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How to Make Your Canada Post Moving Address a Breeze: Tips and Tricks!

If you have too many Undeliverable-as-Addresses (UAA), you could be liable for financial penalties and suffer from poor marketing effectiveness. It would be advisable to rely on the National Change of Address to update your mailing lists with new addresses from individuals and businesses that have moved. 

You might want to change your business address when starting your small business. Depending on your business, you might have to change it once, twice, or even more. 

Some clients or customers might still consider your old address to send mail without realizing you have moved. In such a scenario, you need a mail forwarding service to move your package to the correct location. 

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Learn about Canada Post moving address change from this blog. By using mail forwarding, you can forward your personal and business mail from your Canadian address to anywhere worldwide.

What is Canada Post Change of Address?

It is a sound system that allows users to change the delivery address of their mail. Users can be changing address Canada Post through a self-serve online method. They have the option to make a temporary or permanent address change. It is beneficial to redirect their mail to a new address. Canada Post provides a dedicated tool for mail forwarding services in the country.

Difference Between Mailing Address Vs Physical Address 

A mailing address is a location where an individual or business receives mail. In contrast, a physical address is a physical location in a geographic area. People also refer to physical addresses as residential, home, or street addresses.

A mailing address can become a physical address. Yet, physical addresses might not become mailing addresses. Businesses often use different mailing addresses instead of using their physical addresses. Freelancers also consider using another address from their home address to separate personal and work mail.

What is Mail Forwarding?

It is an optional service that allows individuals and businesses to redirect their mail. You could use this service if you missed a mail when changing your address. The mail will go to the correct address.

Canada Post provides a ‘Mail Forwarding Tool’ that lets users change their location or temporarily relocate to a new address. The process is easy, and the charges are the same as when you visit a post office to fill in a form. Yet, the mail forwarding charges depend on where you move. Plus, different costs apply to individuals and businesses.

You can select a permanent address change, which will forward your mail for up to 12 months. Also, you can go for a temporary address change. This option could be ideal for an extended vacation or wintering down south. The Mail Forwarding Tool also allows users to select whether to have businesses notified of the Canada Post moving address change.

Benefits of Mail Forwarding for Moving Canada Post

The mail forwarding service for Canada Post moving address change helps businesses in multiple ways;

Convenience for Canadian Businesses 

Businesses often use mail forwarding services to deliver their mail to a single address. It doesn’t matter where their physical location may be. They can avoid collecting mail from multiple locations with Canada Post moving address change. These businesses don’t have to tackle time-consuming and logistically challenging processes.

Additionally, they can tailor mail forwarding services according to their business needs. For example, an emerging business can benefit from a simple mail forwarding service to forward all mail to a single address. Large companies might consider taking complex services to deliver mail to multiple locations or departments.

It makes the Mailing Experience Flexible 

Many businesses prefer Canada’s post-moving address change for its incredible flexibility in operations. They can be in multiple locations without needing a physical office in each area.

This flexibility is vital for Canadian businesses that operate in multiple territories and provinces in the country. Thus, they can still receive mail from various sites while having a central location.

Superior Privacy 

Canadian businesses enjoy privacy with Canada Post moving address change. They can keep their physical address private by using a mail forwarding service. It is essential to avoid unwanted visitors or solicitations.

Businesses can protect their privacy with a mail forwarding service in many ways. For example, if a business owner has to provide a physical address for legal purposes, they can use a mail forwarding service. It would give an address that is not his home or business address.

Improvement in Customer Service 

Moving Canada Post with a mail forwarding service helps deliver mail to a single location. They can ensure that they get essential customer mail on time. Instead of receiving customer orders at different addresses, businesses can receive all orders at a single location.

Cost-Effective Mailing Solution 

Canada Post’s moving address change leads to cost savings for Canadian businesses. They can easily avoid the need to rent physical office spaces in various locations. It could be a significant expense for companies to rent these offices.

Businesses of sizes can customize their services according to their business needs. Thus, they don’t have to pay for unnecessary services or features.

How Does Mail Forwarding Work? 

If you are a new user, here’s how you can be changing address to Canada Post;

  1. Register with Canada Post: Register on their website to use their mail forwarding service. They provide various packages and services to suffice individual business needs.
  2. Fill Out the Form: You must fill out an online form and provide identification documents to use the mail forwarding service.
  3. Provide a Forwarding Address: After filling out the registration form, you must provide a forwarding address where your mail will go. Depending on your needs, you can select a residential or business address.
  4. Start Receiving Your Mail: Once you have selected your forwarding address, you can receive your mail. All mail will go to the forwarding address you have given.
  5. Determine How to Receive Your Mail: Canada Post provides different options to receive your mail. You can have your mail forwarded to another address, scanned and sent to you electronically, or held for pickup.
  6. Managing Your Mail: The Canada Post moving address change service provides online tools to manage your mail. These tools allow you to view, track packages, and manage mail. It is also possible to set up automatic forwarding or scanning preferences.
  7. Pay for the Mail Forwarding Service: You must pay a specific fee to change your address to Canada Post.

