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10 Best Financial Advisor Marketing Plans to Boost Sales

Financial advisors need a solid marketing plan that uses traditional and digital selling techniques this year and beyond. It is essential to gain profits and run a sustainable firm. Since getting clients’ attention and converting them is more challenging than earlier, your competition extends to specialist professionals and online platforms, not just local advisors.

You require a financial advisor marketing plan to boost your business and attract leads, irrespective of your targeted audience and budget. Consider it as an investment in your finance-related firm. Spending more on the correct strategies or hiring expert consultants can accelerate the business.

Financial Services

Use efficient financial advisor marketing plans whether you want to hire an advertising agency, get a full-time consultant, or leverage your in-house professionals. They help you stand out and get better and higher responses.

The best way to create a profitable plan is to identify the techniques that work well and let you gain momentum. Also, you must be able to execute this strategy without hassles.

Below are some of the best strategies you can use to increase sales.

Work On Your Website’s Homepage to Create an Effective Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

Once you have crafted your client personas and established a better brand identity, it’s time to reassess your website. In addition to ensuring user-friendly navigation for both prospects and clients, it is crucial to highlight your unique qualities that will promptly engage your ideal clients.

Try establishing emotional connections with your messages by customizing them according to your client personas. You can address the clients’ primary challenges on your homepage to express how you have the capabilities and expertise to handle their needs.

Customizing this content to relate to your targeted customers allows you to increase the chances they visit your site and convert to paying clients. This marketing plan for financial advisors lets you improve your connections and grow sales.

Five Homepage Elements You Can Implement at Low Costs

Here are the five best features to incorporate into your homepage to make more visitors come to your website:

An Upfront Call to Action (CTA)

Your current clients likely visit your website regularly to access educational blog posts and log in to a client portal. Chances are, they are already familiar with navigating your website and can reach their desired content directly or through links in emails or client newsletters.

However, potential customers need guidance on how to move ahead. Try using a financial advisor marketing plan PDF to tell them what you expect them to do next, like entering their email addresses to subscribe to newsletters or get free resources. These aspects might resolve a problem or pain point and highlight your services.

The optimal call to action involves featuring a prominent button on every page of your website, urging potential clients to ‘Schedule a Free Introductory Call.’ This button should be linked to your calendar tool (e.g., Calendly), allowing them to book an instant initial meeting.

Mobile Friendly

Since almost all individuals now browse the internet on their mobile phones rather than desktops, ensuring a mobile-friendly experience is essential. Your website provider is likely aware of this fact and can help you use this financial advisor marketing plan example to your benefit.

Imagine you are a potential client and take a moment to examine your website homepage using your mobile phone. It would be beneficial to seek feedback from colleagues, friends, or family members, including young children, on their experience viewing your website on their mobile devices.

Try finding new providers or instruct your website developer to make changes if the feedback doesn’t align with your expectations. 

Calendar Integrations

Many websites use a financial advisor marketing plan and feature a ‘Contact Us’ form. However, incorporating your calendar through a tool such as Calendly streamlines the appointment-setting process. It provides an enhanced experience for both you and potential clients.

A conventional ‘Contact Us’ form necessitates a prospect to fill out a form and engage in multiple email exchanges just to schedule an introductory call. While having a traditional contact form on your website is beneficial, particularly for inquiries and non-appointment-related questions, the optimal journey for prospective clients likely involves facilitating a call as soon as they express readiness to engage in a conversation.

Incorporating a distinct call to action on your homepage linked to your calendar tool empowers prospective clients. This financial advisor marketing plan allows them to choose a time that suits their schedule.

It is a win-win situation since you have already shortlisted the available times and dates for everyone!

Clear Messages

You must create a positive initial impact by employing clear and concise messaging. Try using minimal words to convey your distinctive value proposition. This financial advisor marketing plan example sets your services apart from the misconceptions individuals encounter when seeking to hire a financial advisor online.

Assisting individuals in promptly determining if your services align with their needs enhances their satisfaction during initial interactions with your business. Additionally, you benefit, as those inclined to schedule an introductory call are more likely to match the profile of your ideal client persona.

Some individuals desire a more in-depth understanding of you and your services. You can fulfill this need through pages linked from your homepage and in FAQs.

The FAQ Page

Your homepage can swiftly capture the interest of potential clients with concise and engaging text. Your FAQ page is the ideal space to elaborate on the queries during their initial meetings with you.

Moreover, we recommend advisors incorporate a transparent discussion about their pricing plans in the FAQs section. This financial advisor marketing plan helps minimize the likelihood of clients feeling taken aback when the topic arises in conversation and prevents confusion if they discover your pricing in regulatory disclosures linked from your website.

