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International Address Validation Service

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Address Capture To Optimize Operations At Scale

Ensure the accuracy of the address data you collect from your customers right at the capture point with PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API. Our address capture tool helps your business ensure accurate information from entering your system. It provides you with verified addresses directly from Canada Post’s address database.

address capture api

Businesses can streamline operations and ensure quality address databases using PostGrid’s address verification API. Our address verification tool helps businesses streamline operations, including an advanced address capture feature. You can use PostGrid’s advanced software solution to eliminate wrong or error-prone addresses. 

Why Does Your Business Need Address Capture?

Streamline Business Processes

With address capture, you can ensure that the user enters an accurate and deliverable address in real time. PostGrid’s tool detects the server location and the data the customer enters to suggest the appropriate matches from Canada Post’s official address database.

Customers can quickly find their address from our address capture list of suggested addresses. As a result, you can significantly minimize the keystrokes streamlining the whole process. It makes filling out an online form effortless for the user and encourages conversions.

Put Your Money To Better Use

Wrong or poor-quality address data can lead to several problems for your business as it can affect various business operations. Primarily, the inaccurate address harms your company’s direct mail marketing and communication efforts. You can fix this problem with the address capture tool.

Our Address Capture API enables you to save valuable time and money that you waste sending mailers to undeliverable addresses. Moreover, our address capture ensures that you maintain a quality database to better profile prospective customers. Doing so ultimately results in your getting a competitive upper hand over your competitors.

Positively Influence Customer Perception

A website or web page that automatically suggests complete and accurate addresses to the user is guaranteed to make an excellent first impression. The user prioritizes convenience over all others, and our address capture API ensures that you provide that convenience.

With our address capture tool, you can enhance the overall customer experience on your online pages. Customers automatically assume that your brand offers better service depending on their online experience with your brand.

Enhance Your Services

You can use our address capture tool to significantly enhance the quality of the services you provide to your customers. Online forms and checkout pages are the two most significant places where you can dramatically improve your services using PostGrid’s solution.

With PostGrid’s address capture tool, you can completely eliminate the incorrect collection of address data. Our Tool also supports. It effectively leads to your company maintaining quality communication with your customers.

Optimize Your Customer Profiling Capabilities

As you know, the most significant benefit of using PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API is to maintain an accurate address database for your business. A high-quality customer database also has superior database analysis capabilities. So, you can use the address capture tool to analyze your customer database better and profile them into different groups.

You can categorize prospective and existing customers into specific groups with an accurate database. The profiling or segmentation of your customers enables you to put forward more relevant offers to your audience. By ensuring accurate delivery of your marketing mailers our address capture API increases the chance of getting a response from the target audience.

Maintain Consistent Quality 

The address capture tool is critical in maintaining a consistent quality for your business’s address database. By establishing a high-quality database, PostGrid effectively enhances your company’s various business operations without you even realizing it. You need a system that consistently ensures address quality because your customer’s postal address can change anytime.

The customer may move to a new address, or the postal code can change. Regardless of the eventualities, your address verification tool should be able to maintain the accuracy of the address database. Our address capture and verification solutions ensure that you always have the latest address information in your customer database.

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Capabilities Of PostGrid Address Capture Solution

PostGrid’s address capture or Address Autocomplete APIs offer numerous attractive features and capabilities. PostGrid focuses on providing advanced capabilities to make your business operations more accessible and more efficient. The following capabilities allow PostGrid to achieve this goal.

  • Unit-Based Information: PostGrid provides detailed information about the address, including apartment/room numbers.
  • Minimalistic UI & UX: Our address capture and verification use a minimalist UI &UX interface to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Location Detection: PostGrid can automatically detect the user’s country and match the necessary location and address for the user.
  • Scalability: Our address capture and verification solutions are highly scalable and can easily adjust to your unique business needs.
  • High-Quality Data: PostGrid uses only the most reliable address database to verify and suggest addresses for your business.

Why Use PostGrid's Address Capture Solution For Your Business?

Fuzzy Autocomplete

With PostGrid’s address capture solution, you can access numerous nifty features and capabilities. But one that we are particularly proud of and can be significantly valuable for your business is Fuzzy Autocomplete. The Fuzzy Autocomplete features can be a game changer for your business as they help you eliminate accidental typos made by the user.

Our address capture solution comes with an advanced Fuzzy Autocomplete feature. It can quickly detect typos in the address the user types and resolve the same even before returning a response. It ultimately results in a better user experience for your valuable customers. Hence, it is ideal for generating an excellent first impression for your brand.

Improved Performance 

PostGrid’s address verification and address capture solutions improve your business’s performance. Our experts were able to speed up the Address Autocomplete and verification APIs by two times their original speed. The speed of suggesting accurate and verified addresses is almost as important as website speed itself.

PostGrid’s latest performance enhancement makes no breaking changes. By doing so, we ensured that our customer’s existing integrations could also benefit from the upgrade. Our address capture API can work seamlessly with your website without compromising its integrity or interfering with your other integrations. We build our solutions to enhance your business capabilities sustainably.

Ideal For eCommerce Businesses

PostGrid’s address capture or Address Autocomplete tool is an ideal fit for eCommerce businesses. Automatically filling the address in checkout and landing pages is ideal for boosting customer convenience and minimizing cart abandonment.

The address capture feature can also help you minimize shopper fatigue significantly. It is particularly effective for customers browsing through the website for hours. The Address Autocomplete feature allows the user to relax during the checkout, even for a little bit. Moreover, you can notice the effect of this small gesture is visible in customer behaviour.

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Scalable Rest API

One of the primary reasons to opt for PostGrid’s address capture solutions is our scalable Rest API. We always make it a point to isolate the test and live environments from each other. It ensures that your existing systems and integrations continue functioning as usual throughout the integration process.

Moreover, our address capture tool works in alignment with your existing systems. We ensure there are no internal conflicts and protect the integrity of your website at all points. PostGrid even provides you with comprehensive API documentation and additional tools for seamless integration.

Integration With Zero-Coding

At PostGrid, we understand that integrations can be scary. Thanks to our zero-code integration, practically anyone with a computer can integrate our address capture solution into their website. In other words, anyone can quickly integrate our Rest API into their mobile apps or website.

We even offer specialized integrations for popular online solutions, including Zapier, Zoho, Salesforce, Microsoft, and more. Similarly, you can implement PostGrid’s address capture capabilities with more than 1600 apps.

Intuitive API Dashboard

Another enticing aspect of using PostGrid’s address capture tool for your business is its advanced API dashboard. You can use the API dashboard to keep track of your API usage. That’s not all. You can even manage other aspects of your marketing strategy, such as contacts, templates, and additional API resources.

With PostGrid’s address capture solution, you can access holistic analytics data.  You can use the priceless data and insights you obtain from PostGrid to optimize your direct mail marketing efforts. The dashboard also lets you view the status of all your mailings. Furthermore, PostGrid provides a complete searchability feature for your present and past orders.

Comprehensive Analytics And Tracking 

PostGrid provides you with a comprehensive activity log of all your mail orders. You can access this data through the PostGrid dashboard. The valuable data you obtain from our address capture API helps you optimize your business operations. You can also use PostGrid’s dashboard to track past mailing activities and view the delivery status of your mailers.

PostGrid provides a central system that lets you quickly access all the essential analytics and tracking data. Searching and exporting data through PostGrid’s API dashboard is also simple, and you can do it effortlessly. Besides that, the address capture tool comes with a fine metadata capability allowing you to attach the metadata specific to an API resource.

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