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Features of PostGrid’s Address
Verification Software

CASS & SERP Certified

Our addresses are certified by the Canada Postal Service and USPS for premium quality and accurate mail delivery to the right audience at the right time. We ensure that there is no undelivered mail.

Delivery Point Verification
The delivery address is verified and standardized to ensure that the direct mail reaches the right person at the right time, without compromising quality and integrity.
Matching Technology:

PostGrid’s address verification software makes use of premium quality matching technology to check for duplication and verify every address against the global ones to eliminate any possibility of error or duplication.

Address Validation

The software will help you collect only accurate data with our address validation API, further increase data quality, and boost customer satisfaction. We offer this address validation tool across the USA and Canada, ensuring every mail sent reaches the right audience.

Address Parsing

Breaking down of an address to its different components is defined as address parsing. PostGrid address verification software conducts this process to eliminate the probability of erroneous data entering the system. We do it by organizing the mixed data contextually to derive an identifiable address.

Data Cleansing

The information and data fetch from your system after CRM integration is cleansed for gaps and misinformation, and the address is checked and validated. This step helps you reach out to more prospects with accuracy. Cleansing further makes sure that the possibility of returned and lost mail and processing waste is minimum. It also helps in improving the decision making ability of the business.


Our API and CRM integration ensures that the address is formatted correctly and verified for any discrepancies like typos, abbreviations, or capitalization. If you’ve entered the wrong address mistakenly, our address lookup service will allow you to standardize according to the local postal address in real-time. Standardization eliminates any possibility of duplicate records that there might be in the database.

Strengthen your mailing list with a qualitative contact database incorporating a professional address verification software. It adds value to your customer experience and boosts your sales and revenue generation with accurate and valuable information.

With PostGrid address verification software, you can rest assured that every mail being sent arrives at the right destination at the right time with its integrity intact.

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