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Canada Post International Delivery Times

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Canada Post International Delivery Times: What Are the Best Options for Global Mailing?

Canada Post has more than 6,000 Post Offices all across the country and delivers mail to over 190 countries! Using postal services makes sending your personal and commercial mailers to any nation effortless. However, many people are unaware of Canada Post international delivery times and options. 

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Knowing your choices can help you select the correct service according to your budget and needs. It also allows you to inform your customers about the delivery schedules and improve their buying experience. 

This article discussed the Canada Post delivery times international and the different services you can select. 

So… Let’s get right to it!

How Long Does Lettermail Take from Canada to USA?

The Canada Post Lettermail service is a domestic mailing option in the country. Thus, you cannot send an envelope or parcel to the USA via this option. However, the Post Office provides several mailing services to help you ship items internationally. 

The Canada Post international delivery times for shipping to the USA are between four to six business days. Delivery to other countries takes between four to seven days on average. 

Always use the Canada Post international shipping estimate tool beforehand to prevent surprises. You can enter the origin and destination postal codes and get an accurate delivery window. 

What Are the Canada Post International Shipping Options?

As discussed earlier, individuals and businesses have many options to choose from, to ship something from Canada to other countries. However, their features, rates, and mailing times might differ considerably.

Priority Worldwide

This mailing option offers fast Canada Post delivery times to the US and other destinations. It delivers parcels and envelopes globally through an extensive FedEx delivery network. Thus, Canada Post transports your mailers to the border, and then FedEx helps it fulfill international deliveries.

Priority Worldwide allows you to ship to most USA states in only one business day. So if you mail something today before the cut-off Post Office timings- Canada Post can complete the delivery by tomorrow afternoon or latest, by evening. It is the fastest Canada Post international delivery times to the USA you can find, making this option apt for sending time-critical mail.

Delivery items to other countries might take between two to three working days, which is still fast enough to send urgent mail. Hence, most businesses use this mailing option to avail of speedy Canada Post delivery times to send:

Apart from the speedy Canada Post delivery times internationally, Priority Worldwide offers several helpful features. It allows you to get the recipient’s signature on delivery, which means you don’t need to guess whether the addressee got your mailpiece.

There is also a money-back guarantee with the Canada Post delivery times for Priority Worldwide. If your mail item does not arrive at the destination on time, you can claim credit or a free replacement service.

You also get a liability cover of up to $100, extendable up to $1,000 for valuable packages at an additional cost. Hence, it is ideal for businesses and individuals to use the fastest Canada Post delivery times to securely mail packages!

Senders can track their mail items using internal reference numbers or the Canada Post tracking numbers. They may download the mobile app to get regular updates or opt for email notifications. Either way, it is an excellent way of knowing whether your item is moving according to the Canada Post international delivery times.

There are also several pickup options available, like:

  • Arrange a pickup at your office address.
  • Schedule a package pickup at an alternate or third-party address.

The rates to send Priority Worldwide items are expensive, but the Canada Post international delivery times it offers are unbeatable.

Try PostGrid’s direct mail API to increase mailing efficiency and speeds for domestic and international shipping. It allows businesses to create, print, and ship mailers to any part of the world at lightning speed.


While Priority Worldwide provides Canada Post international shipping to 192 countries, this service only lets you mail to over 70 countries! Yet, it covers all the major destinations, like Canada, Australia, and the UK.

It offers the second fastest Canada Post international delivery times to the US and other countries. Hence, it is cheaper than Priority Worldwide but more costly than the other services we will discuss further.

Its delivery time frame for mailing to the USA is two to three business days. Deliveries to other destinations can take four to seven days, depending on the mailing distance.

Xpresspost also provides guaranteed Canada Post delivery times international, letting you claim credit in the case of non-delivery. This guarantee ensures that the Post Office does its best to get your mail pieces to their respective destinations within the time frame.

Please note that almost all the services are the same for Xpresspost USA and Xpresspost International. However, you get the recipient’s delivery for free only for the USA shipping service, and you need to pay to get it for other destinations.

You can track the Canada Post international delivery times under this service, helping you estimate the arrival timing and inform your customers. Also, you get many other features, like delivery to USA’s PO boxes, quick customs clearance, and $100 liability coverage.

Expedited Parcel USA

This Canada Post international shipping service is ideal for sending parcels weighing under 30 kgs. Also, Expedited Parcel USA’s rates are affordable, helping you send packages globally without burning a hole in your pockets.

