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PostGrid Global Address Verification API

Address Verification

PostGrid offers one of the best address verification APIs in the world and has access to more than 245 address databases. It enables us to ensure that all your international mailers are delivered regardless of the diversity of your global audience.

We provide a country-specific address format for all your mailers so that you can easily send international mail without a second thought. As a result, mailers are always on time and reach their destination even in remote corners of the world.

Address Standardization

Our international address validation API is not just an address verification system. PostGrid’s advanced address verification tool also standardizes your addresses as per the format defined by the relevant postal authority.

The address standardization process enables the postal service system to read your global address easily. As a result, the postal service provider can quickly sort the mailers and deliver them to the recipients. So, in effect, our address verification system optimizes your direct mail campaigns.

Address Autocomplete

Getting your target audience to fill out a form online is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for a marketer. PostGrid’s global address verification API comes equipped with an address autocomplete feature. It is a feature that suggests the complete address to the user as they type in their postal address.

As PostGrid has access to over 245 postal address databases all around the world, your customers can benefit regardless of their location. You can enable PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete on landing pages, ad forms, and even on mobile apps.

Bulk Or Batch Verification

Our bulk or batch address verification feature lets you verify addresses in bulk. You can use a CSV file containing your entire address database to get a list of verified addresses. Furthermore, we have a simple web interface that even a ten-year-old can easily navigate through.

You will have no problem accessing your address database if you already use a CRM system. Furthermore, you can quickly obtain the address database through your CRM system. Once you upload the CSV file, it will only take a couple of minutes for PostGrid to validate your database, regardless of its size.

Geocoding Features

PostGrid is not merely a global address validation API. It is also a robust marketing tool. Our advanced geocoding capability lets you get the lat-long coordinates of your international addresses. You can use PostGrid’s geocoding API features for identifying geographical locations and the resident’s buying habits.

In other words, you can identify customer habits and patterns across the whole world without even leaving the room. We even include an accuracy score and a detailed report on the calculation of the geocodes. Hence, you can ensure the quality of our geocodes yourself rather than taking our word for it.

Zero-Code Integration

With our powerful Zapier integration, you can easily connect PostGrid’s advanced address verification capabilities with over 1600 apps. Hence, if you have an eCommerce or on-demand service app, you can seamlessly integrate advanced features like address autocomplete.

However, PostGrid also offers you the flexibility to use it as a standalone address verification software. In other words, you can verify international addresses with a zero-code integration. Hence, you can use PostGrid as your international address validation API even if you are not an expert developer.

Why Choose PostGrid Global Address Validation API?

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Lightning Fast Address Verification

SERP And CASS Certification

  • PostGrid comes with SERP and CASS certification, meaning it has access to the official address databases of Canada Post and USPS.

Easy Integration Capability

  • We provide seamless integration that lets you connect our system with mobile apps through zero-code verification.

Scalable Restful API

  • Our global address verification API is designed to scale to all your business needs. 

How Secure Is Your Data With PostGrid?

We ensure the safe and secure handling of your data so that your precious data always remains unharmed. PostGrid meets all the regulatory compliance requirements as an international address verification API.

PIPEDA Compliance

  • PIPEDA, or Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, is a Canadian law that ensures the data privacy of its citizens.
  • PostGrid’s PIPEDA compliance indicates that any factual or subjective information of a personal nature is not revealed to any third party.

SOC 2 Compliance

  • SOC 2 is an auditing procedure, and a voluntary compliance standard that ensures PostGrid securely manages your data.
  • Our SOC 2 compliant system ensures that all your data is safe, secure, and readily available.
  • PostGrid’s SOC 2 certification also ensures superior quality processing integrity without compromising the confidentiality/privacy of the data.

HIPAA Compliance

  • HIPPA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act deals with the personal health information of US citizens.
  • HIPAA compliance is necessary for any organization that wants to use patient data for communication or marketing purposes.
  • PostGrid protects its clients from hefty fines by ensuring HIPAA-compliant services. We even offer specialized direct mail services for the healthcare industry.

GDPR Compliance

  • GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is an EU (European Union) law that dictates how companies use, process, and store personal data.
  • PostGrid’s GDPR compliance allows businesses to communicate with their target audience in the EU.
  • The GDPR applies to all countries in the EU. PostGrid ensures that you can send direct mail to your target audience in all member countries.

How Can Business Organizations Benefit From A Solution Like PostGrid?

PostGrid can be highly beneficial to businesses, especially if they want to target an international audience. The primary purpose of PostGrid’s global address validation API is to ensure an error-free, complete, and deliverable address database for businesses.

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Retail & E-commerce Industry

The Retail and E-Commerce industry stands to gain the most from a tool like PostGrid. Commercial, specialty, and department stores can all use PostGrid’s international address verification API to deliver their products internationally. Apart from deliveries, you can use PostGrid for tax form processing, compliance communication, and much more.

Financial Service Industry

Financial service providers, including banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, mutual funds service providers, and more, can effectively use PostGrid. Our global address verification API enables these businesses to send important mailers such as adverse action letters, collection letters, credit risk disclosure notices, and more.

Insurance Industry

The insurance industry consists of all kinds of specialized services such as life insurance, motor insurance, health insurance, etc. Yet another vertical that has continued using direct mail communication despite the digital alternatives. PostGrid can help insurance companies by accurately sending monthly billing statements, cancellation notices, renewal declarations, etc.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry perhaps stands to gain the most from using an international address validation API like PostGrid. It includes healthcare service providers, including hospitals and clinics. PostGrid’s HIPAA-compliant address verification services allow you to use patient data for sending materials such as the Explanation Of Benefits (EOB), patient billing statements, and more.

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