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Transactional Printing Companies: Services and Benefits

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transactional printing and mailing companies

Transactional Printing Companies and Services

Transactional mail includes invoices, receipts, statements, bills, order confirmations, and other similar transactional documents. Even with the rise of email communications, transactional mail is still commonly used by businesses. It is because emails can be easily ignored or missed out on. However, print and mail are a solid way of ensuring that someone receives a document and reads it. Undoubtedly, mail can easily grab attention and induce a person to know of its contents. Therefore, transactional mail remains popular. It builds trust among parties and is known to be more effective and official than an email.

transactional printing and mailing companies

With transactional mail comes transactional printing. Businesses can use the services of transactional printing companies to streamline their transactional printing activities and make the best of them.

What Is Transactional Printing?

Transactional printing simply means the process of drafting and printing official documents. These documents could be anything from debt contracts, rental agreements to retirement portfolios. As long as they are in regards to one or more financial transactions, printing them is termed transactional printing.

Basically, all transactional printing is done using variable data printing. The basic document format remains the same, but customer data differs for every document. Unlike other mail, the intended recipients are mostly aware of incoming transactional mail.

There is the utmost importance of precision, security, and confidentiality in transactional print and mail. Since there are sensitive details mentioned in such documents, it is advisable to avail transactional printing services from an expert who can guide and assist you with the same.

Examples of Transactional Printing

Generally, transactional printing is for documents summarizing financial transactions. But, changes in policies, compliance notices, and legal updates are also counted as transactional mail.


Account statements are used to record and present transactions that take place between the company and particular clients and customers during a specific time period. These statements are mostly drafted in a ledger format to separate the debits and credits.


Invoices are sent to a client, supplier, or customer after a particular transaction has been completed. They serve as an official document to inform them about the details of the transaction and ask them to complete the payment. The payment mode and terms are all mentioned in the invoice.

Order Confirmation and Receipts

Most people ask for physical proof of purchase. Therefore, companies need to send out receipts or order confirmations regularly.

Debt-Collection Reminders

You need to follow up with your debtors to continuously remind them of their dues and persuade them to complete the payment at the earliest. It is an ongoing process, and companies need to print and mail such reminders all the time.

Policy Updates

The introduction of new policies or changes in the current one requires a company to inform the concerned people about them. Using transactional print and mail services, it can complete the task efficiently and timely.

How Can Transactional Printing Companies Help You?

The transactional printing industry offers several services that can be of great use to all companies. Sectors like finance, healthcare, education, hospitality, and others can use these services to start transactional printing and mailing with no manual effort and high accuracy.

Transpromotional Printing

Also known as ‘transpromo,’ it means printing transactional mail along with marketing messages. This way, you can advertise yourselves while also sending out important documents. It is like getting two things done at the same time. Adding a logo to your notices or an offer on your receipts are examples of transpromo. Businesses can include a ‘20% discount on next purchase’ offer on an invoice or anything similar to that to get repeat business. Hence, transpromo can prove to be very beneficial.

Bulk Transactional Printing

It is not a surprise that organizations need to print and mail a lot of transactional mail items regularly. Though some companies believe that they can get it all done in-house, bulk volume printing is actually difficult. However, with PostGrid, you can print any number of items at any point in time, to be sent anywhere.

Confidentiality and Privacy

As said earlier, data security and confidentiality are of utmost importance in transactional printing. Hence, companies should deal with it responsibly. The best option is to take the help of transactional printing companies as they have the required knowledge and expertise. PostGrid’s print and mail API can help businesses send out transactional mail in compliance with the PIPEDA regulations and all the other data privacy laws in Canada that affect direct mail.

Incorporating Smart Technology

How about sending an invoice to someone with a QR code that allows them to scan and pay within a few minutes? What if you can include links to your order confirmations to allow clients to track the status of their order? Some transactional print and mail APIs like PostGrid enable you to do these things easily.

Variable data, custom envelopes, and digital colour printing are all instances of incorporating smart technology into your transactional printing efforts.


Transactional printing companies can help you design all types of transactional mail. Be it a legal notice or a statement; you can quickly use a template, fill in details, and get started with the printing process. PostGrid offers several pre-built professional templates for you to choose from. This way, you don’t have to worry about hiring a designer.

Print and Mail

There are a lot of processes involved in printing and mailing transactional mail. From drafting documents to getting them delivered to the right addresses, companies need to take care of several things. Transactional mailing services can assist you in everything.

PostGrid provides complete print and mail fulfillment. It also offers free address validation, real-time tracking, SERP certified access, easy dashboard access, worldwide delivery, user management, high security, and other similar features.

CRM Integration

A transactional print and mail API like PostGrid allows you to integrate with your CRM and start pulling data from your system speedily. Hence, there is absolutely no need for manual data entry as all the fields can be filled in automatically with the help of this integration. Companies can simply integrate and start printing and mailing transactional documents right away. Moreover, you will be able to keep better records and reconcile everything accurately.

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Benefits of Using Transactional Print and Mail Services

1. Promote Repeat Business

Transpromo helps with cross-selling and getting repeat business. Transactional print and mail services allow you to design, print and send compelling documents.

2. Cut Down Print and Mail Costs

PostGrid can spread out all your costs and help you avail low rates even for on-demand printing. Furthermore, it can also guide you in lowering your postal charges using different methods.

3. Eliminate Manual Effort

Manual effort takes time and is prone to mistakes. Companies cannot afford that when it comes to transactional printing. It can all be avoided by eliminating manual effort altogether and switching to using the services of transactional printing companies.

4. No More Stocking Inventory

If you decide to print and mail in-house, you need to keep purchasing different types of equipment, paper stock, ink cartridges, labels, envelopes, and stamps. Using PostGrid, you can bid farewell to inventory stocking.

5. Reduce Data Breach Risks

Companies cannot match the level of data security offered by the transactional printing industry. Transactional mail solutions like PostGrid combine the latest printing methods with years of experience to print and mail efficiently and securely. They also help you comply with the related laws and avoid penalties and data breaches.

PostGrid offers transactional print and mail services to companies of all sizes and industries. It can help you carry out transactional printing in the best way possible.