What differentiates PostGrid’s corporate gifting solution from the traditional route businesses take?

In one sentence, a traditional manual gifting campaign takes a toll on your employee’s productivity and business’s financial health. 


The traditional method is a cumbersome process that involves employees taking care of every minuscule process vigilantly; otherwise, it could lead to errors, resulting in an irreversible financial loss and damage to the reputation.


With our corporate gifting platform, all you have to do is select a gift you wish to send to your employees, prospects, or clients, and the automated system will take care of the rest.
With a traditional gifting system, you cannot track the package, and the possibility of delay, with different entities taking care of the other processes, will be very high.
PostGrid, with its automated system proffering end to end solutions with a single platform, will provide you with tracking and monitoring of your package, all from your dashboard, ensuring timely delivery.
The traditional system does not offer many options for corporate gifting, making this ritual predictable. It also adversely impacts the customer’s experience, i.e., that of your employees, clients, and prospects. It will lower workforce morale, client retention rate, and significantly minimize the possibility of converting prospects into clients.
Our corporate gifting platform with CRM integration will help you with the preferences and responses of the individual you are planning to send the gift to. It will reflect on your customer experience management, which will help improve loyalty and bolster the relationship.
You can not gain any insight into the customer experience with traditional corporate gifting, outreach can not be adequately evaluated, keeping you in the dark about how the campaign is performing.
But with our automated and integrated corporate gifting platform, your business will better understand how the reception will further help you devise a more strategic approach to this tradition, balancing both the customers and business interest.
With traditional corporate gifting, you are at the mercy of different operators on whom you have to keep a check on to make sure the gift is delivered on time.
PostGrid will give the control in your hands. You will be able to track the gifts, whether in the warehouse or getting shipped, simultaneously empowering your business to scale.
You might find yourself in trouble breaching the ethical boundaries, even if unintentionally, going with the traditional corporate gifting route. With a no-corporate gifting compliance policy in place, you might tread in the murky waters and trespass the laws.
PostGrid, on the other hand, has an automated corporate gifting platform that adheres to and is updated with the changing rules and regulations. The compliances are automated to keep the record ready and updated for audits.
With traditional corporate gifting, companies have a nightmare of a time connecting with and managing the operators’ different processes. From inventory, warehouse management, packaging to shipping, manual tracking is difficult.
With us, everything, after you hit the “send” button, is automated. Inventory management, warehouse, fulfillment, and delivery – every process is streamlined by a trigger to ensure quality and timely processing.
The entire traditional corporate gifting solution takes 30-90 days, which means planning for months in advance.
With PostGrid, all it takes is selecting a gift from our wide range of personalized and premium-brand options, adding it to the dashboard, and hitting send.

Free yourself from the worry of where the package is or any manual work required with PostGrid’s Corporate gifting management platform. It will provide you with end to end employee gifting fulfillment solutions to streamline the process for you with automated technology.

How traditional corporate gifting works and why should you choose PostGrid’s way?

Traditional corporate gifting involves manual work, which is tedious and prone to error. A lot of time, money, and employee’s potential goes into this, which could have been otherwise used towards business goals. 

Seldom in a traditional corporate gifting process are the thoughts, preferences of the intended recipient taken into consideration. 

The traditional way includes the movement of significant pieces that do not communicate with one another but are interdependent. It creates massive confusion and affects delivery. 

“We don’t have to pinpoint how hard this will hit your business in terms of employee engagement, loyalty, client retention, leads, and endorsements. Your motivation to generate higher ROI will get lost in the convolutions of follow-ups and rectifying manual errors.”

PostGrid brings you a more modern way of corporate gifting solutions. Our single platform will automate the entire gifting process for you. All you have to do is select which gift to send to your employees, clients, or prospects from our wide range of personalized gift options for different recipients and occasions.

We combine both the traditional and automated technology to give you a platform that will simplify your gifting process. We empower you with setting a budget, picking a gift, monitoring the warehouse, and fulfilling activities with a single, automated, and well-integrated corporate gifting platform.


Our corporate gifting fulfillment gives you the freedom to select from our inventory, send gifts with a click, and manage your order from a single platform.

Range of Gifting Options

Our corporate gifting solutions are integrated to provide insights and improve your ability to select a gift based on the employees’ and clients’ preferences. Later on, you can store these preferences in our global warehouse.

Deliver Physical Experience

We understand nothing can beat the human touch, and hence make sure that we create and send corporate gifting solutions that are curated, packaged, and shipped with emotional value, Unlimited gifting options to select from our inventory, PostGrid allows you to personalize with company branding or a thoughtful handwritten note.

Ability to measure metrics

Accurately track and measure key performance indicators relevant to the campaign and ensure higher performance and success.

Gain a competitive edge

Make your business stand out of the crowd by investing in a personalized corporate gifting platform. Boost your employee’s morale, enhance business productivity, build stronger client relationships, enhance customer retention, close profitable deals, and broaden the consumer base.

Wider Reach

With North America wide delivery and industry best SLA and pricing, PostGrid is paving the way for Corporate Gifting Automation across the North American market.

Best of both worlds

With personalized corporate gifting solutions combined with the automated technology, you get the best of both the traditional and modern corporate gifting, sending genuine warm wishes that establish the connection and bolster the relationship with the intended.

Secure, confidential and scalable

Automate the sending of all your personalized giftings and be confident that they are being handled in a secure, efficient and compliant manner. All data, mail processing and fulfillment partners are highly compliant to PIPEDA/HIPAA and local state and industry standards.

Triggered Campaigns

Set trigger-based events and send automated gifts based on your events

Stocked Inventory

We ensure that the inventory is well-stocked with the gift items your employees, clients, and prospects prefer from prominent brands across the world.

Locally Sourced

With our streamlined local chain supply management, which allows us to source products locally, we make sure that you get the gift options at the most competitive price.

Tracking and Monitoring

All you have to do is click on send to get the warehouse and fulfillment process rolling, whose progress you can track and monitor from your dashboard.

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

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