Brochure Printing & Mailing Solution

Brochures have the power to add real value to your marketing campaign, making your brand more visible and credible to the target audience. It is one of the most practical and versatile ways of promoting and enhancing sales. But a brochure will deliver expected results only when it is designed creatively and strategically. Use PostGrid to streamline your brochure printing and mailing operations for an effective and personalized output for your campaigns. 

Take the legwork out of printing and mailing brochures

Forge and foster a client base and nurture better leads with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand brochure printing and mailing solution.


On-Demand Brochure Printing and Mailing Solutions

Get on-demand brochure print & mail solutions, customized to your business’s objectives. Whether you want to order ten pieces or a 100, we provide you with creative and designed brochures that can help you achieve your marketing goals at the most competitive price.

Versatile Brochure Printing and Mailing Solutions

Whether you are looking for a single fold, double fold or tri-fold brochure to get printed and mailed to your clients or prospects, we at PostGrid have got you covered with our intelligent automated solutions that ensure a higher return on investment.

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Why should you invest in PostGrid’s brochure printing and mailing solutions?


It’s the key to gain public’s attention and build a bond for long-term relationships. Whether you are a B2B company or B2C business looking to get in the general public or client’s eye, our personalized brochure will give you a one-on-one communication opportunity. With our brochure printing and mailing solutions, you can quickly and creatively add a clear, concise, and personal message for the intended recipient – be it consumers, prospects, or clients.


PostGrid’s partnership networks are compliant to PIPEDA and HIPAA standards. Every process right from the moment you choose a template to design your brochure, adding a mailing address, and delivering it to the recipient, is carried out in a safe and secure environment.


Whether you’re planning to order a single brochure for a specific client or a bundle to distribute amongst your prospects or consumers, we provide on-demand brochure printing and mailing solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


We give you the control to track the mail, right after placing an order – from processing to packaging to delivering. With us, you can follow and monitor your brochure. If you seem to have entered the wrong address, the automated software can verify and standardize according to the local postal service.

Build Mailing List

Entering mailing addresses of a few individuals is not a task, but when you have to send brochures to several people at once, it can be tedious and prone to error. PostGrid, with its API and CRM integrated solutions, will take away this hassle by fetching details from the database and just confirming them before you send out the brochure. Eventually, saving you a tremendous amount of time and manual work.

Take the legwork out of printing and mailing brochures

Forge and foster a client base and nurture better leads with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand brochure printing and mailing solution.


How Can PostGrid's Brochure Printing and Mailing Solutions Help Your Business?

With Us by Your Side, You Can

Reduce Manual Work

Manual work not only demands time but drains significant potential with repetitive tasks, ultimately impacting the staff’s efficiency and decreasing productivity. With our automated system in place, we provide you full freedom from this job. Just select the brochure template that best brings out your business’s personality, set the content in it, add a personalized message, and leave the rest on us. We’llWe’ll make sure that your brochure conveys your message to your clients or prospects. An efficient workforce is difficult to find so if you’re lucky enough to have one, train them to become an asset for your business and help it drive towards success instead of wasting its efficiency on dull tasks.

Variety of Brochures

Different types of brochures have different applications and impacts on the prospects or clients, depending on the fold and content. A general product presentation can be shown in a half fold brochure, while a tri-fold brochure will be more suited for campaigns where you want to strike a balance between design and content. Our automated system will guide you through the selection process.

Save Time

Your staff invests a significant amount of time and energy in trying to figure out the right design for the intended recipient. Then a massive amount of time is spent ensuring the availability of stock and required resources. Our automated system will set you free from this hassle. The time, thus saved, can be utilized in developing tactical and effective marketing strategies that help your business steer ahead.

Save Resources

With our brochure printing and mailing solutions by your side, you no longer have to worry about inventory being stocked with specific size papers, printing supplies like cartridges, maintaining the printer. Incorporate our solutions, select from a wide range of designs and templates, and you’re good to go. The resources thus saved can be invested in attaining business core objectives.

Ensure Mailing Accuracy

Our Address Lookup API will ensure all addresses are cleansed, verified and standardized to local postal standards which leads to higher accuracy in delivery and avoid returned mail.


Why Should I Invest in an Automated Brochure Printing and Mailing Solutions Over My In-House Team?

Automated flyer printing and mailing service guarantees supreme quality designing and follows required protocols to send the mail to the right destination while keeping you in the loop and avoiding the hassle of resource maintenance.

Why Should I Trust PostGrid With Brochure Printing and Mailing Solutions?

With an automated system through PostGrid API, eliminate the hassle of manual interventions and streamline the entire process of brochure print and mail. Enjoy supreme quality, quickest SLA and higher accuracy in delivery ensuring higher campaign success.

Can I Check the Status of My Brochure?

Yes, right from when the brochure is printed, processed, handed over to postal service and on route to delivery. 

What If I Have Entered the Wrong Address?

PostGrid provides you with the facility to validate and standardize the address as per the local postal address and ensures that your brochure reaches the right address.

Why burden your in-house staff when you can have brochure printing and mailing solutions providers delivering on-demand, ensuring broader outreach, and establishing your business’s authority?

Let PostGrid boost your marketing campaign.

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