The estimated Canada Post delivery times for all USA locations are between four and seven working days. Thus, you may not send time-critical mailers, but it is still one of the most reliable options to get heavy parcels to any part of the world.

The costs depend on the item’s size, shape, and weight. Also, the destination city or state can impact Canada Post international delivery times and postage.

Expedited Parcel USA’s features include:

  • Free Canada Post tracking and email notifications.
  • Ability to generate internal reference names or numbers.
  • Delivery to all USA’s PO boxes.
  • $100 liability coverage.

International Parcel- Air or Surface

You can use this service if you don’t care much about the Canada Post international delivery times because your mailers are not time-sensitive. It lets you mail packages to countries where you cannot ship items by Xpresspost. Also, its affordable pricing is like a cherry on the cake!

Opting for the Air option helps you deliver your parcels in 12+ business days. Thus, you can use it to send orders to those customers who voluntarily select lengthy Canada Post delivery times to save on shipping.

International Parcel Surface Canada Post delivery times differ for every continent-

  • Europe: One to two business days.
  • Africa: Two to three business days.
  • Australia and Asia-Pacific: Two to three business days.
  • South America: One to two business days.

Noticeably, the Surface option has faster delivery schedules, making it perfect for cost-efficient and speedy shipping.

Tracked Packet

Tracked Packet USA is suitable for sending lightweight mail items under 2 kgs. Most eCommerce companies use this Canada Post international shipping service to fulfill customer orders efficiently.

The estimated Canada Post delivery times for mailing to the USA via Tracked Packet is between four and seven business days. However, please note this delivery standard is for sending mail items between urban localities. Thus, the arrival dates can vary according to the origin, destination, and other factors.

You guessed it right!

Tracked Packet does not offer an on-time delivery guarantee like Priority Worldwide and Xpresspost. Yet, it provides Canada Post tracking and delivery to USA’s PO boxes.

Other features to consider other than the Canada Post delivery times international include-

  • Return to sender: If your mailing address is invalid or incomplete or the addressee has moved to a different location, Canada Post returns the parcels to you for free. Hence, it assures companies that their mail items won’t get lost or misplaced in case of non-delivery. However, there are no specific Canada Post delivery times for the mail return cycle, so you may need to wait indefinitely.
  • Easy customs clearance: The carrier collects the taxes and duties from the recipient during delivery. So, you don’t have to worry about customs clearance on your part.
  • $100 liability coverage: You can send your parcels confidently, knowing a $100 cover protects your items.

Tracked Packet International offers relatively slower Canada Post delivery times for small parcels under 2 kg. You can use this service to mail to 31 countries only, so check the list beforehand.

The standard Canada Post international delivery times are six to ten working days. And you get the same features as Tracked Packet USA.

Small Packet

Select the Canada Post Small Packet option if you want the most affordable Canada Post international shipping service to the USA and other countries. It lets you send small items under 2 kgs to any part of the world.

Its Canada Post international delivery times to the USA are between five to eight business days. Alternatively, there are two options for sending mail to other countries- Air and Surface.

The Small Packet International Air delivery schedule is six to ten business days. However, the Surface option can take anywhere from one to three business days, depending on the destination.

How Can PostGrid’s Direct Mail Solutions Help You With Canada Post International Shipping?

PostGrid offers automated direct mail services to more than 245 countries. You can use our zero-code and native integrations to set up your mailing mechanism and initiate Canada Post international shipping with us within minutes! 

We also offer international address validation and transliteration to help you send your mailers to any country without getting mail returns. Thus, you can leave behind your worries about Canada Post international delivery times because PostGrid makes fast and affordable shipping possible!

Here is what one of our clients said to us:

“I found your company at the right time because I was all set to expand my business to the USA and the UK. Using PostGrid, my company can send important documents and marketing items to customers and prospects living anywhere globally. Also, we didn’t have to change much or spend a lot because PostGrid offers the most reasonable rates and excellent plans to serve a business’s needs.”


Mailing to the USA and other nations is not rocket science. But, doing it wrong can cost you a lot, primarily if you need to ship items regularly. Thus, you must know the Canada Post delivery times international and their options. It can help you manage your logistics better and cut unnecessary costs. 

If you are focused on saving money, time, and effort, use PostGrid’s direct mail API. It allows you to streamline your printing and shipping tasks, bringing you closer to your advertising and operational goals. 

Contact us to know more about how PostGrid helps its clients to handle Canada Post international delivery times and conduct effective global mailing campaigns!

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