It can save you from investing time in introductory calls with prospective clients who may not align with your pricing model.

Your website should incorporate fundamental security measures and load swiftly, the standard features by reputable website developers.

It’s tempting to exceed your website budget by incorporating numerous embellishments. However, focusing on these homepage-related financial advisor marketing plans will enable you to attain a significant return on investment at a minimal cost.

Define Your Targeted Market

Many businesses believe that they can only sometimes fulfill their clients’ expectations. However, listening to their needs and providing relevant solutions is the answer to all problems.

You should be able to depict your ideal client, providing me with specific details to create a clear mental image. It’s crucial to understand both the demographics (age, gender, location, profession) and psychographics (thought processes) of your target audience.

Please remember that “the riches are in the niches.” Your ideal client becomes much more straightforward by specializing and identifying their needs. Hence, avoid using the blanket approach.

Many financial advisor marketing plans concentrate on various demographics like entrepreneurs, retirees, widows, divorcees, and company executives. However, you can take specialization further and become THE financial advisor exclusively for dentists or THE financial advisor catering to plumbers only.

Dispelling the notion that casting a wide net leads to more business, the reality is the opposite. Narrowing your focus attracts more clients.

Avoid the misconception that categories like “women,” “small business owners,” or “retirees” constitute niche markets. These need to be sufficiently specific. Elevating your entire marketing strategy involves honing in on a more precise niche.

Most people might require your advising solutions but not want them! They might want to rely on online sources or do personal research to make these decisions. Thus, your best shot is to target prospects who express an interest and engage with your content.

If individuals consistently share or actively engage with your content, view it as an indication of their potential interest in your services. Regardless of your expertise, leverage a financial advisor marketing plan to connect with your audience through content that presents solutions to problems within your niche. The more precise your content, the more effective it will be.

Send Thank-You Postcards, Notes, and Letters to Target Audience

You can use the best financial advisor marketing plan by sending thank-you notes to your existing and long-term clients. They are simple to write and send but are impactful.

People appreciate this gesture and will remember you whenever they need professional, finance-related guidance. The letters add a personal touch. And you can add short messages, like ‘Thank you for working with me. I will do my best to serve you and help you fulfill your requirements.”

Ensure the note is sincere and handwritten. Even a post-it note placed on top of the paperwork will suffice. It takes perhaps twenty seconds to write one of these notes. However, when competitors approach them, they will remember this thoughtful gesture, fostering client loyalty. Handwritten notes also significantly contribute to clients offering referrals.

This financial advisor marketing plan stands out as one of the best low-cost, high-reward strategies in marketing for financial planners. Every financial advisor and planner should incorporate this into their comprehensive marketing strategy.

Get Your Brand Featured In Popular Trade Magazines

Specializing is particularly crucial so that you can leverage these trade publications. If you establish yourself as “the dentist’s financial advisor,” you can secure space in dental trade publications. Since you know that dentists are actively reading these publications, why not showcase your presence in front of them?

Paid advertising isn’t the only financial advisor marketing plan or option. Trade publications are always seeking new content. Reach out to the editor—email or make a cold call. Express your interest in contributing an article focusing on how dentists can enhance their financial management.

Ensure the content is tailored specifically to dentists! Without this specificity, there’s a 99% chance of rejection. Propose several ideas to the editors, let them choose the one they believe offers the most value and start working on it.

The necessity to pitch multiple ideas isn’t just a matter of convenience. It’s essential because presenting several options increases the likelihood of editors choosing one. Once they’ve committed to an article idea, it becomes more challenging for them to reject you.

If you pitch only one topic under your financial advisor marketing plan- they might outright decline. Offering multiple options gives the impression of giving them control over the situation.

Find Shakers and Movers to Grow Your Business

Regularly check your local newspapers and publications to identify influential individuals in your area. Did someone receive a promotion at a prominent company? Is someone being acknowledged for their contributions to academia or business? Extend your congratulations to these individuals. Use their achievements as a reason to reach out and make a call.

Mention you being a financial advisor working with similar clients instead of presenting a sales pitch. Tell them it is the reason you noticed them!

Also, try sending some copies of the article with a few of your personalized business cards. While they likely have their copy, this financial advisor marketing plan example is considerate and far more effective than immediately launching into your sales pitch.

One effective marketing plan for financial advisors is leveraging their accomplishments and awards. These individuals often consider achievements. Take Jason Havens, a successful dentist with numerous offices across the state. Despite having more money than he could ever need, what brings him happiness?

Mr. Havens probably finds joy in being recognized among his peers. Therefore, when you come across his name in a dentist publication or the news, please ensure to acknowledge and compliment his achievements. It makes a significant impact.

