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Customer Onboarding Strategy

customer onboarding strategy

8 Best Customer Onboarding Strategies to Promote Retention

It is crucial to have an effective and thoughtful customer onboarding strategy to create healthy relationships and make them profitable.

Also, accurate customer data is crucial to curating this strategy. You must have detailed and valid records to follow up on time and involve people in your processes. It could be their email addresses, location information, and more!

Client onboarding involves welcoming new buyers to your organization, addressing their queries, and updating them about your products and services!

customer onboarding strategy

It matters because it decides how customers perceive your brand and whether they purchase from you again! Happy buyers might become ambassadors and spread a positive reputation.

The best part is that you can access many customer onboarding strategies and ideas you might use. Here are our top choices:

What Does Customer Onboarding Mean?

It involves new customers undergoing specific procedures to get fully acquainted with the product or service they bought!

Businesses start this process after the sales team convinces people to buy. Their commitment to purchasing something makes you reliable to answer their questions and offer an incredible after-sales service!

However, a client onboarding process extends beyond these steps. Creating well-thought strategies allows you to reduce churn rates and boost brand loyalty, motivating customers to make repeated purchases.

Though many businesses onboard customers manually, they can use specialized software to complete the task.

For example, PostGrid’s print and mail API lets you send automated direct mailers to new customers. You can send pamphlets, instruction guides, customer onboarding letters, etc., to make them comfortable and acquaint them with your company.

Why Makes a Customer Onboarding Process Crucial?

Customers feel good about the item they want to purchase from your brand at the start. Picture this- your sales representative convinces a qualified lead to try out an item for a discounted price. They say yes to buying it, closing the deal for the firm!

However, customer onboarding is significant at this time. You must ensure this positive feeling stays throughout and after the purchase. 

Solidifying what clients think about you lets you earn their trust and get repeat business. They might also refer the products to others!

  • Provide value: Offer something valuable in return to all customers. Highlight what you provide them and why you are better than competitors. 
  • Communicate often: Customers lose interest if they can only talk to the chatbots or wait hours and days for replies. However, implementing a customer onboarding process ensures you communicate with them and stay connected!
  • Please keep it simple: People don’t want complicated things! They prefer to buy from companies that offer upfront services, efficiency, and transparency. Hence, keep your products and processes simple.

8 Customer Onboarding Strategies You Can Leverage

Here are the best customer onboarding ideas you can add to your post-sales services:

#1 Welcome Emails

Onboarding emails instantly make people feel they are a part of your brand. It makes them relate to your messages and ideas. 

You can guide them through the product manual, setup, technical queries, etc., via a tailored strategy to suit their needs. 

Stay ahead of them while assisting them in using your product or signing up for services. It leaves zero room for misinterpretation and the initial setup issues.

Create a drip email campaign to send customer onboarding emails to all new buyers without your intervention. It ensures you don’t miss out on anyone, maintaining a steady flow. 

Also, you can welcome direct mail items, like letters or postcards. They are tangible, durable, and memorable, making the mailpieces among the top choices. 

Also, adding direct mail to your customer onboarding process ensures people save your messages for at least a few days, unlike emails that might end up in the spam folders. 

#2 Get More Referrals

Referral marketing lets you onboard new customers that you get via referrals. Positive publicity helps attract more buyers and retain the existing ones. 

Hence, include referral marketing as part of your customer onboarding strategies. 

Here’s an example: You can onboard new customers by walking them through the experience of the buyer who referred you. Or give additional discounts and consultations, informing them you care about them. 

Please don’t forget to thank the people who spread the word about the brand and help you boost sales. Send an appreciation letter or invite them to company events whenever you can!

The more you water these connections, the higher your chances are of onboarding more customers!

#3 Know Your Buyers and Personalize Accordingly

All customers have unique requirements and expectations. Thus, tailor your client onboarding process to fulfill their needs and offer relevant solutions.

Create buyer personas to categorize audiences based on the products, location, and other factors. Understand the potential issues they might encounter using your product or service. It lets you create meaningful onboarding experiences for your audience. 

PostGrid enables you to send personalized mailers using variable data printing. You can add the customers’ names, delivery addresses, custom messages, location maps, PURLs, QR codes, etc. 

The best part is you don’t need to make an additional effort to personalize the customer onboarding mailpieces. You can upload a list of contacts with the necessary information, and we can handle the rest. 

Here’s an example:

Names Location Sales Rep Name Item Bought
John K Calgary, Alberta Jake Wheel Levelling Ramps
Paul Smith Vancouver, British Columbia Caroline Bike Covers
Amy Bell Kelowna, British Columbia Heather RV Protection Equipment 1
James Caron Toronto, Ontario Caroline Roof Rail Kit – 2 Pieces

Imagine this is the information you have to curate a customer onboarding process for four new buyers. 

PostGrid lets you draft messages, like

Hi Mr. Paul,

We are pleased to have you as part of our Campers Paradise family. I hope you received yesterday’s manual and invoice for purchasing our exclusive Bike Covers for your new RV.

You can always connect with our sales representative, Caroline, should you have any concerns or questions about installing the covers. Also, someone from our Vancouver office can visit you for assistance if needed. 

Please be assured that Campers Paradise is committed to serving you. We are available 24×7 on our toll-free number.

Enjoy the Bike Covers, and we wish you a happy trip!

This customer onboarding message is highly personalized from start to finish. It highlights the name of the person the customer was in touch with before the purchase. The last line features a message saying, ‘Wish you a happy trip,’ which indicates that the buyer shared that they need the Bike Covers for a short vacation. 

