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  • Tired of printing a load of documents every day? Do you think you are wasting a lot of time stuffing envelopes and carrying them to the post office? PostGrid’s print and mail API can be the solution to your problems.
  • You can now print and mail documents online in less than half of the time with double efficiency.
  • Tasks like affixing stamps and licking envelopes are boring and time-consuming. Stop wasting time and effort over such monotonous jobs—PostGrid’s automated direct mail API offers all-in-one solutions through which you can automate everything.
  • Deliver only to the right addresses and get rid of failed deliveries. Using PostGrid, you can validate and verify addresses beforehand. With our system solutions, you can also have an updated database always.
  • Integrate your accounting or other software applications with PostGrid’s print and mail API to fetch data in seconds and autofill documents for easy drafting. Again, you can save a lot of manual effort and time in the process by integrating.
  • With our 2-day SLA, get documents printed online quickly and efficiently. This way, companies can mail important documents to their suppliers, employees, customers, and clients in just a few clicks.
  • No minimum volume requirements or fixed monthly charges. Print and mail documents to anyone and at any time according to your needs, and pay only for what you send.
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Personalize Your Documents

  • Documents such as invoices and statements need personalization. Everything from the name of the recipient to the transaction details differs from document to document. You can either assign someone to manually enter every detail correctly or go around it a smart way and automate the process.
  • PostGrid enables you to use variable data printing effectively. Along with the basic details that are supposed to be mentioned in your documents, you can also personalize other aspects to appeal to your customers.
  • For transactional documents, you can use trans-promotional printing and brand them. It enables you to print marketing messages on documents and lets you do two things at once.
  • Re-engage customers with branded documents. For example, if you need to send an invoice to a customer, you can also print details about your upcoming sale on it. It is possible that the customer completes the earlier payment and also orders from you again—all because you sent a professional document with a marketing message. Transpromotional documents can do many such wonders.
  • Use PostGrid’s professionally designed templates for documents to design and draft everything swiftly.
  • There are several customization options for you to choose from. From the paper stock and size to finishing alternatives, you can customize documents as per your choice.
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Time-Saving and Cost-Effective Print and Mail Solutions

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  • Looking for affordable online document printing Canada? Look no further as PostGrid’s document print and mail solutions are extremely affordable. You can print and mail as many documents as you need at affordable prices.
  • You can use the pay-as-you-go service so that the costs aren’t bundled up and you can pay conveniently.
  • PostGrid processes a lot of documents. It helps us avail of several bulk discounts, which we can pass down to you.
  • Companies can stop paying for perishables like envelopes, paper stock, labels, along with ink cartridges, and even for bigger expenses like purchasing a high-quality printer. You can now save on such things significantly.
  • Most companies end up spending a lot on mailing charges. But, PostGrid’s print and mail solutions can help them get huge postal discounts from Canada Post, reducing these charges considerably. PostGrid is capable of doing so by allowing them to verify addresses, add ZIP+4 codes, and presort their mail.
  • Streamline your document print and mail activities and save your employees’ time. You can save hours and weeks of effort required to draft documents.
  • Document preparation, print, and mail require you to complete a lot of tasks. They include loading papers in the printer, printing, stuffing envelopes, affixing stamps, and standing in queues outside the post office. You can skip through these tasks using automation.
  • With the level of speed and accuracy offered by PostGrid, you can surely reach your customers on time.
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Flexibility and Reliability

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  • Many businesses wonder and think about- Where can I print something from email? Sometimes, you just need to print and mail something straight from your inbox. PostGrid can help you do that. Just upload the file and get started.
  • There are no minimum or maximum volume restrictions, so you can mail documents with ease and convenience— with no commitments, cut-off payment dates, or minimum charges.
  • Mail any type of documents to anyone. There are several document templates pre-built with PostGrid’s print and mail API. Select one and get started.
  • It doesn’t matter if you want to send documents locally, nationally, or internationally. Just upload your mailing addresses, let PostGid verify them, and you are good to go.
  • There are many things that can go wrong while manually printing and mailing documents, like your printer getting jammed, writing down invalid mailing addresses, affixing the wrong stamps, etc. Whenever you do things manually, there is room for error. On the other hand, PostGrid’s print and mail automation solutions are dependable.
  • You need not be in the office to print and mail documents online. Hence, with a few clicks, you can send out mail even while you are on vacation or off on a business trip somewhere.
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Validate Your Addresses

