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Quick and Easy Cheque Printing and Mailing solution

Found your finance and human resource team overburdened with the tedious work of printing, piling -up, and mailing the cheque? Reach out to PostGrid’s on-demand cheque printing and mailing solution and let the staff invest their true potential into core and productive tasks. Forget the hassle of maintaining cheque stocks, ensuring security, data confidentiality and running to the post office every single time with our automated cheque printing and mailing solution that streamlines the entire process in an efficient, safe and secure manner.

Get Personalized Cheque Fulfillment Solutions

Our on-demand cheque printing and mailing solutions are here for you to accurately and reliably print and mail cheques on demand, no matter the volume, high or low, we’ll do it efficiently and securely also ensuring that they are personalised and targeted to the right users. 

Automate Printing & Mailing Cheques with PostGrid API

Personalize Every Single Cheques on-Demand or at Scale


Why should your business opt for an on-demand cheque print and mail solution?

Your staff’s knowledge, expertise, and experience are worthy of way more than just churning out cheques to mail it to hundreds and thousands of clients. Besides this, manual work is prone to the high possibility of errors.  Plus, how often do you come across a situation where you had to send a cheque urgently, but you ran out of supplies or workers?

That’s where PostGrid’s on-demand cheque printing and mailing solution is the most effective and efficient way. With our on-demand checking fulfilment solutions, we offer:

Personalized Cheques

The business world is well aware of the impact of customization. Not only does it help with branding, but it is a smart move to establish a connection with the intended recipient. PostGrid gives you the freedom to customize your cheques the way you want. Select a template that best brings out your company’s personality and let your creativity flow. Add your company’s logo, motto, a personal message to your clients, or a “thank you” note to your employees

Easy Account Set-up

PostGrid provides for an easy account set-up also ensuring it is carried out in a secure and confidential manner. We perform periodic due diligence to ensure every account’s legitimacy under the primary one before any transaction is made.

On-Demand Cheque Printing and Mailing

Through our automated cheque print and mail system, set up triggers to activate an action such as sending out a cheque in response to important events, dates or actions within your CRM. 

Every single cheque is processed in a secure and compliant manner irrespective of the volume right from data transfer, printing, processing and hanging over to postal carriers for delivery.

Quick and Accurate Print and Mail Operations

With the industry’s best SLA as quick as the same day to 2 days, PostGrid’s turnaround time will ensure your cheques are on route to delivery as early as possible. 

With our free address verification API in place, your addresses are verified and standardized for accurate and efficient delivery.

Secure Printing and Mailing

We understand your security concern with an online printing and mailing solution provider, which is why we have a multi-layer security procedure set in place to ensure that there is no possibility of security breach while printing and mailing the cheques.

To ensure the legitimacy of the cheques and ensure heightened security, PostGrid has incorporated :

  • We have an annual audit system to bolster a safe and secure cheque printing process.
  • We ensure heightened security and minimize the possibility of cheque rejection with a leading technology-based character recognition system that quickly cheques with the banking system for any fraudulent activity.
  • Our cheque stocks are incorporated with security watermarks, microprinting, and highly advanced security features to ensure processing in a secure and efficient manner.


Track every single cheque right from when it is printed, processed, handed over to the postal carrier and on route to delivery from your dashboard.

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How PostGrid's cheque printing and mailing solution can help your business?

Reduce Manual Work

You didn’t hire the finance and human resource staff to manage logistics, such as checking the number of stocks and the sent cheques’ status, especially in this digital age.

Automate these processes with an on-demand cheque printing and mailing solution and let the employees direct their potential to tasks that matter and contribute to the business’s productivity.

What if you need to send an urgent cheque, and you run out of cheque stock? Moreover, manual work means the plausibility of error, whether in the banking information or the mailing. With an integrated automated system in place, the data will be automatically uploaded from the database. All you will have to do is check and click on confirm.

Save Time

Have you ever imagined the working hours that go into writing and sending out hundreds of cheques? This tedious task is not only prone to errors but wastes a significant amount of time, which you can use more efficiently. Plus, in some cases, urgent cheque demands may require extra time. 

Save time with our on-demand cheque printing and mailing solution and save your staff’s potential for achieving the core objectives of your business.

Save Resources

Conventional printing and mailing require you to create a list of supplies such as printing colour, logo maker, cheque stocks, and other tools. It means setting aside a hefty budget periodically. Why waste money and resources when you can get on-demand cheque printing and mailing solutions?

By investing in our solutions, you’ll no longer have to worry about keeping track of the inventory stock because you won’t require any. Customize a template, choose from a wide range of colours and designs and create the perfect cheque to send it over to your clients and employees with ease.

Ensure Mailing Accuracy

Our free address Lookup API is SERP (Canada Post) and CASS (USPS) certified ensuring your addresses are cleansed and standardized to local postal standards before the cheques are mailed out ensuring higher accuracy in deliverability without being prone to address quality issues or errors.

Dedicated Support

For any hassle or query regarding on-demand cheque printing and mailing, you’ll have our dedicated staff readily available to guide you through every step.

Our dedicated account representatives will make sure every issue on transactions through any account is resolved promptly. We have a live chat support system available round the clock for your assistance.

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Automate Printing & Mailing Cheques with PostGrid API

Safe and Secure Cheque Processing on-demand or at scale



What is on-demand cheque printing and mailing?

On-demand cheque printing and mailing essentially allow you to fulfil orders in an automated manner without having to rely on huge volumes or pre-set standards. Processing can be quick, highly personalized and ready to mail within hours without having to rely on traditional processes like securing stock, printing and having it placed in the right security envelope and ensuring quality control to avoid errors. 

Every single cheque print and mail processing is carried out in a secure, reliable and scalable manner, our API allows you to have added capabilities to print and mail cheques through your existing CRM with easy integration. Trigger an action like sending cheques in response to events within your CRM like payments due etc.

How will I know the status of my payment process?

You can keep a tab on the payment progress with periodic reporting and check it on your dashboard.

Tracking is available on your dashboard giving you insights right from when the cheque is printed, processed, handed over to postal carrier and on route to delivery.

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