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Canada Post Address Change: What You Need to Know Before You Move

Moving to a new address in Canada can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. From packing all your stuff to settling into your new house, there’s a lot of thinking and organizing during this moving process.

Among all this chaos, one vital task that we often overlook is updating our address with various organizations and institutions. That’s where Canada Post Change of Address service helps you guys.

Canada Post is our country’s official postal service; they provide the Canada Post address facility to simplify updating your information. Whether you’re moving across the city or the country, this service will help you seamlessly forward your mail to your new address.

physical address vs mailing address

Thus, you will constantly connect with your important documents, bills, and communications through the postal system.

This blog post will help you explore the benefits of Canada Post Change of Address, so you can make a smoother transition while changing your home. We will analyze the benefits of this service and how it works and help you ensure that your mail reaches you promptly to your new address.

If you plan to move soon, sit back and keep reading the blog to explore the change of address Canada Post service.

What is Canada Post Change of Address Service?

Canada Post’s change of address service is a reliable and helpful solution to help individuals and businesses to update their address information when they move to a new location. It provides mail forwarding services to deliver your mail and packages to your new address. You can reduce the risk of missing out on vital documents or communication during the transfer process.

Canada Post changing address service is handy for simplifying sending notifications to individuals, organizations, and institutions to your new address. You don’t have to contact each entity to update your information individually. The guys from Canada Post will handle the redirection of your mail.

You have to submit a change of address change request to let Canada Post take care of forwarding your mail to your new location for some time. Both business and personal movers can take advantage of this service in Canada. Whether shifting within the same city, across provinces, or even to an entirely different country, Canada Post Change of Address is the perfect solution to stay connected with your mailing services.

So, how can it help individuals and businesses when they move to a new address? How can you remain connected with essential documents, bills, and communications?

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Benefits of Canada Post Change the Delivery Address

Using Canada Post Change of Address, you can expect several advantages during the relocation process. Here are some;

Mail Forwarding Services 

Canada Post is responsible for rerouting your mail from your old to your new address when you request a change of address. You will never have to worry about missing important documents, financial statements, or subscriptions. In short, all mail coming through traditional mail can come under this mail forwarding service.

Time and Convenience

Canada Post’s Change of Address Service, organizations, institutions, and individuals do not need to update their addresses in the database. It would save you valuable time and effort during the moving process. You can focus on other vital aspects of your relocation instead of dialling phones to inform them about the address change.

Incredible Flexibility

Canada Post Change of Address service considers various relocation scenarios, whether you want to move within the same city, to a new province, or even to another country. Regardless of your new address, you can rely on their service to ensure your mail reaches you.

Facilitates Both Temporary or Permanent Address Change 

Canada Post Address Change service is available for temporary and permanent location changes. If you are moving temporarily, such as a short-term transfer or extended vacation, it is possible to specify the duration of mail forwarding services. At the same time, if you are making a permanent move, Canada Post will redirect your mail until you send them a notification.

Notifications to Organizations 

Besides forwarding your mail to your new location, Canada Post also sends notifications to various organizations. They will try to notify financial institutions, government agencies, and service providers about your address change. This way, you can reduce the chances of missed correspondence and helps in a smooth transition of account updates, important notices, and billing.

Get Peace of Mind 

By using the address change Canada Post service, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that you will continue to receive your mail at your new address. There’s no need to worry about your move when you know there will be delays or problems with your vital communication coming through the mail.

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When Should I File a Mail Forwarding Request to Canada Post?

There are different request periods for residential and commercial moves to avail of the mail forwarding service; 

  • Residential Moves: You must submit your request at least five days before you move. 
  • Business Moves: You must file a mail forwarding request at least ten days before you move. 

However, Canada Post recommends filing your requests up to 30 days before either move. 

So, is it that easy to avail change of address Canada Post service? Can anyone request mail forwarding?

No! It’s not as simple as it sounds. 

As direct mail experts, let us help you to understand the complications behind the Canada Post change in the delivery address process. 

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Post Address Change

  1. Canadian Residency: You must be a resident of Canada to apply for the Canada Post Change of Address service. The old address must be present in Canada.
  2. Valid Addresses: When filing for a Canada Post Address Change service, you must provide your old and new addresses. Ensure both the addresses are legit and Canada Post recognizes them.
  3. Authorized Requester: Only authorized individuals can file for a change of address on behalf of an individual or business. For residential moves, you or your family members can file the request. Legal representatives or power of attorney can submit the request for business moves.
  4. It Must Not Be a Common Location: Hotels, resorts, lodges, or other businesses with the same address cannot share old addresses.
  5. Accuracy of Information: When filing for a Canada Post Change of Address, provide accurate and up-to-date information. Incorrect or incomplete information will cause problems with mail redirection.

Depending on the type of move, destination, or supplementary services you may require, additional eligibility criteria or requirements.  We recommend you check Canada Post’s official website or contact their customer service to get the most accurate and up-to-date information for eligibility criteria.

