Book More Meetings & Close More Deals

Personalized Messaging

Send personalized messages and gifts to your prospect list

Stand Out from the crowd

Get right in front of your prospects and grab their attention

Integrate with Sales CRM

Merge PostGrid with sales CRM and automate the whole direct mail process

Book more meetings

Minimize delays, remove human errors, and automate the time-consuming tasks to book more meetings

Personalized Messaging

Connect with your audience by using a personalized messaging strategy

  • Personalize Mails – Send personalized, thoughtful gifts and notes to your prospects to spark an interest in your offering
  • Personalize GiftsEngage your customers with customized gifts to increase your chances of selling and cross-selling
  • Get NotificationsGet notified when your prospect has received your personalized mails or gifts
Personalized Messages

Stand out from the crowd

Convert more by approaching your sales prospects with the right action at the right time

  • Send-on-demand – Send personalized direct mails or gifts based on your prospects journey
  • Huge Inventory – Select from our huge inventory of items to send to your prospects
  • Customization – Send customized items to your potential customers and increase your brand awareness

Automate and Integrate with Sales CRM

Ensure effective communication and maximum ROI with marketing and sales alignment

  • One-Click IntegrationIntegrate PostGrid into any app with one click native integration
  • Zapier IntegrationEasily integrate with your sales tool with the help of Zapier
  • Flexibility – Operate from your existing sales CRM if you prefer using that over PostGrid
Automate & Integrate with Sales CRM
Book more appointments & drive sales

Book More Qualified Sales Meetings

Stop leaving business on the table by booking qualified sales meetings

  • Automated Bookings – Send personalized direct mail, the moment a meeting is booked
  • Detailed Reporting – Get reports on each of your prospect’s actions
  • Automate FollowupsFollow up with your prospects on each step with a different direct mail

PostGrid has you covered from all sides

Regulatory Compliance

Build trust by ensuring your customers that your data is PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA, GDPR & SOC-2 Certified and Compliant.

Data Security

Your data-security is important to us, which is why we use Amazon web services for quick, easy to use, and safe hosting.

Scalable Solutions

 Level up your marketing with PostGrid, as we provide native integration and API documentation for easy operations.

All team run on PostGrid

Learn how our unified platform and API will help take different team of any organization’s performance to the next level.

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Learn how billing & finance teams use PostGrid to automate transactional mails


Learn how compliance teams use PostGrid to stay audit-ready and automate compliance mails

Customer Success

Learn how customer success teams use PostGrid to delight and retain customers

Human Resources (HR)

Learn how human resources teams use PostGrid to recognize and retain good team members

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail by connecting to our integrations

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