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International Address Validation to Ship Globally

  • PostGrid’s address validation API allows you to transliterate, reformat, and verify mailing addresses for 245+ countries. 
  • You can expand your business beyond borders and ship items to any place globally without risking mail returns. 
  • International shipping is expensive and time-consuming. PostGrid’s address validation services ensure accurate shipping the first time and help you not waste resources on reshipping.

What Does an Address Validation API Do?

  • An address validation API or software program helps businesses cross-confirm their customers’ delivery addresses. It enables B2B and B2C companies of all sectors to ensure mailing efficiency and speed. 
  • They can integrate the Canada Post address validation API into their existing CRM systems or websites to verify delivery data at the point of entry. 
  • Our address validation API assists you to manage and enrich your databases in bulk or on demand!
  • Address verification solutions are a must-have tool for every enterprise to manage their budget carefully, avoid waste, and increase revenue from within their workflows. 
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Benefits of a Canada Post Address Validation API for Businesses

An address validation API can change your company’s functions forever. It helps you double your campaign results and save your valuable resources.

Improve Website UX

  • You may increase customer satisfaction by working on your website’s UX. Integrating an address validation API into your web pages enable your customers to enter their correct addresses using only a few keystrokes. 
  • Use advanced features, like rooftop geocoding, real-time address lookup, etc., to assist customers during checkout and keep them coming back!

Enhance Conversions

  • Businesses can reduce cart abandonments on their website and enhance conversions using PostGrid’s address validation API to help customers shop more conveniently. 
  • Customers leave a website for many reasons, including a lengthy checkout process because they might not want to spend time entering their address. You can help them by autocompleting addresses on their behalf and reducing their workload, increasing the number of completed transactions!

Maintain High-Quality Databases

  • PostGrid’s Canada Post address validation API enables you to add missing details to your databases and make them mail-ready!
  • It allows you to filter outdated data and add new prospects to keep your marketing cycle running smoothly. 
  • You may re-engage your old customers by sending mailers to their correct addresses using our address validation API—at the lowest rates possible!
  • Your verified databases can help you for various purposes, from data mapping and advertising to administrative reasons!

Conduct Data-Drive Marketing Campaigns

  • Segregate your mailing lists according to many demographics, like age, gender, income, location, online buying history, profession, and preferences, with our automated solutions. 
  • PostGrid’s address validation API and software allow you to confirm the data accuracy that lets you launch data-driven and personalized campaigns. 

Save Time and Manual Effort

  • It is beneficial for companies to cross-check delivery information before mailing using a Canada Post address validation API.
  • They can save their staff a lot of time because they do not need to call customers and ask for missing details or confirm their addresses. 
  • It also saves them money because they can presort items, get postal discounts, and avoid delivery failures!

How Does PostGrid’s Address Validation API Work?

  • PostGrid’s address verification solutions work in two ways- via API integration and software! Our address validation API helps businesses block incorrect data from entering their system because it instantly spots and fixes the errors. 
  • It is scaleable and lets you verify one or a million addresses in one go. PostGrid’s automated solutions can expand to accommodate your growing requirements without slowdowns or technical glitches. 
  • PostGrid’s address validation API is suitable for all industries because it compiles various resources to verify their mailing lists, ensuring a 99.99% deliverability rate. It autocompletes and parses all addresses and standardizes them according to the Canada Post guidelines. 
  • You may use our software to verify your existing mailing lists. It lets you upload your customers’ mailing addresses on the platform. Then, it returns a list of validated addresses with the respective secondary units, DPV codes, etc. 
  • PostGid’s address validation API and software can process your databases to enable you to access high-quality delivery information at your fingertips. 

Which Industries Use An Address Validation API and How?

Almost all industries across the country use a Canada Post address validation API to manage their mailing addresses and ship items to the correct destinations. 

