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How to Write Effective Welcome Letters to New Patients?

New patients are the lifeblood of every healthcare facility and practitioner. The initial visits are the determining factor of their retention. Healthcare providers must pay close attention to the patient onboarding process. Yet, they should also understand that new patients can have a stressful experience. They often need time and extra attention to get comfortable with the practice and practitioners. A lot of patients have anxiety while facing a new practitioner. Professionals should consider sending a Medical New patient welcome letter. The first appointment must be a relaxing experience for the patients. They must know what to expect from the practitioner and what to do before the visit.

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A welcome letter to new patients can serve multiple purposes for professionals. It can express gratitude, provide information about the practice, and include upcoming appointment details.

Many healthcare organizations try to elevate their patient experience with these letters. They even consider sending welcome packs to their customers to prepare them for their patient journey.

The first page of the welcome letter to new patients is critical. It expresses thankfulness and vital information about the healthcare organization.

This blog will help professionals learn how to draft the perfect clinic welcome letter to new patients. Canadian healthcare professionals will understand things to include and the best practices to write these letters.

What is a Clinic Welcome Letter to New Patients?

A welcome letter to new patients is a personalized document that healthcare providers send to their new clients. It must include all necessary details about the practitioner and upcoming visit. This way, patients can be ready for their first visit to the facility.

Dental care also sends dental welcome letters to new patients to relieve them from stress. The motive is to engage and prepare the patient for the first visit. They can either send this letter via mail or email.

Yet, direct mail provides a more personal touch to the letter. Providers can leave a better first impression using physical mail for the welcome notes.

The Use of Welcome Packs to Send Medical New Patient Welcome Letter

Many organizations prefer creating welcome packs for their new patients. It provides them with all the information they need to avail themselves of the treatment. Professionals can also include brochures and coupons for other services in this welcome pack.

It opens the door for new cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. They can also include free samples of a product they want to promote to the new clients. Patient onboarding can become a breeze with a welcome letter to new patients and a starter pack.

Contents of a Welcome Box

Every practice and organization is different. Each practitioner can find the best ways to build welcome packs. It will help fit their patient journeys. New professionals can follow these tips to develop their welcome box with ease;

The Welcome Letter

A welcome letter to new patients is the most critical part of the box. It gives them guidance about their patient journey and information about the practice. Many organizations use this opportunity to introduce the patient to their key members.

Dentists can also write a dental welcome letter to new patients to introduce their practice. It can make the patients feel habitual with their providers.

Practice Promise

Many practitioners include a mission statement or statement of intent in the box. It’s an excellent method to let patients know what the organization stands for. They can promote higher loyalty with their patients. The customers also expect organizations to have strong values.


Healthcare professionals must help their patients with their appointment process. A welcome letter to new patients can help them minimize their delays. The patients must find it easier to schedule appointments according to their convenience.

Treatment Brochure

Many practitioners also include a list of treatments they offer in the box. They can have the best opportunity to upsell particular treatments with these brochures. Patients also love to learn about treatment options.

Payment Plans

A welcome letter to new patients can also discuss the payment plans available. Some organizations also promote their subscription services in the box. Customers must understand different payment options, such as cash, credit, or insurance.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Patients are often nervous during their first visit. They need some validation and assurance to gain confidence. Many practitioners include testimonials and case studies to show their credibility. It also helps them to build a sense of community within their practice.

How to Create the Best Workflow for Patients?

It is insufficient to send only a welcome letter to new patients. Practitioners must focus on streamlining patient journeys with proper workflows. They must align everyone from the front desk to care providers with roles and responsibilities.

Many healthcare providers divide their welcome boxes into multiple parts for a smoother onboarding process. Instead of sending a single package, they extend the time between emails and mail.

Here’s an example of such a workflow;

Day 1: Welcome letter to new patients and practice promise.

Day 3: Welcome consultation and treatment brochures.

Day 6: Description of payment plans.

Day 10: Include testimonials and case studies.

This workflow will help the patients understand everything at a reasonable pace. Ensure the communication is clear. Professionals can extend or shorten the timeframe as necessary.

Best Practices to Make Patients Comfortable with a Healthcare Facility

It is vital to make patients comfortable in a sensitive industry like healthcare. A medical new patient welcome letter is the first step practices should consider for building this trust.

Healthcare professionals can create a better atmosphere for patients by following these tips;

Welcome New Patients to the Practice

Loyal patients are the lifeblood of a modern healthcare facility. They will bring more revenue than new patients. Professionals should focus on creating a great first impression. The patient journey should be smoother from the beginning.

A welcome letter to new patients should be the first point of contact. They must feel like they are a member of a community instead of customer. Welcome letters could make the first appointment less frightening and more familiar.

Using an automatic system could be necessary to ensure a smooth onboarding process. It can send periodic communication to make the patient feel more confident.

Keep the Support Desk Open 24-7

A reliable healthcare company offers a 24-7 support system. They enable patients to access their practice to address their needs. Patients prefer a superior service while filling out patient forms or scheduling appointments.

The welcome letter to new patients can mention the communication channels. It would encourage them to interact with the healthcare team whenever they want. This way, the facility can ensure better patient retention.

Send Timely Birthday & Holiday Cards

Many practices send greeting cards to their patient to show appreciation and care. Professionals can use email or direct mail templates to send these messages. Yet, direct mail leaves a more personal impact on the customers.

Snail mail is always more appealing and personal than emails. Professionals can stand out and get appreciation from their patients. They can send these postcards after sending the initial welcome letter to new patients.

Make Every Interaction Stand Out

Patients expect better interactions in their journey with the practice. Successful practitioners are using omnichannel communication to engage their patients. They are deploying multiple strategies to reach out to them.

