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UK Mailing Address Format

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uk mailing address format

UK Mailing Address Format

When companies try to send international mailers to countries like the UK, they often get a high return rate for their campaigns. As we all know, it is never desirable for businesses to have a high return rate for direct mail campaigns.

uk mailing address format

Sometimes, businesses end up getting a high return rate for their direct mail operation even after using verified addresses. The chances are that companies experience such high return mail for their direct mail campaigns because they are using the wrong UK address format.

Postal addresses in the UK are not the same as the ones in Canada. Companies must understand the unique characteristics of UK addresses if they want to run an optimized direct mail campaign. This article explains how to format a UK address and why it is crucial to do it for your business.

We even have some tips and present advanced solutions to ensure genuinely efficient direct mail communication with your customer or partners in the UK.

What is The Importance of Using The Correct UK Address Format?

Like other postal service providers worldwide, UK’s Royal Mail also processes its mailers using an advanced system. The mail processing system enables Royal Mail to sort and deliver their mailers at optimal speed and without delays.

Royal Mail requires the mailers it receives to have the correct UK address format to accomplish this. Hence, you need to learn how to write the address on the letter UK if you want your mailers to reach the recipients on time.

Suppose you send postal mail to the UK with the wrong address format. In that case, there is a good chance that the mail delivery gets delayed. It is also possible that the Royal Mail returns your mail if the address format is wrong, which can hinder its delivery even more.

Even if you have the verified UK full address for a mailer, Royal Mail can still return your mailer if you don’t use the proper format. Hence, businesses should prioritize standardizing their direct mail addresses as per the relevant address format guidelines.

Who Specifies The Official Address Format For a UK Address?

Royal Mail is the official postal service provider for the entire United Kingdom. As the UK’s official postal service provider, Royal Mail is responsible for defining the standards for the UK address format.

Royal Mail specifies the address format that you need to follow for sending mailers to addresses within the UK. It is also worth noting that the standard address may vary for business, PO Box, and home addresses. The Royal Mail uses the standard postal address format to process the mail efficiently.

How To Format A UK Address

As mentioned above, the postal address format for the addresses in the UK can vary slightly depending on the type of address. So, before you send an international mailer from Canada to the UK, you need to know the difference between each UK address format.

Let’s start with a business address.

UK Sample Address For Businesses

Below mentioned is exactly what a UK full address for a business should look like.

Mr. Peter Griffin
Dunder Mifflin Printers Ltd
Bane Towers
24 Myton Rd
TS17 0WA

As you can see the address above, includes details such as:

  • Name of the Addressee
  • Name of the company/organization
  • Building name
  • Street
  • City/Post Town (Use capital or uppercase letters)
  • Postcode (Use capital or uppercase letters)

Note: It is worth noting that the country name is not part of the standard postal UK Address by Royal Mail. However, the country name is necessary for Canada Post to deliver your international postal mail. We will discuss more on this as we move along.

Apart from the details mentioned above, Royal Mail also allows you to add further information to your business mail such as:

  • Department of the Addressee
  • Sub-building name
  • PO Box number
  • Dependent streets such as a business park

UK Sample Address For PO Box address

The PO Box address format UK looks something like this.

Ms. Susy Hobbes
Waterson Ltd
HR Department
PO Box 420

The details you need to include in PO Box address format UK are as follows:

  • Name of the Addressee
  • Name of the company/organization
  • Department name (optional)
  • PO Box Number
  • Post town (Use capital or uppercase letters)
  • Postcode (Use capital or uppercase letters)

The PO Box address example you see above is a business address. However, if you are sending the mail to a home address, you need not add company and department names.

UK Sample Home Addresses

The UK address format for sending postal mail to personal or home addresses is slightly different from business addresses. You can see a sample of the UK home address below.

Mr. John Harisson
10 Carter Street

The details in the UK address sample above include the following:

  • Name of the Addressee
  • House number with the street name
  • Post town (Use capital or uppercase letters)
  • Postcode (Use capital or uppercase letters)

However, sometimes you may not have the house number. Luckily, you can still send the mailer to that address. In such a case, the UK address format would resemble the one you can see below.

Mr. John Harisson
Schrute Farm

Tips On How To Format a UK Address

There are a few quick tips that you can use to ensure that you are using the correct UK address format, and they are:

Use Separate Lines For The Town And Postal Code

It may be standard to use the same line for writing the town and postal code in some countries. However, that is not the case with UK addresses. Always make sure that you use a separate line for your mailer’s town name and postal code.

No Commas Or Full Stops

When writing a UK address, you should not use any commas or full stops in it. The postal mail sorting system of Royal Mail may not read commas or even full stops, and using them can lead to unnecessary confusion.

Align The Text To The Left

Every part or zone of the direct mail should have texts aligned to its left side. Suppose you are writing the delivery address in the address zone of the mailer. In that case, you should ensure that the address text is aligned to the left side. It improves readability and maximizes the space for writing longer addresses.

Always Include The Return Address

Never avoid printing the return address on your mailers. There are instances where the Royal Mail can not deliver your mailer. Sometimes there may be something wrong with the address and other times the addressee may refuse to accept the mailer.  Return mails are crucial in identifying such mailing addresses. You can use this data to optimize your mail process and minimize the wastage of resources.

Use And Easily Readable Font/Handwriting

You must ensure that the address is easily readable for the postal service provider, whether Royal Mail or Canada Post. Higher readability of the postal address makes it easier for the postal service provider to sort and deliver your mail efficiently.

Use Quality Ink And Readable Colour Combination

Another aspect that can affect the readability of your mail address is the ink you use and the ink’s colour combination with the envelope. The best option is to go for a white envelope with black ink for printing/writing the address.

What Are The Things To Note When Sending Mailers From Canada To The UK?

The correct UK address format ensures easy delivery of your international mail by Royal Mail. But, before Royal Mail can take over your mail, it first needs to reach the UK, and for that, you need Canada Post.

The first touchpoint of your international mail to the UK is Canada Post. Hence, you can’t ensure optimal delivery without the help of Canada Post. To ensure the optimal delivery rate, you should use the recommended addressing format from Canada Post.

The essential international address requirement for Canada Post includes 4 parts, and they are

  • Name of the addressee
  • Delivery address (according to UK address format)
  • Municipality name, state, and postal code
  • Country name


It is not easy to learn how to format a UK address on an envelope. Although Royal Mail provides specific guidelines to ensure fast postal mail delivery, the format can change in various circumstances. Furthermore, companies must also consider the address format specified by Canada Post for sending international mailers.

It can be frustrating for businesses to handle all this by themselves, especially for bulk mail. And despite your best efforts, you still can’t truly optimize your direct mail process because human error is inevitable. The only feasible solution to ensure the optimal delivery time for your international mail from Canada to the UK is standardizing the addresses.

PostGrid offers an address verification tool that lets you verify and then automate your UK addresses per Royal Mail standards. Furthermore, it even provides a direct mail automation service to automate the entire direct mail process.

It means you no longer have to worry about using the wrong UK address format. PostGrid takes care of everything you need for sending international mail from Canada to the UK. Hence, a system like PostGrid is a must-have for businesses that regularly send bulk postal mail.