Unlimited Sending Possibilities for Employee Relationship

Anniversary Gifts
Thank You Messages
Performance Reviews
Onboarding Gifts
Company Swag
Special Offers
Promotional Invites
Personalised Gifts
Appreciation Notices
Event Notices
Recognition Letters
Compensation Letters
Engagement and Growth Letters

PostGrid for Employee Relationship

Highly Personalized

Personalize every mail easily specific to the individual to enhance response rate, designed for personalization and automation at scale.

Easy Integration

Ensure seamless integration to your stack with zero-code integration with Zapier. Detailed docs and dev support if required

Analytics and Tracking

Equipped with analytics and tracking to measure campaign performance, impact and ensure accurate deliverability

Personalized Messaging

  • Onboarding Experience: Welcome your new employees with personalized welcome kits. Send them customized onboarding notices and letters. 
  • Company Swags: Send t-shirts, coffee mugs and more with your company’s logo on it. 
  • Important notices: Send your employees customized notices, changed company policies, or new plans via direct mail.
PostGrid swag
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Rewards and Recognitions

  • Corporate Gifts: Choose from a wide variety of swags, print your brand logo, and encourage your employees by sending them recognition gifts.  
  • Performance Rewards: When your employees perform better, you get better results. Incentivize great performance with rewards and recognition.
  • Automated Gifting Solutions: Automate sending gifts to your employees simply with a click of a button. Add your employee’s details and set the dispatch dates to trigger automatically based on events viz., Birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion.

Employee Onboarding and Management