This way, they are also able to build solid relationships and trust. Professionals are devoting a consistent investment of time and attention. It leads to more appointments, fewer no-shows, and a happy patient base.

Practitioners should ensure presence on multiple communication channels. It helps in improving the engagement rates and interactions with their patients.

Deploy Automatic Post-Care Instructions

It could be daunting to manage relationships with patients. A healthcare facility with a limited staff can find it challenging to keep up with patient communication.

Automation is the answer to these problems. Many practices are using automated systems to send critical communications with triggers. There’s no human intervention, as everything works automatically.

For example, practices can send information about oral health, dental treatment, and history forms. Dental practices can save time by automating their processes.

Email automation tools like Mailchimp are helping countless professionals in Canada. Many prefer using direct mail automation tools. Yet, People must learn the best practices to use direct mail for healthcare.

Things to Include in a Welcome Letter to New Patients

A healthcare professional must know what to add to their medical new patient welcome letter. Yet, these contents depend on the nature of their practice. Here are some usual elements of these letters;

Critical Details About Patient Care

The welcome letter to new patients must elaborate on the details of their journey. They must know what to expect from the healthcare providers. It can provide a summary of the benefits and features of the practice.

Doctors discuss various aspects of care, such as quality, services, technology, and staff. Patients need to have an understanding of what they can expect during their initial appointment. It could include details about the duration, procedures, paperwork, payment options, etc.

They can also request the patients to bring their medical history. A call to action can also help them to navigate to online resources for more details.

The Organization’s History and Mission

Some might argue that including these details can complicate the welcome letter. Yet, patients want to learn about the organization and its credibility.

The history and mission statement explains the journey and values of the firm. A welcome letter to new patients with this information builds trust and loyalty. Healthcare facilities can mention their specialty and accomplishments.

Links to Online Resources

Healthcare facilities can smoothen their paperwork by including online links in the welcome letter. They can provide links to patients, insurance, consent forms, etc.

A medical new patient welcome letter can streamline the documentation processes. Patients can experience a better and smoother onboarding experience.

Key Contact Details

Professionals must include every contact detail to help patients communicate. They could be anxious about their first appointment with the practice. An interaction line can provide comfort and encourage them to pay a visit.

A welcome letter to new patients often highlights all communication channels. It saves a lot of time and avoids confusion.

Tips to Write an Effective Medical New Patient Welcome Letter

Be Friendly and Polite

When drafting a letter, professionals should be very polite and comforting. They must avoid using professional language to avoid confusion and anxiety.

An excellent welcome letter to new patients has a warm and welcoming tone.

Avoid Entirely Template Letters

Templates are suitable for taking inspiration. Yet, they are only perfect for some firms. A healthcare facility can have different specialties and processes. It is vital to personalize the welcome letter to new patients.

Patients can find it impersonal when practices copy and paste the letter from elsewhere. Healthcare providers must be professional and sincere.

Consider Using a Welcome Pack

There needs to be more than a welcome letter to new patients. Many practices consider sending welcome packs with relevant materials. It improves patient engagement and creates anticipation for their appointment.

Be Available for Questions

After receiving their letter, patients may have some questions or require more information. Healthcare providers should ensure to stress that no question is too big or too small.

Patients must have a communication line to resolve their doubts and concerns. A welcome letter to new patients must help them to communicate with their practitioner.

Why a Welcome Letter to New Patients is Vital?

Practices prefer sending a proper medical new patient welcome letter for numerous reasons. It helps them to prepare their clients for their upcoming appointment. They can also establish the first point of contact with the patient.

Apart from these, they can also do the following;

Provides Critical Information

Professionals share critical information about their organization and practices. It helps them establish expectations and confidence for the first visit. The patients also get to learn the vital details about their care plan.

Creates a Strong Impression

Practices prefer sending a welcome letter to new patients to leave the best first impression. It establishes the fact that the firm is well-organized and acts swiftly. The patients also build the perception that their healthcare provider values them.

Helps to Calm Patient’s Nerves

Many patients are nervous about their first appointment with a practice. A medical new patient welcome letter helps in providing comfort to them. It informs about precisely what to expect from the practitioner and different processes.

Medical and Dental New Patient Welcome Letter Templates

Dear XYZ, 

We are writing this letter to introduce you to our practice and prepare for your upcoming visit. As a healthcare organization, our motto is “Where lives matter.” We hope to make a lasting impression so you can feel comfortable throughout your journey with us.

Our team will provide you with the best care, so you can also refer us to your family and friends. 

Please bring all your necessary documents to fast-track your upcoming visits and expedite registration. Here is the list of documents you need to bring; 

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Applicable Insurance Copayments 
  • Prior Physician(s) Address and Phone Number 
  • Medical Documents 

It is vital to provide us with accurate information regarding your current medication. We recommend you bring medication bottles or a prescription of what you take. 

Our organization can accommodate new patients at short notice and never overbook our appointment slots. However, we need full cooperation from all patients.

You can book an appointment by sending us an email at or calling on XXX-XXX-XXX. We eagerly await to meet and provide you with long-term high-quality care. 



Why Use PostGrid Direct Mail to Send Welcome Letters to New Patients?

Medical professionals spend time focusing on multiple tasks. They can’t allocate all their time to drafting and sending patient communication. Automation is necessary to streamline patient experience and retention.

PostGrid print & mail API is an ideal automation tool for sending welcome letters to new patients. Professionals can easily automate their healthcare communication with our API.

Features that Make PostGrid Print & Mail Ideal for Patient Communication

  • Smooth Integration with EHRs and CRMs
  • Personalization capabilities
  • Fully Compliant with HIPAA and PIPEDA guidelines
  • Delivery Reports and Tracking
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Trigger-Based Campaigns

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