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How To Use Automated Cross-Selling Campaign Postcards Effectively For Your Business?

Cross-selling campaigns are arguably the most efficient way to boost the sales and conversions of a company. You can maximize the effectiveness of your cross-sell efforts by using cross selling campaign postcards. But only some businesses take this approach because they think it takes too much time and effort.

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With automated solutions for everything, sending cross selling campaign postcards for your business is significantly more manageable now. Today, we will explain the capabilities of a cross-selling campaign and how you can yield the best results for it using direct mail postcards. We will also explain how you can execute more effective cross-selling campaigns with the help of automation.

What Is A Cross Selling Campaign?

Cross-selling is a method business organizations use to target their existing customers with supplementary products/services. The supplemental product in a cross selling campaign is unique for each customer. You can use different versions of a specific product.

While there is logic to this idea, it can sometimes be complicated. For example, let’s say that two customers buy a pair of unisex shoes from an eCommerce. Let’s assume that one is a female and the other a male. The supplementary product you use is a pair of men’s jeans. Here, the cross selling campaign can only work with the male customer.

And that is why every cross selling campaign needs high personalization to obtain the desired results. It is an excellent strategy to boost your brand’s customer loyalty and strengthen customer relationships. As a result, cross-selling can also lead to higher customer retention and customer lifetime value.


It is very similar to cross-selling. It also encourages your existing customers to purchase again from your business. But, unlike a cross-selling campaign, you highlight a higher-end product or service comparable to their original purchase instead of pitching a supplementary product. 

But, the basic concept behind cross-selling and upselling remains the same. Business organizations use upselling or cross-selling campaigns to reengage with their customers and generate more loyal customers.

Why Use Direct Mail Postcards For Your Cross-Selling Campaign?

According to a survey by HubSpot, 74% of sales professionals who use cross-sell could drive up their sales by 30%! The number favours the use of a cross-selling campaign for your business. The only question is, which is the best way to run a campaign for cross-selling? And the answer to this question may surprise you because it uses a more traditional approach.

Direct mail is arguably the most effective way to pitch your cross-selling campaign to your customers. Why? Because direct mail has a way of making an emotional impact on the recipients, which is impossible for online channels. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Direct mail also has an incredible open rate of 90%!

That means the direct mail recipient will likely open or read your direct marketing mail. Moreover, the customer is already familiar with your brand, so the conversion process is significantly more straightforward than a fresh lead. All this makes the cross-selling campaign an ideal choice for your business. 

Why Postcards?

Direct mail marketing is already an effective marketing strategy. But most businesses employing it have a soft spot for postcards. There are strong reasons direct mail marketing experts prefer using postcards for cross-selling and upselling campaigns, and we discuss those reasons below.

Reason 1: Postcards Make An Emotional Impact

How do postcards make you feel?

For most of us, postcards remind us of a simpler time when we got postcards from far-away family members or friends. In other words, receiving a postcard feels nostalgic and emotionally impacts the recipient. You can move your audience similarly by using postcards for your cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

Reason 2: Postcards Are A Memorable Communication Channel

People don’t throw away something that created an emotional impact on them without giving it another thought. You can use this characteristic to your advantage and make it even more enticing by including a discount code. Even if the customer does not plan on buying the product, they will hold onto your coupon. It makes the cross-selling campaign even more effective.

Reason 3: Postcard Do Not Require An Envelope

Another significant benefit of using postcards for your cross sell and upsell campaigns is that it does not require an envelope. There are two excellent benefits to this. One is that it makes postcard campaigns more cost-effective. More importantly, it can directly convey what the mail is about, and you can make it attractive with excellent printing on it.

Reason 4: Postcards Have a High Response Rate

Postcard response rates can be as high as 4.4 percent, the highest among offline and online marketing campaigns. It means that by using postcards for a cross-selling campaign, you get a higher response rate for minimal direct mail expenses. You can boost the response rate with better personalization and more attractive postcard designs.

Reason 5: Postcards Can Be A Part Of Your Omnichannel Campaigns

With the help of advanced direct mail automation solutions like PostGrid, you can easily incorporate postcards into your omnichannel campaigns. For example, you can print a QR code linking to the cross-sell or upsell product or to an online sale page. An automated system like PostGrid can work seamlessly with your other marketing efforts and create a cross-selling campaign for your business.

