What Can PostGrid’s Letter Print and Mail API Do?

  • Create, print, and mail letters in any numbers through our letter API. 
  • If you don’t know how to send a letter, this API can do wonders for your business. However, if you do know how to send a letter in the mail, you would also know the number of steps involved and the time taken to complete the process. The letter API can back you up and get the work done effortlessly.
  • Integrate your CRM, accounting, or payroll software applications with our letters API and start printing and mailing letters right from your system. 
  • Use our pre-built templates and start drafting letters in no time.
  • Add customizations, select the number of items, and build mailing lists.
  • Track your letters as they move through Canada Post’s network and get time-to-time reports.
  • Trace responses and get in touch with prospects.
  • Companies can also send personalized invoices and statements using PostGrid’s letter mailing API.

What Does PostGrid Provide With Its Letter API?

  • With a letter API like PostGrid, everything is done online in an automated way. 
  • After drafting your letters, the next step is to print them out. It is too monotonous and time-consuming to print out hundreds and thousands of letters manually. PostGrid’s letter API can help you with that.
  • Letter printing is one of the many features of our letter API; no manual intervention is required. 
  • PostGrid has partnered with trusted printers to get your letter printing done efficiently. All letters are printed in top-notch quality. 
  • Along with letter printing, the letter API also provides letter folding and inserting into envelopes. Do away with hours of manual labour in completing these tasks.
  • Next up, get the letters sorted for mailing. Hence, businesses can draft, print, fold, insert, seal, stamp, and sort their letters altogether with the help of PostGrid’s letters API.

Adding Additional Papers

  • Send multiple-page letters swiftly to any location. These letters might be tax forms, contracts, agreements, applications, credit reminders, offers letters, or compliance notices.
  • Companies can send out letters with any number of pages in a single envelope. 
  • PostGrid’s letter print and mail API enables you to add additional pages for an extra cost. 
  • Use variable data printing and personalize all your letters easily. Print and mail appealing letters to your target audience and boost engagements.
  • A letter API can assist you in sending multiple-page letters securely in sturdy envelopes.

Create Inducing Letters Using High-Quality Paper Stock

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  • Content makes a difference. However, along with your letter content, it is also important to focus on your letters’ appearance. Hence, appearance and quality both matter equally. 
  • Direct mail marketers should make sure to select an eye-catching paper stock that goes well with their letter design. Thicker paper always makes a better impression.
  • PostGrid’s letter API allows you to print your letters using 24 to 64 lb paper stock. 
  • Select your choice of paper stock and get started with printing and mailing letters using our letter printing API. 
  • Use variable data printing to personalize letters to improve campaign performance.
  • Make your letters inducing by personalizing content and selecting attractive-looking paper stock can help boost responses, and all of this is possible through the letter print and mail API. 

Send Letters in Bulk

  • It is very simple to mail an online letter to Canada through the API. All you have to do is integrate, make a couple of selections, and start with the print and mail process.
  • The overall procedure remains the same for both on-demand and bulk mailing. Therefore, mass mailing can be done just as easily as mailing out a few letters to your top accounts. 
  • PostGrid’s API is scalable to accommodate your ever-growing print and mail needs. It can process millions of API calls at once.
  • There are absolutely no minimum or maximum volume requirements. Marketers can mail at any time and in any quantity as they please.

Quick Set-up and Integration

  • With the help of our letter mailing API, you can create a letter, print, and mail speedily. But before that, you need to set up and integrate the API with your software.
  • PostGrid’s RESTful API can be installed, integrated, and ready to use in just a few minutes without any extensive technical knowledge. 
  • There is no need to spend hours setting up the API before you can finally print and mail online.
  • You can get the letter API integrated with any software, website, or application that you use. It is easily integrated into popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce, and more. 
  • Import data speedily and avoid manual data entries.

SERP Certified Addresses and International Mailing

  • Compare your mailing lists with the database of Canada Post to verify and validate all the addresses.
  • PostGrid’s letter mailing API can help you avail of SERP certified addresses that are deliverable and correct.
  • You can use these addresses to conduct direct mail marketing campaigns and be assured that your mail will be delivered rightly. 
  • Our letter API is also capable of validating international addresses. You can print and mail letters to any country as PostGrid can get your mail delivered in about 245 countries. 
  • Expand your business internationally and send out letters confidently, without any cross-border hassles. 

Test and Live API Keys

  • Have complete control over user permissions. Add and remove users as per your requirements. 
  • The test and live API keys can be accessed through your dashboard once you log in.
  • Businesses can make use of these keys to integrate their system with PostGrid’s letter API and start printing and mailing letters flexibly.
  • All API requests are protected by HTTPS authentication. 
  • Ensure a protected print and mail environment for conducting your letter marketing campaigns. 

Real-time Tracking

  • Get your letters printed and ready to be mailed in just two days. PostGrid facilitates speedy deliveries by methods such as pre-sorting and adding IMB barcodes.
  • You can track your letters anytime and know their exact location. Stay informed about your mail’s whereabouts. 
  • View the tracking details from your dashboard without having to enter tracking numbers manually. 

Eliminate the Need of Stocking Inventory

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  • With PostGrid, you can eliminate the need to stock perishables such as paper stock, ink cartridges, stamps, labels, and more.
  • Companies need not spend on purchasing multifunction printers, folding and inserting machines, weigh scales, and metering equipment. The letter printing and mailing API can help you outsource all your direct mailing activities.
  • The API is easy to use and maintain. Marketers do not have to work with complex software applications or spend hours in installation. 
  • Save office space and allow your employees to focus on productive business areas by cutting down manual work and encouraging smart work.
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All-in-one Rates and Fast Mailing

  • Businesses can now avail of the pay-as-you-go option and avail all-in-one rates. The rates are inclusive of everything from designing and printing to mailing and tracking. 
  • Get several postal discounts and reduce the price per item.
  • Print and mail letters through our letter API to be relieved that your mail will be delivered speedily and accurately.

Campaign Insights

  • Make complete use of your previous campaign’s performance reports to improve your future campaigns.
  • PostGrid allows you to access campaign insights and analytics to measure performance and draft conclusions.
  • The letter API makes it easy for you to include trackable features such as pURLs and unique QR codes. 

Use PostGrid’s letter API to print and mail letters through automation and get rid of the manual effort. Get benefits like reduced costs, higher efficiency, and improved ROI through our performance-accelerating API.


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