How to Make Changes to Mail Forwarding Service? 

It is possible to make appropriate changes while using the mail forwarding service. You can use their website or directly visit the post office to make these changes. Apart from changing the delivery address, you can also alter other details. Yet, you need to consider the following steps;

  1. First, you have to log in to your Canada Post account.
  2. After clicking on your name in the right corner, select ‘Dashboard.’
  3. Next, select ‘Mail Forwarding’ and click ‘View All Orders.’
  4. Next, select ‘View Details’ of the order you want to change.
  5. You can choose from ‘Extend’ or ‘Cancel Service.’

What Can You Not Forward with Canada Post Moving Address Change Service?

Canada Post only forwards your items l with its mail forwarding service. It won’t be shipping parcels to a new location if an individual or business wants to receive packages at a new address. Then, they have to inform the sending authority directly. 

Even if you have bought a mail forwarding system, Canada Post will not forward packages to your new addresses. The postal service also doesn’t send mail or packages to shared postal addresses. 

A shared mailing address means two or more businesses might receive their posts. it is difficult for Canada Post to recognize which mail they must forward. 

They also do not forward personal mail to a business or institution’s address. It doesn’t consider mail from schools, hotels, hospitals, lodges, or similar places. The mail forwarding system of Canada Post does not forward mail from private mailboxes. Canada Post would ask for joint agreements in situations like divorces or partnerships. All parties must sign this agreement to ensure mail forwarding service works.

What to Do to Mail That is Not Forwarded? 

Canada Post does not forward parcels and specific mail. For such mail, you must change the address directly on Canada Post’s website before moving. 

How to Extend Canada Post Moving Address Change?

Consider the following steps to extend your mail forwarding request: 

  • Go to the Canada Post website and log in with your account. 
  • Go to your ‘Dashboard.’ 
  • Select the “Mail Forwarding’ option.
  • Select ‘View all orders.’ 
  • Scroll down to check your ‘Transaction History.’ 
  • Select ‘Extend’ 

How to Stop Mail Forwarding Service? 

Consider the following steps to moving Canada Post;

  • Go to ‘Mail Forwarding’ from your Canada Post account.
  • Select ‘View all Orders.’
  • Go to ‘View Details.’
  • Scroll to check your ‘Transaction History.’
  • Select the ‘Cancel Service’ option. 

Is it Possible to Forward Your Mail to a P.O. Box? 

It is possible to forward your mail to a particular P.O. Box. However, you cannot dispatch your mail to a shared P.O. box. Canada Post’s Postal Box section will provide more information on mail forwarding to a P.O. box. 

What Do You Need to Do With a Barcode in Canada Post Moving Address Change?

Identity verification is essential if you are ordering mail forwarding services online. It would help if you visited the nearest post office to finalize your Canada Post moving address change order. Here’s what you need to do with a barcode:

  1. Complete your online transaction: You will receive a barcode after you pay for the mail forwarding service. 
  2. Keep the barcode: You can print or keep it ready on your device. 
  3. Visit your nearest post office: You must show your identification documents and the barcode to finalize the order. 

How to Use Mail Forwarding Service on Behalf of Others? 

It is possible to Canada post moving address change on behalf of others. For example, you can buy a mail forwarding service for your friends and businesses. It is also possible to buy this service for a deceased person.

You have to visit the Canada Post website to access this service. Consider following the process; 

  1. Visit the Canada Post website and login into your account. 
  2. You can specify whose mail you will be forwarding. Provide relevant information of same to complete the online form. 
  3. Now, the system will ask to pay for the mail forwarding service. You can pay using your credit or debit card. 
  4. You have to print your barcode to take with you when you visit the post office. You also need to carry government-issued photo identification and documents. It is essential to establish your relationship with the other person. You must prove your authority to function for your selected person or organization. 

Bringing the authorization letter to the post office when buying on behalf of another business or individual is essential. We advise you to get legal documents to prove your right and authority. 

If you are buying a mail forwarding service for a deceased person for Canada Post moving address change.

You have to show an online-generated barcode. It might be necessary to provide documents like a death certificate, funeral director’s certificate, cremation, medical examiner’s certificate, or any other certificate. If you want to show yourself as a legal representative of the deceased person, you will need to offer one of the documents from the list;

  • Letter of administration 
  • Statutory declaration form 
  • Statement of the liquidator 
  • Grant letter of probate 

One of these documents will help you to prove the authority to become the representative of the dead person. After establishing your control, you will be able to confirm your order. 

