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integrate direct mail with sales crm

Combine Direct Mail and CRM to Boost Efficiency and Save Time

Thinking that direct mail and CRM go hand-in-hand can be appalling as we tend to see direct mail as a traditional, offline channel. It may seem unbelievable that direct mail can be fully-automated with everything done with just a few clicks. As surprising as it may be, it is true!

integrate direct mail with sales crm

Modern marketers use marketing automation platforms for almost everything—emailing clients, collecting behavioural data, sending marketing messages, following up, etc. Direct mail CRM has made it possible to use marketing automation for direct mail too! All you need to do is find an effective direct mail API like PostGrid to integrate with your CRM.

In this article, we will discuss how you can combine direct mail marketing with digital tools to improve efficiency. Let’s get started!

Top 4 Ways to Use Direct Mail CRM

The use cases of direct mail CRM integration are confusing to some people. Though there are endless possibilities, we have narrowed it down to the top four applications of this concept to help you understand it better.

1. Triggered Marketing and Transactional Mail

Often, converting a lead into a customer is only one step away. Thus, it is advisable to have a follow-up system to stay in touch with prospects and remind them of you constantly. So, whenever they need something similar to your products or services, they are likely to think of your brand first. 

One excellent example of a follow-up mechanism is setting up a triggered direct mail campaign. It helps you connect with prospects with a personalized mail item immediately after they complete some action, like filling up the contact form or emailing your sales team. Integrating CRM and direct mail allows you to conduct such triggered campaigns effortlessly. 

Also, it helps you send triggered transactional mail, like statements, invoices, cheques, etc. For instance, you can set up a direct mail CRM campaign to send invoices to customers on the 1st of every month. Thus, you don’t need to remember and follow up with them regarding their dues manually. Some more examples are:

  • Sending Onboarding Letters: Whenever new customers purchase something from your company, you can send triggered onboarding letters to them. It enables you to create an excellent first impression and improve customer loyalty
  • Renewals: Send a renewal reminder to customers before their package or plan expires.
  • Event Invitations: Direct mail CRM also helps you print and mail invitations to existing and potential customers. Inviting prospects to a trade fair or exhibition can increase your booth’s footfall and accelerate conversions. You can also send triggered invitations for product launch events, new store openings, press meets, etc. 

PostGrid’s direct mail automation software can help you trigger mailing campaigns without doing anything yourselves! Also, it allows you to design your direct mailers using its professionally built templates within minutes.

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2. List Importing and Data Segmentation

Do you ever struggle with compiling in-house lists based on specific criteria? Manually, it may be impossible to put together a targeted direct mail list—for example, a list of all the people in the Middle-of-funnel (MoFu). 

However, combining your CRM and direct mail plans can help you compile such segmented lists within a few seconds. PostGrid’s direct mail API also enables you to export other customer details from your CRM to help you customize your plans accurately. This ability also allows you to conduct effective multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Our direct mail services also help you with address verification. Thus, if you have any incorrect mailing addresses in your CRM, PostGrid can help you verify and correct them before the campaign.

3. Campaign Personalization

90% of customers say that personalized experiences are appealing. Also, 80% buy from brands that offer personalization. These statistics make it clear that companies personalizing their marketing campaigns do better than their competitors. 

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Using direct mail CRM, you can personalize your direct mail campaigns easily and speedily. Even adding a person’s name to a direct mail piece can make a crucial difference to your campaign.

PostGrid’s direct mail CRM integration helps marketers use variable data printing (VDP) to personalize their items. You can also add other details, like the recipient’s location, likes, etc. Some companies print a small map from their prospect’s doorstep to their physical store, which is an excellent example of personalization.

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4. Reporting and Analytics

Measuring a campaign’s performance is equally crucial as conducting it. The results help you know what works best for your brand. They also enable you to understand the common traits of your customers, which you can use to your advantage. 

Using the best CRM for direct mail, you can feed direct mail analytics into your marketing automation platforms. Then, this data can be used to formulate or modify other marketing programs accordingly to help customers move ahead of the sales funnel smoothly. 


Direct mail CRM is one of the most innovative technologies that can help companies streamline their offline mailing tasks. Direct mail solutions like PostGrid make it possible to bring print and mail at par with digital marketing channels, such as email and social media. You can integrate PostGrid into several automation platforms, including:

Also, you can send a variety of direct mail items, like postcards, letters, invoices, cheques, etc. The best part is that PostGrid’s direct mail and CRM integration is affordable and flexible. You can select from one of our plans to get started or request a demo to see how our direct mail CRM works!