The Complete Process of Canada Post Change of Address Service

You must have a government-issued photo identification if you receive mail on another’s behalf. Proof of authorization for the same is also necessary. The following steps show the complete process of the Canada Post Change of Address service;

  • Step 1: Create a Canada Post account to buy the mail-forwarding system. Visit the official website and log in with your credentials to avail of the service. 
  • Step 2: You have to provide your complete address details. Then, upload your identification proof and government-issued photo identification details. A driver’s license, citizenship card, or passport would also work. 
  • Step 3: Go thoroughly to the terms of service to understand the period the mail forwarding service will be active. 
  • Step 4: Now, you must pay for the change of address Canada Post service. The amount depends on the duration of the service and other related factors.
  • Step 5: You have to visit the post office with the barcode. It could be a requirement when the postal service cannot identify your identity accurately. In such scenarios, we recommend you visit the nearest post office. Then, the post office will be able to verify your identity and confirm your mail forwarding order. 

Let us talk about the money necessary for Canada Post Change the Address service;

Mail Forwarding Fees for Individuals and Businesses 

There are two types of mail forwarding fees: 

Residential fees apply to one or more individuals using a Canada Post Address Change service for residential purposes only.

Business fees apply to an enterprise or institution, whether profit or not, using the change of address Canada Post service.

You can refer to these tables to get a fair idea about price estimates; 

Residential Prices 

Prices for Permanent Moves 
Within Province  Across Provinces  U.S. and internationally 
12 months  $92.50 $115.75 $267.25
4 months $60.50 $75.25 $178.25

 Prices for Temporary Relocation 


Within the province Across Provinces  U.S. and internationally 
3 months (minimum duration)  $57.00 $72.00 $105.00
Additional Months $19.00/month $24.00/month $35.00/month

Business Prices 

Before we talk about the pricing table, you must understand that it can depend on various factors; 

  • How long do you want the service to continue? 
  • How far you’re moving your business? 
  • No matter if it’s a temporary or permanent relocation.
  • If your organization handles a high volume of mail, you may need a unique postal code. 
Prices for Permanent Moves 
Within the province Across Provinces  U.S. and Internationally 
12 months (best value) $282.75  $353.50  $799.25 
12 months – High volume  $1,536.00 $1857.00 $3249.00
4 months  $182.00 $225.75 $526.25
4 months – High volume  $988.69 $1185.91 $2139.24

 Prices for Temporary Moves 

Within Province Across Provinces  U.S. and Internationally 
Cost per month  $103.00 $129.75 $246.75
Monthly – High volume  $182.00 $225.75  $526.25

Payment Options for Availaing Change of Address Canada Post Service

Thankfully, you will find several methods for the payment of Canada Post changing address.

These are the acceptable payment methods; 

  • Cash 
  • Certified or Business Cheques 
  • Credit Cards 
  • Debit Cards 
  • Money Order 

PostGrid Tip: If you request mail forwarding services online, you must pay by credit card or bill to your account. 

Understanding the Civic Addressing System 

Canada Post Change of Address is a collaborative program between Canada Post and the federal government in Canada. This handy program eliminates the need for having post office box numbers. It took several years for rural areas to implement the same as towns and cities.

This system helps match a person’s physical address to their mailing address. Customers enjoy two benefits with the Canada Post Change of Address system. First, it is a helpful system for Canada Post to improve its mail and parcel delivery accuracy. Second, it makes their team more efficient, effective, and competent. Users can use this system as one address can serve the role of a physical address and mailing address.

Using Address Change Canada Post on Behalf of Others 

Canada Post does allow you to request mail forwarding services on behalf of others. For example, you can purchase an address change Canada Post service for your friend, family member, and business. It is also possible to buy the service for a deceased individual.

You need to follow the following steps to avail of Canada Post changing address service on behalf of others;

  1. Visit the Canada Post’s official website.  
  2. Access their website by logging in or signing up. 
  3. You can specify whose mail you are going to forward. Provide the correct details and complete the online form. 
  4. The payment page of the mail forwarding service will come and request your for payment. Pay by using your credit card. 
  5. We recommend printing your barcode and visiting the local post office. You must also bring your government-issued photo identification to establish your relationship with the other individual. Prove your authority to Canada Post to represent the other person or business. 

Also, Consider

When bringing the barcode to the post office, you must also provide a letter of authorization when representing someone else or a business.

What if I Want to Buy an Address Change Canada Post Service?

If you buy a mail forwarding service for a deceased person, you must show an online-generated barcode. It is also mandatory to bring a document like a death certificate, medical examiner’s certificate, cremation, funeral director’s certificate, or any other such certificate by proper authority.

The postal workers at Canada Post will ask you to prove yourself as a legal representative of the deceased person. In such cases, you can show any one of the documents: 

  • Grant letter of probate 
  • Letters of administration (you can also attach the will) 
  • Certified statement of liquidator 
  • Statutory declaration form 

You can establish your authority to represent the dead person by providing any documents. The Canada Post Change of Address service is easily accessible once you establish authority or credibility. 

Final Words 

We understand that individuals and businesses receive critical information through traditional mail, including financial and time-sensitive documents. A non-deliverable address should not prevent you from receiving such mailings. For this reason, we recommend that you request a Canada Post change of address service.

However, receiving your mail is just as important as sending them. For this reason, you will need a secure way to send your mailers to the correct address. You can take advantage of an automated direct mail solution like PostGrid. 

PostGrid works with NCOA standards in Canada. What does it mean? 

Canada Post and our direct mail services ensure your mail goes to the correct address. NCOA works by comparing the addresses present on mail pieces with Canada Post’s address database. If it finds a match, Canada Post will update the address and forward the mail to the respective address. 

We can provide solutions like mail forwarding, allowing you to send personalized mail with advanced features. 

Signup now for direct mail services with Canada Post Address Change service.

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