Get On Social Platforms to Boost Digital Marketing Strategies

The primary advantage of creating social media handles is contacting a broad audience, though it is also a drawback. Referrals and calls were selling methods to connect with prospects and convert them. However, most companies visit social media channels to get leads and generate brand awareness.

Social media is a streamlined financial advisor marketing plan to get leads, engage with prospects, and discuss your services. However, you must maintain consistency across all channels to post similar messages everywhere and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Also, you must employ specific strategies, as a financial advisor, to ensure the posts reach the targeted clients.

Firms need to follow many laws and regulations while using financial advisor marketing plans and advertising themselves. Thus, they must maintain caution and aim for a generic advertising approach. Even a minor misinterpretation can lead to people believing you are providing them with financial advice.

Another point to consider is to focus more on quality than the number of posts. Though you can benefit from regularly posting for your prospects, the information you put online should be genuinely helpful to readers.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Many financial advisors offer almost similar services. However, regularly writing and posting blogs can be crucial to update clients about your services and enhance branding. It allows them to set their firm aside and attract more leads.

Blogging is a financial advisor marketing plan that is all about choosing the correct subjects to discuss. You can speak about the financial market or individual stock performance. Also, people appreciate the sources that provide them with recent news and updates, letting them rely on you!

You can highlight how your company helps clients during uncertain times. Also, discuss the charitable events you attend or host. More blogging ideas include networking events, where you participate to share customer knowledge.

Customer-Centric Blogs

Clients select your services based on the conviction that you provide value. Demonstrate why they need your products and elucidate the benefits of your services through content focused on customer advantages.

Reach Younger Investors

Having a blog and a robust website is crucial for reaching younger investors. Crafting a unique financial advisor marketing plan is vital for attracting younger investors, and using blogging and content marketing to enhance SEO or search engine optimization.

You elevate your Google ranking, drawing in new inbound leads to your business by generating quality content.

Use “Gated Content” to Develop Lead Magnets

You might want most of your website content to be easily accessible to visitors and indexable by search engines. However, you can also publish some ‘gated’ content, accessible only after collecting an email address from interested individuals.

Gated content or “lead magnets” are an effective financial advisor marketing plan. It enables you to grow your newsletter subscribers and identify potential warm leads among your site visitors. You can use them as downloadable PDF content.

For instance, if your specialization is serving small business owners, consider offering guidance in an article that showcases your knowledge and provides a glimpse of the insights they can anticipate by engaging your services.

Similarly, if you focus on a niche financial advisor marketing plan, like cryptocurrency investors, provide information that helps them comprehend the opportunities and risks of alternative investments.

Marketing for Financial Advisors With Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, represents an immensely potent digital marketing strategy.

It helps you enhance your brand’s visibility and lets your website appear at the top of search engine results. Since it includes a specific set of tactics, SEO can boost these outcomes, primarily for some keywords that can get you more business!

Moreover, achieving high rankings in Google searches enhances credibility and fosters trust among existing and potential clients.

Imagine you are a financial advisor in Los Angeles, CA, and a user conducts an online search using the keyword “financial advisors in LA or California.” These SEO marketing tools will enhance your website’s visibility. They help position it among the top search results and recommend you as a local individual or firm offering similar services.

You can refer to this financial advisor marketing plan example as local SEO. Unlike paying for advertisements, it serves as a cost-effective marketing strategy to attract new clients.

Use Podcasts to Showcase Industry Expertise

Podcasting is the best financial advisor marketing plan to establish trust and credibility. It lets you share insights and knowledge about the financial sector with targeted clients. 40% of all internet users regularly listen to podcasts.

Postcards are the best tool for new financial advisors to create personal connections. They can speak about relatable subjects that listeners can like and share with others. Since you directly communicate with your audience 1:1, you achieve more than what PPC ads generate. You can leverage this fact to create a broad follower base.

Many financial advisor marketing plans revolve around repurposing content. And podcasts are an excellent way to do it. You can transform blogs and showcase your expertise.

Advisors can redirect listeners to their blogs and vice versa.

How PostGrid’s Direct Mail API Helps Financial Advisors Reach Their Goal?

PostGrid offers turnkey direct mail marketing solutions to allow you to send printed promotional mailers to a targeted audience. The primary advantage is that you can do everything online, from creating artwork to printing and distributing the items.

You can send direct mail as a marketing plan for financial advisors to attract leads and convert them into clients. Offline mailers are more memorable and responsive than online strategies. Hence, incorporating them into your promotional tactics can help raise brand awareness.

We offer address data quality, real-time tracking, high-quality printing, campaign analytics, and many other features. Also, we let you build segmented mailing lists to connect with targeted prospects.

Get a demo now to learn more about how you can create an offline financial advisor marketing plan with PostGrid!

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