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Who Does USPS Use In Canada?

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Who Does Usps Use In Canada For Ensuring Efficient Mail Delivery Fulfillment?

Sending mail across international borders is confusing. And it is the worst if it is your first time doing it. There are all sorts of questions in your mind. Suppose you are sending international mail from the US to Canada. In that case, you may wonder, “what kind of postage should I use?” or “who does USPS use in Canada?” 

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And no one can blame you for asking these questions because we don’t live in a time where sending postal mail is the norm. However, that is also why postal mail has become an effective marketing tool. It is less cluttered and intrusive than digital marketing channels. Also, you can further enhance your marketing efforts with the help of the Canada Mail Service.

Today, we will answer common questions about sending mail to Canada using USPS. We will also look at how you can enhance your communication via mail using the right Canada Mail Service and advanced automation tools.

Who Does USPS Use In Canada?

One question we always have when it comes to international shipping is who exactly makes the final delivery. Who makes the final delivery of a postal mail or package from the US via USPS to Canada? Or should the question be, who does USPS use in Canada for fulfilling their deliveries?

Some of us assume external postal service providers such as the USPS has a presence in Canada. Let us start by saying that this assumption is false. USPS or any other international postal service does not have a physical presence, except for the private players. 

Which brings us back to the question, who does USPS use in Canada for delivery fulfillment? Let us clear this age-old question for you. Postal mail shipped from the US via USPS uses Canada Post’s mailing service for delivery fulfillment to Canadian addresses.

In other words, Canada Postal Service typically handles the final delivery of any governmental postal service provider to Canadian addresses. It is worth noting that some international mailers (items with a value over CAN$20) are subject to a $9.95 handling fee. The handling fee is on top of the duty and tax fee for delivering international mailers. 

How Does Canada Mail Service Work For Incoming Local And International Mailers?

The Canada Mail Service is no different from any other postal service worldwide. Sending a letter or package for your business is quite simple. You buy a stamp at the local post office, store, or online. All you have to do is to stick the postage stamp to the envelope and put it in your nearest post box.

Of course, things are a little different regarding bulk mail for businesses. But the general idea is the same everywhere. 

You apply the necessary postage and hand the mailer to Canada Postal Service. Canada Post will, in turn, make the final delivery. 

Above, we discussed the domestic postal deliveries made within Canada. What would happen if someone was to send the mail from the US? Many people are unfamiliar with international mailing or how Canada Postal Service handles them.

If you are one of them, postage is one of your biggest concerns stopping you from using postal mail for business marketing/communication. Would someone send a mail from the US to Canada need to use stamps from Canada? This question may sound silly to people who already know the answer. But the truth is that most people don’t even know who does USPS use in Canada for their mail fulfillment.

In reality, countries have mutual agreements between them concerning international postage rates. Hence, you don’t need to use stamps from specific countries for sending international mail. In other words, Canada Postal Service will accept international mail with foreign stamps and fulfill the delivery.

However, it does not work the other way around. You can not use a foreign stamp to send mailers via Canada Mail Service if you are sending the mail from Canada.

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What Is The Best Way To Send Mail To Canada?

Most business organizations consider the official Canada Postal Service the best option for their postal mail communications. Canada Post offers various postal services that meet any business organization’s needs. 

Governmental postal service providers like Canada Post offer the most affordable Canada Mail Service you can find in the country. Canada Post has the most extensive reach as a postal service provider. They deliver to practically every corner of the country with ease.

On top of all this, they have a Canada Postal Service class that allows you to send mail at all speeds and rates. They offer overnight delivery for your time-sensitive items and cheap rates for your marketing mailers.  

The postal service provider enables you to launch a campaign directly with them. Hence it is also ideal for your marketing campaigns, even if yours is an international company. Here are other reasons you should use Canada Postal Service from Canada Post for your business mail.

Automation Via Direct Mail Partners

When it comes to international mail to Canadian customers or clients, most businesses mistakes using their country’s postal service provider. For instance, US companies use USPS to send their marketing and communication mail. International mailing service is more expensive. Furthermore, it raises questions like “who does USPS use in Canada?”

In reality, international brands can access Canada Postal Service through an automated tool like PostGrid. With PostGrid, you get access to our extensive printing network across Canada, minimizing the time you need to print and deliver your marketing/communication materials.

In other words, you no longer have to think about who USPS use to deliver in Canada or worry about the postage. PostGrid’s direct mail solution automatically applies the necessary postage for your business mailers. But that’s just the start.

Our Enterprise plan allows unlimited users to manage and track your direct mail campaigns using PostGrid’s dashboard. You can also access countless templates on PostGrid for creating your marketing/communication materials. In essence, it significantly enhances the potential of the Canada Mail Service you use.

Get Business Letter Discounts

One of the attractive aspects of using Canada Mail Service from Canada Post is their business letter discounts. Sending more than 1000 domestic or 100 international mail entitles you to get business letter discounts from Canada Post.