Reason 6: Postcards Are Feasible And Long Lasting 

Another reason for using postcards for your cross-sell and upsell campaigns is that it is feasible and long-lasting. Unlike an online ad, such as Instagram-sponsored posts do not hold the user’s attention for more than a few seconds. On the other hand, postcards have nothing to distract the recipient, and people often appreciate the feasible nature of postcards.

Cross-Selling Campaign Ideas Using Direct Mail Automation

The best way to implement a cross selling campaign for your business is with the help of direct mail automation software like PostGrid. Think about it. You probably have hundreds or thousands of existing customers. You can only personalize and send a marketing postcard to some of them manually.

Here are some features that make direct mail automation software the perfect tool to implement a cross selling campaign for your business.

Personalized Postcards For Your Cross Selling Campaign

With an automated direct mail solution like PostGrid, you can connect the solution directly with your CRM solution. PostGrid can access your customer data now from your CRM database and use them to personalize your cross selling campaign postcards within seconds. 

We discussed the significance of personalization in cross-sell and upsell campaigns and how it can impact the customer experience. PostGrid enables you to actualize your direct mail postcard personalization. 

When it comes to direct mail postcards, the more personalization you use, the more your chance of getting a positive response. You should avoid using generic terms like “dear customer” in the postcard. Ideally, your cross selling campaign should use a personalized letter, including a customized offer and cross-sell products for the customer.

Triggered Direct Mail Postcards

The triggered mail feature is one of the best aspects of using an automated solution like PostGrid for your cross sell and upsell campaigns. Triggered mail is the same as a triggered email, which you are likely familiar with already. The only difference is that instead of sending an email, PostGrid sends a personalized postcard, which is much more personal and practical.

With triggered direct mail capabilities, you can set up a triggering action to automatically send postcards to the customer. For example, if a customer purchases an online store, the system can automatically bulk mail your cross selling campaign postcards. Here, the triggering action is the customer making the purchase. You can define whatever triggers you want for your business.

Now, the customer receives a personalized postcard from your business as a part of your cross selling campaign, preferably with an additional discount. An added benefit like a discount code makes the offer more enticing to the customer. It helps you build a stronger relationship with the recipient and use it as a part of your customer loyalty marketing effort.

Scheduled Direct Mail Postcard

The scheduled direct mail feature is similar to triggered mail in the send that both automatically send out direct mail to your customers. PostGrid’s automation feature can also help you with your business’s cross sell and upsell campaigns. 

In triggered mail, the system automatically sends the mailer if the user completes a desired action, such as making a purchase. With scheduled mail, things are a bit different. The system automatically sends out a mailer but does not depend on a triggering action. You can use the automated mail feature to send cross sell campaign postcards at a later date.

You can set up a date for sending the mail, and the system automatically sends it on the scheduled day. It is a nifty feature that can bring significant results if you use it right. For example, you can use scheduled mail to automatically send a cross selling campaign postcard when the original product likely needs a replacement.

You can top it off with a special discount and make it into an efficient retargeting and customer loyalty marketing program. Similarly, you can also implement cross sell and upsell campaigns that involve sending birthday postcards to your existing customers. Over time, you can establish a long-lasting relationship with your customer and slowly cultivate brand advocates.


Companies belonging to every industry vertical use cross sell or upsell campaigns to increase sales and form better customer relationships. Postcards are a perfect way of achieving the desired results for a cross-selling campaign. Postcards have an emotional or even nostalgic effect on their recipients, and you significantly enhance this experience with personalization.

Advanced direct mail automation tools such as PostGrid enable you to personalize your cross-selling campaign postcards. You can connect PostGrid’s direct mail API to your CRM system and efficiently personalize your cross-selling postcards. PostGrid also gives you access to advanced features and capabilities to execute more effective and timely cross-sell campaigns.

Features like CRM-dependent personalization and triggered/scheduled mail give ultimate flexibility to your cross selling campaign via postcards. It enables you to run campaigns at the right to generate maximum conversion and also helps to form an excellent rapport with your customers. Hence, you can use cross-selling and upselling strategies in short and long-term marketing campaigns.

Your cross sell and upsell campaigns should help you create loyal customers and turn them into brand advocates. But to do this effectively, you need to use automation solutions like PostGrid. It enables you to run effective cross-selling campaigns using postcards and maximize the overall revenue of your business.

Schedule a demo to find out how to set up PostGrid to run an effective cross selling campaign for your business!

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