PostGrid can help you send timely documents without any hassles

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Send AI based Handwritten Notes
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Get 99% Mail Delivery Accuracy
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PostGrid is Built for Automation & Scaling

Customize Each Item

Hook it up with your CRM to automatically send gift items on your schedule. Our platform connects with over 1600 apps.

Native & ZapierI Integration

Integrate into any app with Zapier. Send items with API Calls.

Analytics and Tracking

Our platform comes equipped with analytics and tracking capabilities to help you understand campaign performance.

Personalized Messaging

  • Onboarding Experience: Welcome your new employees with personalized welcome kits. Send them customized onboarding notices and letters. 
  • Company Swags: Send t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other stuff with your company’s logo on it. 
  • Important notices: Send your employees customized notices, changed company policies, or new plans via direct mails.

Rewards and Recognitions

  • Corporate Gifts: Choose from a wide variety of swags, print your brand logo, and encourage your employees by sending them recognition gifts.  
  • Performance Rewards: When your employees perform better, you get better results. Hence, fulfill your duty by giving them rewards more than just a desk trophy.
  • Automated gifting solution: Just add your employees’ details and set the dispatch dates, viz., for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. PostGrid can automatically send gifts to employees without any delay.

Recruitment and team management

  • Transactional Mails: With an automated tool, like PostGrid, you can trigger the next round notices.
  • Dashboard Management: Control mailing multiple teams and departments with a single dashboard.
  •  Company Culture: With PostGrid, you can send occasional gifts and rewards to employees to show off your company’s rich culture.


Detailed API Docs
Native Integrations
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Per Piece Tracking
Custom Design Template Editor
Precision Targeting
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Pre-Built Templates
Personalised Trackers
Marketing Insights
Data Security
Wide Range of Collaterals
No Minimums
Best-In-Class Pricing
Vendor Marketplace
Dedicated Support

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail by connecting to our integrations

All teams run on PostGrid

Enhance your team’s performance by getting the entire team on a single platform with native integration and automating the process.

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