The wrong data leads to a high bounce rate and considerable misspending. Hence, you need to make sure that each of the addresses present in your mailing list is correct. Plus, drafting and getting them all printed and shipped are tedious tasks that are the main components of direct mail marketing.

Manually doing these tasks usually takes tons of hours to complete, which is why most businesses take weeks or even months to launch a single direct mail campaign.

However, it should not be that way. With all the digital advancement, taking that much time for a single marketing campaign may cause your business to stay behind the competition.

Thus, a Postal API that could help you do it all automatically and let you operate your direct mail campaigns, just like email marketing, is essential for your company.

The API also comes with the address verification API that helps you keep only the correct address details in your company database. Apart from this, here’s how the snail mail API can help you. The API:

  • Automates all direct mail campaigns and document mailing tasks
  • Sends event-triggered direct mail
  • Saves time and manual efforts
  • Helps you prevent the hustle of running back and forth to the office and printing labs
  • Selects mailing options as per your requirements
  • Tracks every mail easily through your dashboard; and
  • Enables you to know the complete analytical reports of your direct mail campaigns
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How Does a Postal API or Snail Mail API Work?

  • To get started with PostGrid’s Postal API, you’d need to integrate it with your CRM or website.
  • Thus, it’ll fetch all the essential customer details.
  • From there on, it’ll verify the mailing list with the address verification API.
  • Once you have completed the direct mail sample using the in-built HTML editor or the templates provided in the resources library, you can automate the printing and mailing process.
  • You can also personalize each of your mail pieces for the customer’s first name or enter your company’s details, viz., URL, brand logo, tagline, etc., to increase your brand awareness and engage your audience with your marketing message.
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  • After launching the campaign, you can track each of your mail pieces from your dashboard and know the exact location of your sent mail pieces.
  • PostGrid offers a 2-day SLA, which means that each of your mail pieces will be shipped within two business days. This way, if you’re sending products or other documents via direct mail, you can let your customers know about the estimated time when it’ll reach them.
  • You also get complete analytical details of your direct mail campaigns after it has been launched. Based on the results, you can improve your future campaigns.

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  • Address validation API helps you to keep your database clean and free from errors.
  • It works by fetching the customer details stored in your system. From there on, it checks them with the official database of Canada Post.
  • It also standardizes – meaning, put every address in the consistent and correct format – and parse – meaning, breaking down the addresses into multiple components for clarity, your addresses.
  • This way, all the addresses in your database are free from errors and typos.
  • Furthermore, the API also ensures the validity and deliverability of the mailing address, which helps you reduce your bounce rate.
  • The address validation API eliminates the duplicate addresses – the identical addresses present in your system multiple times. This way, you only send a single direct mail to one address, which helps you prevent misspending considerably.
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Easy Integration

  • You can easily integrate PostGrid’s RESTful API with your CRM, payroll, and accounting software programs without requiring any technical support.
  • PostGrid’s Zapier integration enables you to connect 1,600+ apps and automate their functioning.

Scalable API

    • As your business grows, your mailing list grows with it. Or sometimes, most companies even decide to target more than one type of audience at a time. If that’s you, PostGrid API is the best option for you.
    • With PostGrid, you can send one or one thousand, or perhaps any number of direct mail pieces at a single time.

The API can handle multiple API calls at once.

Detailed Reporting

    • PostGrid enables you to monitor everything from a single dashboard. When you launch a campaign, you can easily track it, measure its results, and find out which of your campaigns are performing well and which ones of them are just falling flat.

You can do it all with just a few clicks on your device.

Automate Everything and Get Complete Mailing Fulfillment

  • With PostGrid’s Postal API, you can automate your mailing process entirely.
  • Fetching your customers’ address details, standardizing them, lining up your direct mail pieces, deciding the delivery options based on your budget and requirement, and shipping tens of thousands of mail, you can automate it all.
  • PostGrid offers multiple APIs to do it all and provide you with the best user experience.
  • You can also trigger sending of a direct mail piece (or multiple pieces) with PostGrid. For instance, if there’s an event going to happen and you have to send the invitations on a particular date, you can just set the date and timing and forget. PostGrid will get those invitations printed and mailed at the right time without any effort needed from your side.

Eliminate Unproductive Tasks From Your To-Do List

  • When you decide to do it all manually, you may end up doing a lot of leg work and lose your valuable time.
  • However, it’s not the same for companies using PostGrid. They automate tedious and unproductive tasks and use their time for the other essential work that actually needs their attention.

Applications of Postal API

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Smart Targeting
The API offers a smart targeting tool. As the name suggests, its main function is to target the right audience for your promotional campaigns.

If your business, along with shipping products, also launches direct mail marketing campaigns, then you must have such a tool.

The feature enables you to send any type of marketing collateral to your chosen neighbourhood. PostGrid enables you to select the location to distribute your direct marketing mails based on your customers’ demographic details such as age, gender, income, status, etc.

Plus, using this feature of PostGrid’s API is super simple. You can monitor everything from your PostGrid dashboard—no technical expertise is needed.

Postcard API

  • Postcard API is basically designed to help clients print and mail postcards to their audience automatically.
  • Postcards are the cheapest marketing collateral and can help grow your network.
  • With PostGrid’s Postcard API, you can trigger the shipping of multiple postcards and send your blessings for different occasions like festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Postcards also help you to increase your brand awareness and have the best open rate of all.
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Letter API

  • Most companies need to send letters to their customers for a number of reasons like transactional details, compliant letters, company policies, etc. In that case, PostGrid can help you send multiple letters without much effort needed.
  • Some companies even sell such stuff that requires customers to make informed decisions, which is why they decide to send them a complete letter explaining why the customer needs it and why they should invest in your product rather than your competitors. In such cases, letters are the best. But manually doing it can be difficult. Hence, automate the entire functioning.
Check API

  • PostGrid also has a check printing and mailing API for companies that need to make regular payments.
  • With check API, you can draft your checks as per your bank’s requirements and get them printed using the MICR font.
  • From there on, once you’ve placed the order, PostGrid will process and ship your checks within two business days. Hence, you will never be charged for late payment.
  • PostGrid only partners with HIPAA compliant print network, and hence your and your customers’ details always remain confidential.
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Annoyed With Returned Shipments and Incorrect Data?

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