It is the most practical way to send business letters, invoices, marketing materials, billing statements, and more from your organization. Of course, you can improve the Canada Postal Service by adding automation.

With the help of direct mail automation software like PostGrid, you can enhance the capabilities of your marketing campaigns. Some of these capabilities include

  • Bulk mailing
  • Advanced analytics and tracking
  • Template editor for direct mail
  • Return envelopes
  • And more.

Since PostGrid is a direct mail partner of Canada Post, you can get these capabilities while enjoying your Canada Mail Service for a discounted price. A more compelling way to put it is that you can’t get business letter discounts without a direct mail partner like PostGrid.

Send Publications

Another attractive Canada Postal Service you can use for your business enables you to send publications at an attractive rate. You can send different types of publications using Canada Post’s services, including 

  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can send a lengthy marketing catalogue disguised as a publication. Your material has to meet specific requirements for accessing Canada Postal Service’s discounted price. The most important criterion is that the item you send has at least 30% editorials and news.

However, it is still a steal deal, considering that you still get 70% of the publication space for advertising. You can reduce costs by using machineable mail and boost the response rate using prepaid reply mail. Nonetheless, it would be best to have a direct mail partner like PostGrid for business discounts for the Canada Mail Service you use.

Prepaid Reply Mail

Prepaid Reply Mail is a Canada Postal Service that lets you attach a postage-paid envelope or a return card for your direct mail marketing campaigns. But here is the best part. You don’t have to pay the postage unless your target audience uses it to respond to you.

In other words, you pay only for what you get. And that’s as good a deal as any regarding marketing campaigns. If you are looking for convenience in a Canada Mail Service automation is always the best choice for you.

PostGrid enables you to send prepaid reply mail envelopes with your business mail. As a result, it becomes even easier for you to manage and track your direct mail campaigns. And since everything leading to the Canada Postal Service is automated using PostGrid, the processing time is minimized.

Mail Forwarding 

Mail Forwarding is another Canada Postal Service to use for your business letters. It allows you to forward all your mail to a new address if you move or relocate to another address. You can move to the other side of the world and still access your mail using this service.

Canada Post ensures even infrequent mailings, such as your tax slips, reach your business address. It is also worth noting that mail forwarding is a Canada Mail Service that comes in two different types.

  • Mail Forwarding For Moves.
  • Mail Forwarding For Temporary Relocation. 

Mail Forwarding For Moves

Mail forwarding for moves is the Canada Postal Service you may use if you do not intend on returning to your previous address. It is also the best option for you if your business is moving, even if it is just changing PO boxes. 

Mail Forwarding For Temporary Relocation

Mail forwarding for a temporary relocation is ideal for your business if you relocate during renovations. It is also the perfect Canada Mail Service if you are on an extended vacation or a temporary job. Business executives often use this mailing service if someone else manages their mail.

Are There Mail You Can’t Forward?

Yes, there are situations where you can’t use the Canada Mail Service to forward your business mail. For example, you can’t deliver mail in the following cases

  • Sending parcels
  • Prepaid envelopes can’t be forwarded
  • Third-party newspapers and flyers
  • Personal correspondence is received at a business address
  • Mail via private mailbox companies

Hold Mail

Hold mail is a Canada Postal Service similar to mail forwarding because both help you not miss your mail. Canada Post takes your mail to your new or temporary address with mail forwarding. However, things are a little different when it comes to mail-holding.

As the name suggests, Hold Mail is a Canada Postal Service temporarily holding or stopping mail delivery to your address. It is ideal for your business organization if you know you won’t be at the address to receive your mail. 

However, you have nothing to worry about because Canada Post securely keeps your mail until you return. It is worth noting that you need a Canada Post account to access this Canada Mail Service for your business. 

It is ideal for educational institutions, home-based offices, and seasonal businesses that often shut down their operations. Hold Mail allows you to ensure that your mail stays private until it reaches you. This Canada Mail Service is also helpful if you are on vacation or just away for the yearly renovations. 

On top of all this, it is exceptionally convenient to subscribe or unsubscribe to this Canada Postal Service. In other words, you can start or stop the service whenever you want. 

Registered Mail For Business

Registered mail for business is an excellent Canada Postal Service if you are shipping small parcels and delivery speed isn’t a priority. The mailing service comes with a tracking capability. So, you can always track the whereabouts of your business mail.

Besides that, you also get insurance with Registered Mail from Canada Post, which is always a plus. But, the most crucial part is that it lets you confirm the delivery of your mail with a signature from the recipients. Hence, it is no wonder that Registered Mail is such a popular Canada Mail Service for businesses. 

It costs only $9.75 to send Registered Mail within Canada. Furthermore, the Canada Postal Service also lets you order and print labels. You can use Canada Post’s online tool or visit any of their Post Offices throughout the country.

Furthermore, using the Lettermail service from Canada Post, you can save money on your postage fees. Hence, by using a postage meter, you can save on your base postage by up to 25%. And then, you can add Registered Mail Canada Mail Service to create an efficient parcel mix. 

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