leads with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand flyer printing and mailing solution.


Why should you have an automated flyer printing and mailing solution?


PostGrid understands how critical safety and security of the data is while mailing flyers to the intended individual or group. That’s why right from printing, processing, mailing, and packaging to the final delivery, we comply with the standards and protocols laid down by the PIPEDA and HIPAA. We ensure that every process is carried out in a safe and secure environment without the breach of any policy.


If you want your marketing efforts to deliver results, you need to create a flyer related to the target audience, be it a prospect or client, understand their problems, and solve their issues. With automated flyer printing and mailing solutions, you can customize your flyer according to your intended audience. You can add coupons, highlight how their business can benefit from your company, announce special offers to give it a more personal touch. This step will enhance your brand’s reach and lead generation. A well-designed layout with a personalized message can deliver optimal results from the campaign.


With our automated flyer printing and mailing solution, you get the facility to track and monitor your flyer mail. If you seem to have sent flyer mail to the wrong address, our automated system will verify and standardize the address according to the local postal address. It’ll give you the satisfaction that you have sent the flyer to the right destination.

Building Mail List

In general, flyers are sent in bulk to the customers, clients, and prospects. Sending them to several addresses can be tedious and erroneous when done manually, and may have a drastic impact on the staff’s productivity and client retention rate. But our automated system with API, also well-integrated with your CRM, can save you from this small but potentially unfortunate mistake by fetching the addresses from your database to speed up and simplify the process.

transactional mail

How can PostGrid’s flyer printing and marketing solution help your business?

Reduce Manual work

It is a cumbersome process-deciding on the right design by arguing with the creative team, checking you have sufficient flyer papers, and distributing and mailing every flyer by hand. Let go of the old method by incorporating our automated system where all you need to do is selecting and personalizing the template. We’ll take care of the rest. Give your staff the freedom to channel their potential into professional growth and business development.


At PostGrid’s, you’ll be able to select from different shapes and sizes of flyers that are sure to grab your prospects, clients, or customers’ attention. Variety in the marketing campaign has proven to deliver better results. We’ll provide you the flyers for different occasions and goals – viz., corporate handouts, photo-centric brochures, and flyers that promote sales and are used only for limited period advertisements. Choose the one that best fits your business requirement and boost the reach of your marketing campaign.

Save time

Spread the word about your business without wasting time designing the right flyer for the recipient. Let PostGrid’s automated flyer printing and mailing solution create and send effective brochures. By automating the entire process, your staff can invest more time in honing their skills and contributing to attaining your business’s objective.

Save resources

You can save the money you’d spend, stocking up the supplies and inventory that’s required to create flyers, by using our automated flyer printing and mailing solution. All you need to do is select and personalize the flyer template keeping your target audience in mind and let us take care of the rest. Use those resources to achieve your business’s milestone.

Ensure mailing accuracy

Our automated system will integrate with your CRM to fetch addresses, and the API will help ensure that your direct mail flyers are getting delivered to the right addresses. PostGrid’s automated system comes with the facility of verifying and standardizing mailing information, which can be helpful if you have mistakenly entered the wrong address, ensuring it gets delivered to the intended recipient. Get higher mailing accuracy with us.

Take the legwork out of printing the flyers

Forge and foster a client base and nurture better leads with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand flyer printing and mailing solution.



Why should I hire an automated flyer printing and mailing solution provider over getting the job done by my in-house team?

With an automated system through PostGrid API, eliminate the hassle of manual interventions and streamline the entire process of flyer print and mail. Enjoy supreme quality, quickest SLA and higher accuracy in delivery ensuring higher campaign success.

Why should I trust PostGrid with my flyer printing and mailing?

PostGrid guarantees premium quality, versatility, security and reliability when it comes to flyer printing and mailing. We make sure your goal of reaching out and engaging the audience is fulfilled to a significant extent with our personalized flyers.

Will I be able to track my order?

Yes, with PostGrid, right from the minute you place the order – processing, packaging through delivery, you will be able to track and monitor it from the dashboard.

Enhance your business’s marketing opportunities by flyers done by PostGrid’s automated brochure printing a mailing solution without burning a hole in your pocket or compromising with the quality of what you send out.

PostGrid is your one-stop-shop for attractive and effective flyer printing and mailing solutions at the best price.

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