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8 Reasons to Use E-Commerce Address Validation to Improve Your Shipping Task

Before eCommerce existed, customers used mail orders to connect with a company and communicate their needs. Or they would call the business’s representative to place an order! Today, they can add things to their cart online and get their products more quickly and conveniently, making eCommerce address validation prominent!

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Every business must verify its customer data before packing and shipping the orders. It allows them to make the necessary corrections and speed up the delivery process!

This blog covers more reasons to use address validation for eCommerce, from enabling companies to increase their revenue to boosting customer loyalty. 

Let us get right to it!

What Is E-Commerce Address Validation?

Address verification is an automated process of cross-checking customers’ delivery details to help send them mail. It complements many business operations, like marketing, shipping orders, retaining customers, sending transactional documents, etc. 

An eCommerce address validation API like PostGrid allows companies to verify a customer’s delivery location at the point of entry. They can instantly make the required changes and process orders based on accurate information. 

Customers also benefit from eCommerce address validation because they do not need to waste time ensuring every element of their delivery address is correct. They can type a few basic things, and the API automatically adds the remaining details. 

Why Should Businesses Use Address Validation for E-Commerce?

All companies send four types of mail items to their customers, including 

An eCommerce address validation API like PostGrid allows businesses to optimize checkouts and improve deliverability rates. 

Below, we have mentioned address validation for eCommerce businesses is a must-have tool for you:

Help Customers Enter Their Accurate Addresses

You may wonder why customers make mistakes typing their addresses. Do they not remember their address even though they use it regularly? What are the common errors they make while entering the details into the address field?

The reality is that it is common for people to make typos or spelling mistakes. They might not pay adequate attention to or double-check the details. But an eCommerce address validation solution does!

Also, remember that many people place orders for someone else, for example—while gifting something to their family or friends. They might be unsure of their address and make mistakes. Using address validation for eCommerce helps resolve such issues and lets customers enter their correct addresses in seconds!

Stop Paying Extra to Reship Products

If you do not check your address accuracy, you might have to deal with mail returns and other challenges during transit. And you would pay extra postage to reship items to the correct addresses. 

An eCommerce address validation service helps you send the products to the correct recipients the first time! Thus, you can avoid wasting extra time, money, effort, and resources to repack and reship items! 

Not checking the accuracy of your mailing lists can also result in lost items. Hence, you bear the entire postage amount and the product’s price. It can lead to huge losses, primarily if you sell high-ticket products, making it essential to employ eCommerce address validation for you!

Improve Your Customers’ Shopping Experiences

Customers look for ease, speed, and convenience when they shop online. How often did you leave a website or abandon your shopping cart because the checkout process was too long? We realize how frustrating it is for people to buy something online when they have to complete a zillion steps. 

Companies that use address validation for eCommerce activities have fewer cart abandonments. They retain more prospects and push them toward conversion. 

Moreover, customers feel more satisfied after shopping with a brand that offers eCommerce address validation to help them check out quickly. 

Use E-Commerce Address Validation to Avoid Internal Hassles

Some companies rely on their staff to spot errors in the customers’ delivery addresses and correct them. Even though it is better than sending mail items without checking, it can be time-consuming! It can also be daunting for employees, which decreases their morale and affects productivity. 

The business might face many departmental hassles because of incorrect entries or bad data. And there is only one solution to solving them and cleansing their customers’ addresses—address validation for eCommerce orders. 

It streamlines all shipping activities and allows all teams to coordinate properly!

Format Address Correctly

Canada Post requires you to follow its address guidelines to complete deliveries on time. Customers must enter their addresses using the correct format to ensure accurate shipping. 

Postal specifications and address layouts are not well-known to everyone. An eCommerce address validation API empowers you to assist your customers and automatically standardizes all the addresses! 

PostGrid’s eCommerce address validation services help all companies parse, autocomplete, standardize, and validate their mailing lists. Thus, there is no scope for errors, and customers can complete their transactions without hassles. 

Avoid Canceled Transactions

Customers get a pop-up at the end of the transaction saying they made an error while entering the address. Perhaps, they forgot to type their ZIP code or failed to select the correct state from the drop-down menu. 

Luckily, address validation for eCommerce services enables your website to conduct real-time verification and handle these issues in advance. 

Real-time eCommerce address validation also blocks incorrect data from entering your system. It serves as an accuracy check and allows companies to maintain address precision from the start! 

Other Canada Post address verification solutions, like drop-down and post-entry validation, can also help eliminate outdated or incorrect data at different stages. 

Boost Marketing Campaigns and Get Higher Responses

You may collect accurate customer information to plan and execute several marketing campaigns. An eCommerce address validation solution helps you cleanse and manage your databases properly!

This data can help you send loyalty program postcards to existing customers, invite them to events, promote offers, etc. It also assists you in personalizing your campaigns to get more responses and boost engagement.

Increase Sales On Your Website

Convert more prospects and skyrocket sales by integrating an effective eCommerce address validation solution into your website. It helps you offer customers a more convenient and flexible way to checkout, showcasing your brand as a professional company that cares for its audience’s needs. 

You can increase revenue by optimizing checkouts and encouraging customers to buy from your website again!

How Do PostGrid’s E-Commerce Address Validation Solutions Benefit Companies?

Our eCommerce address validation services are available to businesses in the API and software forms. Companies can integrate our API into their shopping website to help customers enter their precise location details. Or they may install our software program on their devices to verify mailing addresses in bulk or manage their existing databases.

PostGrid offers many helpful address validation features to help eCommerce companies function smoothly, like

  • Geocoding: Rooftop geocoding helps pinpoint customers’ correct locations on a map. It lets companies use eCommerce address validation to record from where a customer is placing an order, which helps identify fakes. Imagine a person places an order on your website using an international VPN. PostGrid empowers you to spot them instantly and avoid wasting time behind these illegitimate orders. 
  • Bulk address validation for eCommerce: You can verify any number of addresses simultaneously using PostGrid. Our solutions are scalable and can expand to accommodate your ever-growing requirements. 
  • Global address verification: PostGrid offers eCommerce address validation for 245+ countries. It also transliterates and standardizes them according to the destination country’s guidelines to ensure timely deliveries. Thus, companies need not restrict themselves within their national borders and can expand their operations globally. We also help them draft, print, and ship mailers to any country in the world. 
  • Fuzzy matching: Our eCommerce address validation solution helps businesses enhance and enrich their databases. It enables them to resolve errors like incorrect capitalization, spacing issues, missing details, character swaps, typos, misspellings, etc. These small mistakes can lead to losses and delivery delays, making it essential to use fuzzy logic for address-checking mechanisms. 
  • SERP-certified addresses: PostGrid’s eCommerce address validation services help you access Canada Post’s authoritative database. It matches your mailing lists with SERP-certified address data to ensure the postal services can fulfill your deliveries.
  • NCOA processing: You can check your customer data against the NCOA data files. It enables you to verify whether your mailing lists are up-to-date. If not, it replaces old addresses with current ones to help you complete orders accurately. 

Final Thoughts

E-commerce businesses handle hundreds and thousands of mail orders daily. They cannot afford to waste time over incorrect addresses or lost mail. 

Effective eCommerce address validation services allow them to focus on their business and stop worrying about logistics! These automated solutions also help improve other activities, like data management, advertising, sales, etc. 

PostGrid’s address lookup API and software are cost-efficient, speedy, and flexible. And we offer competitive pricing plans to suit your needs and budgets!

Request a demo now to see how our eCommerce address validation works!

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