The Cost of Canada Post Moving Address Change

Mail Forwarding Costs for Residential Addresses – Within the Province 

Duration  Cost for Residential Addresses 
3 Months (for temporary relocation only)  $53.70
4 Months  $56.70
12 Months  $86.80
Extra Month  $17.90

Mail Forwarding Costs for Business Addresses -Within the Province

Duration  Cost for Business Addresses 
Per Month Cost (for temporary relocation)  $96.60
Per Month Cost (for high volume temporary relocation)  $170.52
4 Months  $170.52
4 Months (high volume)  $943.03
12 Months  $262.75
12 Months (High volume)  $1464.09

Types of Mail Forwarding Services by Canada Post

Mail Forwarding Services for Moves 

This service is ideal if you are not returning to the original address. For example, a homeowner, tenant, business, or change of post office boxes. Individuals can also consider Canada Post moving address change if they have to receive mail for a deceased individual.

Mail Forwarding Services for Temporary Relocation 

It is an ideal solution if you are going on an extended vacation or going south for the winter. People relocating during renovations or temporary jobs prefer this option for Canada post-moving addresses.

Eligibility Criteria for Changing Address Canada Post

If you are planning for Canada Post moving address change, you must be eligible for the mail-forwarding service. Additionally, you have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Your old address must be in Canada.
  • Having the old address as the common location for mail delivery is impossible—for example, hotels, motels, or shared workplaces with multiple businesses.
  • You cannot use an old address with a privately administered mailbox.

When Should You Order for Canada Post Moving Address Change?

According to Canada Post, you must place an order for mail forwarding 30 days before you want to receive the mail. Yet, it takes just five days for a Canada Post change of address to take effect. You will be able to receive mail at your new address. 

How Long Does Canada Post Moving Address Last? 

  • Temporary Residential Relocation: The Canada Post moving address lasts at least three months. You can apply monthly renewals to this service.
  • Temporary Business Relocation: There are no minimum months for businesses within provinces. 
  • Permanent Relocation: The mail forwarding service lasts 4 to 12 months for permanent residential and business relocation within provinces. 

What is Hold Mail in Canada?

It is also an important service that temporarily stops at a particular address. Instead of moving Canada Post, the mail stays in a facility. Customers can collect the mail whenever they want.

Downsides of Canada Post Moving Address Change Service

There could be certain disadvantages to using the mail forwarding service in Canada. Many users search for why their ‘Canada Post mail forwarding is not working’ monthly. These could be some downsides for businesses; 

  • Many customers and prospects may not try to contact a business within a year. 
  • If a customer finds an out-of-date address, they will be annoyed. 
  • After the year ends, customers may still mail to the addresses they know. Thus, their mail will return without any alternative. 
  • Some mail services are not flexible with specific pickup locations or forwarding methods. 

What is NCOA in Canada? 

It stands for National Change of Address in Canada. The postal service uses it to ensure the mail goes to the correct address. This service works by comparing the addresses present on mail pieces with the addresses present in Canada Post’s database. If it discovers a match, Canada Post will update the address on the file and forward the mail to the correct address. 

Businesses and organizations prefer using NCOA to ensure accurate mailing lists. It helps them to reach their customers or members with ease. Additionally, they can avoid wasted resources and potential complaints. 

Using PostGrid NCOA Address Validation System 

Every business should think about a strong address verification strategy in the first place. It helps in cleansing address databases from time to time and sending mail to the correct addresses. 

Our address verification API helps you to remain PIPEDA compliant while sending important mail with the Canada Post moving address change service. Cutting-edge NCOA processing safeguards you from shipping mail to the wrong person.

PostGrid’s Address Verification API helps to verify your lists by cross-checking addresses against NCOA lookup, Delivery Point Validation, SERP, etc. 

You can rely on our NCOA Address Validation System to 

  • Improve your customer experience 
  • Make quick decisions 
  • Increase revenue and cut expenses 
  • Re-engage with lost customers 

Features to Use for Canada Post Moving New Address

  • Bulk Verify: Our Address Verification API lets you process millions of requests without a problem. It gives you the option to verify addresses in any volume. 
  • Restful API: Our address verification solution requires no technical expertise. We provide test and live keys through our RESTful API. 
  • Zero-Code Integrations: We provide several zero-code and native integration options to ensure effective NCOA processing. 
  • Address Standardization: Our platform reformats all your addresses according to postal guidelines. You never need to enter addresses manually. 
  • Geocoding: Our geocoding API helps you fetch the geographical coordinates of any location worldwide. You can also ask for detailed reports on the accuracy of the geocodes. 

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