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API to Autocomplete Addresses

On top of it, a reduced cart abandon rate for you because your customers now spend less time completing the forms and filling in the details that lead them to the checkout page earlier than before.

Fortunately, the scenario is possible in reality.

All you have to do is integrate an address autocomplete API with your system. And it’ll make the entire form-filling process easier for your customers.

It’ll suggest they complete addresses based on what they have typed in the blank fields.

The suggested addresses will be derived from the official database of Canada Post.

Let’s understand in what other ways PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API can help you.

Why You Need Address Autocomplete API

High Deliverability Rate

When no customer is able to enter the wrong addresses, and the already existing addresses of your mailing list have been verified against the official database of Canada Post, the deliverability rate is bound to be better.

Simplify Checkout Process

If you offer product buying options on your website as eCommerce companies do, then PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API can help simplify the checkout process. Just integrate it with your system, and it’ll only let customers enter valid addresses.

Standardize Addresses

Each of the addresses that go through PostGrid’s Address Auto complete API is not only verified but put in the correct format. The process is known as standardization, and it helps run your shipping dates on time.

Address Validation

When you have tens of thousands of addresses present on your mailing list, it’s no wonder that some of them would contain errors. Hence, address validation is an essential step to keep you from misspending. And PostGrid’s Address Autofill API helps you with that process.

Superior Data Quality

Most businesses try to use Google’s autocomplete API, but that shows you the information based on geolocation. PostGrid’s API only considers valid and deliverable addresses and ensures superior quality data for your mailing list.

Reasons to Employ PostGrid's Address Autocomplete API

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Smart Targeting

The Address Autocomplete API offers a smart targeting tool. As the name suggests, its main function is to target the right audience for your promotional campaigns.

If your business, along with shipping products, also launches direct mail marketing campaigns, then you must have such a tool.

The feature enables you to send any type of marketing collateral to your chosen neighbourhood. PostGrid enables you to select the location to distribute your direct marketing mails based on your customers’ demographic details such as age, gender, income, status, etc.

Plus, using this feature of PostGrid’s API is super simple. You can monitor everything from your PostGrid dashboard—no technical expertise is needed.

Perfect Match for eCommerce

  • If you have an eCommerce company, then PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API can do wonders for your business. The user experience can become more streamlined, and hence, you can expect an increment in sales.
  • The streamlined checkout is active when your customers have to put fewer efforts into filling in their details and making a purchase. The convenience helps them to buy faster than before. Hence, more ROI for your business.
  • The feature also helps to reduce shopper fatigue. This is especially true for the choosy customers, who browse through your website for hours just to find the perfect match of their choice. When they finally find the one, and they don’t have to spend much time doing the tedious tasks, it’ll make it a happy purchase for them.
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Ideal Fit for Canada Post

  • PostGrid is SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) certified. The certification is mainly given to the companies to signal that they contain verified addresses.
  • The certification implies that all the addresses that our API for Address Autocomplete will suggest will be verified from the official database of Canada Post. Similarly, the already existing addresses of your mailing list will also be checked through the same process.
  • Hence, all the data we suggest is real and deliverable.
  • To reassure our clients that the addresses we provide are correct, we provide premise-level data of their recipient’s addresses.

Scalable REST API

  • To help you get started with PostGrid and make no mistake with its working when it’s finally live, we provide you with two different types of keys. The first ones are the test keys, which you can use to test its functioning. The second one is the live keys. That’s when you’re finally ready to launch it for your customers to use your address autocomplete feature.
  • PostGrid’s API to address autocomplete can work along with your existing system even after the integration.
  • You can access PostGrid in different languages for your convenience and integrate it with your favourite tools.
  • You can scale your direct mail campaigns at any time using PostGrid. It’s built to handle millions of API calls at a time. Hence, despite how big or small your mailing list is or how much you grow as you go, you can rely on PostGrid.
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Zero-Code Integration

  • PostGrid offers you a zero-code integration, which makes it super easy to operate. Using the multiple users feature from your dashboard, you can give API access to any of your team members. They don’t need to spend hours to understand its functioning or need to be a coder. With zero-code integration, they can start using it within minutes.
  • PostGrid’s address autocomplete API also offers Zapier integration, enabling you to incorporate 1600+ apps and automate their functioning.
  • You also get a standalone cloud software with PostGrid, which helps you standardize and validate the existing addresses and confirm their validity and deliverability status.

API Dashboard

  • PostGrid’s address autocomplete API enables you to manage your direct mail marketing campaigns just like email marketing. With the help of the PostGrid dashboard provided to you, you can manage your templates, track your mail pieces, get complete analytical reports of your direct mail campaigns, and so on.
  • The detailed analytical reports of your launched campaigns help you figure out which of your campaigns are bringing results and which ones of them are falling flat.
  • The address autocomplete API also enables you to manage your direct mail marketing campaigns better. For instance, you target different sets of audiences for some of your products and have separate teams for each of them. Then you can give dashboard access to the different team managers accordingly.
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Detailed Analytics and Tracking

  • The advanced address auto complete API dashboard that comes equipped with PostGrid enables you to get the instant location of your mail pieces. It helps you find out whether your mailpiece is in processing, has been printed, or shipped.
  • The feature helps you update your customers about the delivery details and give them an expected delivery date.
  • You can also search your database and export the necessary information with the help of the API dashboard. Thus, you can get instant access to all the orders that have been sent.
  • Based on the analytical reports, you can automate some of your campaigns that you think are performing better and can bring good results in the future too.

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