  • It is of utmost importance that all your mailing addresses are updated. Even if you have recently collected addresses from your clients or customers, there is no guarantee that Canada Post will be able to deliver to them.
  • Some people enter their own addresses wrong by mistake. Hence, you should have a proper mechanism to verify addresses just before mailing them to them.
  • PostGrid’s print and mail API comes with address validation solutions to help you out. You can add in the missing details and parse addresses for better readability. Plus, you can standardize addresses in the format prescribed by Canada Post and verify them. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with problems like delays, wrong deliveries, misplaced documents, and returned mail.
  • If you are thinking, “Where can I print my documents precisely?” you should find a vendor that does most of the legwork on your behalf. PostGrid can help you keep your mailing lists updated at all times.
  • PostGrid uses SERP verified addresses to mail documents accurately. You can be confident that Canada Post will get your mail items delivered on time.
  • In case you want to mail something internationally, PostGrid also offers international address validation. You can transcribe the addresses into the destination country’s language and standardize them as per the required address format. No more worrying about crossing your borders and dealing with international clients.
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Track in Real-Time

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  • Once you send out your documents, you would want to know the status of your shipment and the estimated delivery date. Of course, it will be simple for you to go on Canada Post’s website and track your mail, but what if you mail regularly and in large numbers? Therefore, PostGrid offers real-time tracking.
  • You can’t just mail something and forget about it when your client says “print and mail to me.” It could be an invoice with an upcoming due date or an important tax form. PostGrid’s automated direct mail solutions can help you keep track of all your mailed documents.
  • You can access the tracking reports from your dashboard once you log in. It is quite easy to have a consolidated view of all your sent items this way.
  • Plus, real-time tracking helps you follow up with customers at the perfect time. You can simply drop an email or call after they receive the mail for better efficiency and recall. Your clients are more likely to pay when you track documents and make it a point to follow up.
  • Always have access to your mail status reports. You can check your mailing history at any time if needed.

Print and Mail Options

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  • Where can I print out documents? Print and mail documents online with PostGrid to avail of printing and mailing options.
  • Choose from page options, like, single-sided, double-sided, and multiple-sided depending on the type of documents you want to mail.
  • You can also select from among paper weight options. Anything printed on the light paper stock might not be treated importantly. However, a heavier paper type makes an excellent impression.
  • Documents are mostly printed on matte paper for an elegant and professional look, but again, you can decide what you need.
  • For better customization, you can choose from the size of your documents, the ink type, and more.
  • There are several mailing options as well. You can send through Registered Mail for better security and speed. With Registered Mail, you can get proof of mailing and delivery along with options like a return to sender, mail forwarding, and signature confirmation. PostGrid can automatically select the best mail option for you to get your documents mailed as per you.
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Add Inserts

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  • To prompt recipients to make quick payments or to respond to your mail, insert remittance envelopes with your documents.
  • There are higher chances of getting responses when a remittance envelope is included in the mail. PostGrid’s print and mail API allows businesses to add inserts at affordable rates.
  • Some companies send newsletters, giveaway announcements, discount coupons, and more with their documents.
  • For trans-promotional documents, you can either print marketing messages right on your documents or choose to add inserts, like marketing postcards and letters inside the envelopes.
  • These inserts can also be personalized and customized. Hence, you can conduct a full-proof marketing campaign along with mailing documents.

CRM Integration

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  • Integrate PostGrid’s print and mail API into your CRM, billing, accounting, or human resource management software. It allows you to import the required details for document drafting easily and swiftly.
  • You can start mailing from your own system without having to go through any complex coding procedures.
  • PostGrid’s Zapier integration allows you to import data from over 1600 applications.
  • Companies can get done with this integration in minutes and without any technical expertise.
  • The CRM integration allows you to print and mail documents online without any manual intervention. You can just select, order, and sit back.

Security and Privacy

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  • PostGrid is compliant with several data privacy laws in Canada like PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation), and more.
  • Print and mail documents safely and securely. PostGrid protects your data throughout the printing and mailing process.
  • PostGrid also makes sure that it helps you follow the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and other such laws that govern direct marketing and other marketing forms.
  • Even though you are mailing transactional and compliance documents, you need to take care that the person hasn’t registered his/her address in the National Do Not Mail list. PostGrid allows you to access the list while validating addresses, which makes it the best place to print documents.
  • Not keeping up with the laws regarding direct mail marketing can prove to be expensive. Companies can be fined heavily just because of a single mistake. PostGrid can assist you to avoid such mistakes while you get documents printed online.
  • By verifying addresses before mailing, you make sure that your documents don’t end up in the wrong hands. Since most documents contain confidential information, it is important that you send them only to the right people, use sturdy envelopes, and arrange to get them mailed at the earliest—all of which PostGrid can help you with.
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Increase Your Employees’ Productivity

