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To get started with the API, all you’d need to do is integrate it with your system and access every feature through its dashboard. It works by providing you the complete details of the addresses you need.

For instance, if you have incomplete addresses in your system and are unable to send direct mail pieces based on it, then enter that information in PostGrid API and get the complete postal address.

The data you get will also contain the street name, city, state, and ZIP+4 code, etc.

However, you’d need to give a proper and correct primary number and street address to get the best information.

Does Your Business Need Address Lookup API?

Address Verification Software

If you’re like any business that uses direct mail marketing as one of their core marketing strategies or uses direct mails to send essential information to customers, clients, and employees, then address lookup API is an essential tool for you.

To get your direct mail pieces delivered to the right address and have good customer or client relationships, you must confirm the validity of the addresses present in your mailing list. Most times, it’s also about the confidential information of your customers, and you need to ensure that direct mail is reaching the right recipient.

Additionally, the address API helps your company provide a better user experience.

For instance, if you have the API integrated with your system, then your customers can see the address correction in real-time. The API works by suggesting the correct address details to your customers just as they start typing their addresses.

SERP Certified Software

  • PostGrid is SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) certified. It confirms that the API’s addresses are verified by the official database Canada Post.
  • The API also validates the addresses present in your system against the same database to confirm their validity and deliverability status. This way, all of your direct mail pieces will reach the right recipients. Plus, it ensures on-time delivery.
  • To get your system data cleaned, you’d need to fetch the details from your database. And once you’ve integrated PostGrid and your CRM, the API collects all the details on its own automatically. Tons of data is thus fetched and verified within minimal time.
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Why Choose PostGrid as Your Address Lookup API

PostGrid can be the best choice for your business as it provides high-quality data for your system and gets all the existing addresses cleaned up within minutes.

If you have equipped your system with PostGrid, you don’t need to do any tedious tasks like importing the data through CSV files.

(Although, you get an option to do this with PostGrid. If this is how you want to operate, you easily can.)

Other features include fixing the errors, correcting the incomplete or wrong addresses, or removing the identical addresses.

No doubt that every business has tens of thousands of customers’ details on their mailing list. Manually doing it can be a hectic job. Hence, you let PostGrid handle such tasks. It enables you to do it all automatically.

Superior Address Lookup With ZIP+4 Code

PostGrid has advanced capabilities, and it can also lookup for a complete 9-digit ZIP code.

That means, whenever you’ll start typing the details of desired address, the API will suggest you a complete list of potential addresses along with a ZIP+4 code. The ZIP+4 code’s primary function is early delivery.

Enhanced User Experience

PostGrid is capable of optimizing your user experience if you have integrated it with your website. To be more accurate, you can improve the checkout process for your customers, aligning the landing page to get them to pay faster.

PostGrid simply makes the entire process easier to operate by providing the complete addresses based on what your customers have entered.

Works Flawlessly With Your CRM

PostGrid enables its clients to add regular addresses to the CRM. The address verification facet makes sure that the details entering the system are highly accurate. It directly relates to decreasing your manual effort.

Whenever more addresses enter your system, you don’t have to look up each of them for the correct information and fix them as you go. Neither do you need to keep an extra team of staff to work only on such tasks.

PostGrid can help you do it on its own.

Superior Data Quality & Improved Communication

With a SERP-certified address verification tool like PostGrid, you will always have high quality in your system. PostGrid’s data is not only verified, but it keeps on updating based on the changes made in the official database. The new homes, the changed addresses, and other details will be available for better end results.

Improved Communication

Most businesses use direct mails for their conversations with customers. If that’s your business model, too, then PostGrid can be the right choice for you.

PostGrid’s advanced validation and standardization system can improve your marketing strategy and provide a better deliverability rate, causing better engagement and response rate and eventually a better ROI in the long run.

What Type of Businesses Need Address Lookup API

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eCommerce Businesses Third-Party Logistics Companies
PostGrid’s Address Lookup API is one of the best options for eCommerce companies. They have to send products regularly to their customers, and their reputation depends on the faster and accurate delivery of the items purchased.

And if you run an eCommerce business and have a lookup API, then it’ll help you achieve both of these goals.

Third-Party Logistics Companies
Most businesses use third-party logistics companies to deliver their products. The 3P logistics companies are responsible for everything from warehousing, picking and packing, inventory forecasting, order fulfillment, packaging, and freight forwarding, including transporting the goods.

In other words, they’re responsible for everything except for the verification of the addresses you provide them. Hence, it’s necessary to have the proper addresses labeled so that the product reaches the correct location. After all, the reputation of your company is at stake even if you outsource the delivery process.

Short-Term Rental Home Service Sites
If you are in the business of real estate or showing properties to people looking to rent for a short-term period, then you must have the proper addresses of the properties you’re listing. Furthermore, some companies also enable the users to put up their property details themselves.

Now, it’s your responsibility to ensure the addresses they entered are correct information so that your customers don’t have to face any difficulty finding the property listed. Thus, you must have an Address Lookup API.

Credit Check Services Zero-Code Integration
Most banks and financial institutes loan funds to their clients and require them to fill an address verification form.

Now to make sure the addresses they have entered are correct, they must have a system. The Address Lookup API is just the right type of choice for such businesses.

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Advanced Analytics and Tracking
Along with enabling you to get complete addresses and verifying your mailing list, PostGrid’s API also helps you get the full tracking details of each of your direct mail pieces.

Plus, if you’re launching direct mail marketing campaigns with PostGrid, then you can also access its complete analytical report from your dashboard.

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