Remembering these little details about buyers and including them in messages expresses your care and appreciation. Also, it is an excellent client relationship nurturer, making your customer onboarding process successful!

#4 Tell Customers What You Expect From Them

Businesses need customers to fill out registration forms or provide some details for successful onboarding. 

For example, you might need their delivery address to ship an order. Or ask them to send their bank details from which they plan to pay before the due date. 

Include this factor in your customer onboarding strategy to prevent overwhelming clients. Tell them beforehand about the details you require. It prepares them in advance, avoiding hassles when they discover you need so much of their information!

You can help them register on your website or have a customer support executive call and note their details. The primary part is to take it slow to guide buyers step by step. 

#5 Offer Technical Support

Offering technical assistance should be essential for all customer onboarding plans. In our last example- the business asked the buyer to contact them if they need any support installing the Bike Covers. They were ready to send a technical support member for assistance. 

It is crucial to offer help before customers ask for it. This step shows that you are committed to a smooth onboarding process. Otherwise, people would be dissatisfied with their purchases even though the product works fine. 

Technical setup and support are primarily crucial in the SaaS industry. 

Only a few people might know how to get started with your support. Others need step-by-step instructions and call or chat support. Hence, add it to your customer onboarding strategy to prevent issues and improve client satisfaction. 

#6 Open and Maintain a Knowledge Centre

Though you might be available for customers, they should have access to a support or knowledge centre for self-education. 

Many businesses have a FAQs centre to help buyers get the information they need to use the product or service. Others have community forums where customers can interact with other customers.

People can learn more about purchased items in their free time using these elements. Also, they might read about other products or services they need to buy. Thus, this strategy can help you get more sales from existing buyers!

You can use customer onboard strategy software to update the FAQs, send regular educational resources to buyers, and handle other onboarding activities. 

Or use PostGrid’s direct mail services to send postcards, manuals, update cards, letters, etc., with the latest product updates, new launches, and other information. It might spark interest among audiences and push them to purchase more items, boosting your cross-selling goals.

#7 Check Up On Buyers Regularly

Your customer onboarding strategy should extend beyond a few days or weeks. Schedule timely check-ins to answer client queries over time. They might not have any questions currently but might need assistance after a while. 

Hence, communicate frequently, say every ten or 15 days, at least for the first three to six months, based on your product type. 

It ensures customers that you are always alongside them when using the product, reassuring them of your client service. 

#8 Give Rewards

Offer exciting rewards whenever customers complete a client onboarding process or start using a different feature. You can do this using many tactics, like sending a virtual high-five whenever they enter a new page within your software. 

Or send them physical rewards with coupon codes they can redeem for future purchases. 

Make it a specific strategy within your customer onboarding and retention campaigns. It lets people know you appreciate them patronizing your brand!

How Can PostGrid Help?

PostGrid’s boutique mailing solutions help print and mail items to customers online. We do everything in an automated manner, freeing up from the daunting task of

  • Finding printers,
  • Negotiating prices,
  • Affixing stamps,
  • Sticking labels,
  • Stuffing letters into envelopes,
  • Carrying the mailers to the Post Office, and
  • Manually follow up with customers, whether they received the items.

PostGrid lets you adopt an alternative customer onboarding approach. It is faster, better, and more affordable than manual processes.

You can integrate our API into your CRM, helping PostGrid auto-fetch client details helpful for personalization. Then, you can create campaigns using our pre-built templates and other features.

Also, we offer address standardization and verification to let you cross-check mailing addresses before sending something. It ensures your materials reach the correct people on time!

You also get other highly advanced features, like

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Campaign analytics.
  • Trigger mailing capabilities.
  • Data storage.
  • API documentation.

These features improve the customer onboarding process for your brand and save time and effort.


Client onboarding is essential to ensure customers are satisfied and re-buy your products. It is also crucial to get referrals and spread positive publicity.

Using customer onboard strategy software for client onboarding lets you serve buyers better and be available for them 24×7. It sends the necessary materials to customers on your behalf and guides them on using the purchased products.

PostGrid’s direct mail services help you send these materials offline. This tangible and memorable channel lets you grab the customers’ attention and adds a personal touch to all communications. We help you manage all mailing campaigns online!

Sign up to understand how to add value to your customer onboarding strategy using PostGrid!


Who manages customer onboarding within a company?

Most companies have their account managers or sales representatives handle onboarding tasks. Others hire an onboarding specialist who exclusively serves new buyers and solves their queries. 

It depends on the complexity of your products or services. You might need specialists if people need time to understand how to use them. Otherwise, asking account managers to handle the task works!

What does a customer onboard strategy software do?

It is a software program that helps onboard buyers hassle-free. This platform can provide all necessary information to customers and handle incoming questions or queries. 

Also, it might include an automated chat support mechanism to help people and forward requests to your teams. 

The software can walk people through the product and provide resources whenever relevant!

How do I onboard new buyers?

Your customer onboarding strategy depends on the business type and industry. 

You can provide buyers with clear expectations, send step-by-step instructions, and inform them whom to contact if they need assistance. 

Also, you can frequently communicate with them to understand their requirements and explain how to use your item.

How do I send onboarding materials to customers via mail?

PostGrid’s automated direct mail solutions allow you to send postcards, letters, instruction guides, and other printed materials. Our API or software helps create these mailings online, eliminating manual effort and time-consuming tasks. 

Contact us to learn more about how our direct mail solutions help clients boost their customer onboarding procedures!

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