  • It is a normal routine for customers to ask you to “print pdfs and mail them to me.” It is not a one-time task that can be done quickly. Hence, companies need to deploy ongoing print and mail solutions to help their employees.
  • Your employees definitely have better work to do rather than loading papers, calling up customers to confirm addresses, sticking stamps to envelopes, and so on. These jobs are repetitive in nature and take a lot of time. Employees are not able to focus on productive tasks, which can affect their morale negatively.
  • Moreover, printing and mailing documents on a regular basis can require some office space that you can save and use for other tasks by automating everything.
  • Imagine not having to do anything at all to send something to someone—irrespective of the type of document, volume, the recipient’s address, and other such things. PostGrid can take over the stress to get things done for you. And, let your employees focus on other productive business areas.
  • Setting up an account with PostGrid takes only a couple of minutes and can be done easily. The integration is also super simple and quick. Therefore, you can get started almost immediately without wasting any time.
  • The process to print and mail documents with PostGrid is pretty self-explanatory. You can access the dashboard for the API keys and other things.
  • There are no installation charges or hidden fees involved.

Printing and Mailing Fulfillment

  • PostGrid offers print and mail fulfillment solutions for all your documents. Everything from start to end can be automated.
  • It is a one-stop answer to all your print and mail needs. There is absolutely nowhere that you need to go to make sure that your documents are mailed to the right recipients. You also don’t need a designer to design your document, instead choose from a plethora of pre-designed templates.
  • PostGrid has a lot of partner printers through which you can get your documents printed. From there, your mail items are sent to the post office directly, so you can get rid of enveloping documents and mailing them yourself.
  • All the processes are swift, organized, and efficient.

Steps to Print and Mail Documents

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  • The first step is to prepare your documents. From invoices to compliance notices, you can print and mail anything with PostGrid.
  • If you already have your document templates designed, you can upload them and continue drafting documents by auto-filling details. The CRM or accounting software integration helps in the quick import of details so that you don’t have to draft every document one by one.
  • If you don’t have a template or letterhead already, use one of PostGrid’s in-built templates for the same and go on.
  • You can add your company logo, signatures, taglines, stamps, and personalized texts to customize your documents in your way.
  • The next step would be to select the paper type, size, and other alternatives to move ahead with the printing process. With variable data printing, all the documents can be printed in the same batch, all at once.
  • Upload your mailing list. PostGrid will get all the mailing addresses standardized and validated. After this step, ZIP+4 codes are added and items are presorted.
  • PostGrid will then choose an appropriate mailing option for you, depending on the urgency of your mail and the mailing speed you are looking for.
  • You can access the tracking statuses from your dashboard. All the reports will be stored for you, so you can access them at any time in the future.

Types of Documents That You
Can Print and Mail With PostGrid

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  • PostGrid is flexible enough to accommodate all your print and mail requirements. It can also help you send out any type of document.
  • Drafting and sending invoices is an ongoing job. This job is going to last until the business exists. Therefore, your staff will always be occupied with drafting invoices for different clients, printing them, and getting them shipped. PostGrid can help you autofill details in your invoice templates, and get them printed and mailed in a timely manner.
  • Your work is not nearly done once you send someone an invoice. You need to follow up with your clients regularly. PostGrid allows companies to draft past due invoices and credit reminders to help companies follow up effectively and regulate their revenue flow.
  • In the same way, you can also send renewal letters or fresh contracts to your clients or customers. Moreover, like other documents, even these letters and contracts are sent out frequently. They are important, time-bound, and sensitive in nature, making it important to print and mail them securely and speedily. PostGrid can help you do just that.
  • Legal documents require utmost security and confidentiality. Hence, you need a service to print and mail documents with complete data privacy. PostGrid can help businesses keep their data protected while also completing deliveries on time.
  • The types of documents used differ from company to company. For example, banks need to send out credit card bills and bank statements to their customers. With PostGrid, financial institutions can print and mail documents automatically without tending to the task every month.
  • Tax forms are yet another type of document that all small and big companies are required to print and mail. Using PostGrid, you can mail them with security, track their statuses, and have all the details stored for future reference.

What Can You Do More?

  • Invitations are another form of document or letter that you need to mail out often. From product launches, trade shows to press meets and other events, print and mail invitations quickly and without any extra effort. You can design these invitations from scratch, employ variable data printing, and also keep a record of the RSVPs.
  • The next type of documents on our list are appreciation and welcome letters. These documents are just as important as the rest in terms of business. Your customers need appreciation from time to time and it is your responsibility to make them feel valued. Sending onboarding letters to new customers and thank-you letters to old and loyal customers should be a part of your entire print and mail cycle.
  • PostGrid’s print and mail API can assist you in designing eye-catching and appealing newsletters. You can send out monthly or quarterly newsletters to your existing customers and prospects. Again, you don’t have to do anything manually and can simply automate everything.

PostGrid’s automated direct mail API allows companies to streamline their offline communications effectively. They can print and mail documents online at all-in-one rates and with absolute automation.


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