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  • Healthcare: Health-related organizations, like hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, dental offices, etc., use address validation API to confirm patients’ delivery information. It also helps them keep accurate records that let them draft bills, receipts, and other medical documents. They can avoid their mailers from reaching the wrong hands and causing a data breach by using PostGrid’s PIPEDA-compliant solutions. 
  • Insurance: Insurance agencies employ an address validation API to check their client’s eligibility for policy applications, renewals, etc. For instance, if a person applies for home insurance, they can verify the precise location and look for technicalities (like a fireworks factory nearby) to accept or reject the application. 
  • Real estate: A real estate company can verify their clients’ listed properties using PostGrid’s address validation API or software program. It helps them ensure prospective tenants or buyers can visit the correct place, increasing your client’s chances of closing a deal faster. Real estate agencies also need an address validation API to send their critical documents and marketing mailers without hassles. 
  • Retail & eCommerce: Retail businesses can validate their customers’ and prospects’ addresses to send them coupons, bills, promotional postcards, etc. An address validation API helps them stay on top of their audience’s mind by constantly communicating with them via direct mail. E-commerce websites can fulfill orders on time and improve customer experience using PostGrid’s address verification solutions. 
  • Financial services: Financial and banking institutions use an address validation API or software for their daily operations, like signing up new customers, confirming information, mailing documents, cross-selling, etc. 
  • Education: Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations employ PostGrid’s Canada Post address validation API to update their students’ records from time to time. They also use it to send prospectuses, meeting notices, admission letters, etc., to students and parents without getting returns or losing their mail items in transit. 
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Why Use PostGrid’s Address Validation API For Your Company?

PostGrid offers numerous benefits and features to its clients that help them save costs and increase operational efficiency. Here are some examples:

Fuzzy Matching

  • PostGrid’s address validation API can spot misspellings, typos, swapped characters, spacing issues, capitalization mistakes, etc. It instantly makes the necessary changes, enabling you to move ahead smoothly. 
  • This feature helps postal workers speed up the delivery process because they use sorting machines to handle mail. The equipment rejects mailers that have mistakes—and the employees need to hand-sort these items, elongating the journey and wasting time. 

SERP-Certified and NCOA

  • PostGrid’s address validation API uses the Canada Post database to cross-confirm your delivery addresses. We are SERP-certified, which means we verify mailing lists according to the postal authoritative data file. 
  • It guarantees the Post Office can deliver your mailers on time to your intended recipients. 
  • Our address validation API automatically processes your mailing lists through the NCOA file. It helps replace old addresses with new ones, which is primarily helpful to reach customers who moved recently. 

Customer Support

  • PostGrid’s customer and technical assistance team are available 24 x 7 for its clients. Enterprise customers get instant chat, email, and call support!
  • They also get a dedicated account manager to guide them throughout the process and recommend more ways to use the address validation API or software. 

API Docs

  • Our detailed API documentation helps you integrate our solutions into your system effortlessly. You only need to copy, paste, and make a couple of tweaks. And voila!
  • PostGrid’s address validation API ensures companies can verify addresses painlessly within their existing workflows to save time and streamline tasks.

Autocomplete and Standardization

  • PostGrid’s address validation API shows your customers a list of address suggestions as they type. They use these real-time recommendations to select their accurate location within seconds. This feature is known as autocomplete, allowing your buyers to shop on your website and check out conveniently. 
  • PostGrid standardizes all delivery addresses according to the Canada Post-prescribed format for residential, PO box, military, and other address types. Such formatting can takes days and weeks of your staff’s time! But PostGrid’s address validation API helps you complete the task at bottleneck speeds. 

Secondary Address Units

  • You may find the customers’ suite, floor, or apartment number effortlessly using PostGrid’s address validation API or software. 
  • Unlike Google and many other APIs for address verification, PostGrid ensures you locate a customer’s location down to their suite or apartment, making precise deliveries possible. 

Address verification helps companies sort their marketing, administrative, transactional, and other activities. It also improves internal efficiency among departments and increases revenue!

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