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Catalogs are one of the best print marketing tools. If a company is looking to maximize its ROI in a short period, catalogs are a way to go. They’re known for helping brands establish their voice and style among their target audience. It leaves a long-lasting impression on the consumers and nurtures the existing group of clients, thereby strengthening the brand and significantly spiking up the sales.

Leave a long-lasting Impression with PostGrid’s Catalogs.

With an automated solution ensuring high quality catalogues delivered in a streamlined manner is not only bound to provide better results but also sets you up for a new lead generation channel which has higher engagement and open rate.

Take the legwork out of printing & mailing catalogs

Forge and foster a client base and nurture better leads with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand catalog printing and mailing solution.


Why should you opt for our automated catalog print and mail solution?

We offer:


We understand the importance and value of safety and security as much as you do, so we make sure that every process right from catalog designing, printing, packaging, and mailing is carried out in a compliant environment. The automated system is built on and works on the standards and protocols laid down by HIPAA and PIPEDA. The compliance strategy set in place will make sure that there is no breach of security. With our automated catalog printing and mail processing, we ensure that security adherence is the least of your concern.


Printed catalogs with no creativity to display or mundane regular designs will make your target audience throw them into the trash. You should show your products or services with interactive and eye-catchy layouts. With PostGrid, you have the freedom to decide from a variety of options in template designs and fonts and customize them to how you want your audience to perceive your business — be it your prospects, clients, or consumers and enhance engagement and retention rate.

Build Mailing List

Catalogs are printed and mailed mostly in bulk. It means jotting down multiple mailing addresses tirelessly. Our automated catalog printing and mailing system will integrate with your CRM, and the API will facilitate fetching of data from your database. This integration will help you create the mailing list to whom you can collectively and easily send catalogs. You can segment this list depending on whether they are prospects, clients, or consumers, to eliminate the possibility of sending the wrong record to the wrong group.


You no longer have to wonder where your package is or whether or not it is delivered yet. With us, you can track everything, from printing and packaging to the final delivery, by merely signing in to the dashboard. Plus, if you mistakenly add a wrong address to the list, we can help you validate and standardize the information as per the local postal address, so it reaches the right destination.

Mail fulfillment

From processing, storage, packaging to delivery of your catalogs, we at PostGrid provide you with the safest and reliable catalog mail fulfillment solutions. Throughout the automated process, you’ll have the power to track and monitor your catalog delivery progress.

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How will our automated catalog printing and mailing solution help your business?

Reduce Manual Work

Getting catalogs written for the client and prospects manually may take an unfavorable turn with minor mistakes. By automating the catalog printing and mailing, you save significantly — not just your brand’s reputation but also the workforce potential.

Your staff should be able to contribute to take the business to the next level and achieve higher goals, and an automated system will give your business the freedom to do that.

Moreover, it’s not necessary that you will always have an active staff for urgent catalog printing and mailing requirements. The automated system will rescue you from delays and ruining your association with the clients in such cases.

Save Time

You no longer have to waste time managing the inventory budget for printing, haggling with the design team for better designs, or cross-verifying every single detail. With an intelligent, integrated catalog printing and mailing system in place, all you have to do is customize the catalog template, verify the address, and hit send. Invest this time in developing and executing strategies to take the business ahead.

Save Resources

Manual printing requires having the inventory all stocked up with the papers of different sizes, color cartridges, printing supplies, and other tools. It is a tedious task to keep a check on supplies every month, and what if you run out of them in an urgent requirement? The automated system will take care of everything, right from creating templates, processing prints to sending mail to the right individual. You will be saving a lot of money and other vital resources that you can better use towards your business’s core objectives.

Ensure Mailing Accuracy

With our API and integration solution, we guarantee mailing accuracy to the maximum rate. All you have to worry about is which template will best send out the message you want your clients or prospects to get. 

You can also verify and regulate the information as per the local postal standards from the dashboard if you spot a mistake in the address list. With us, you can be rest assured that the right letter will be mailed to the correct address.

Take the legwork out of printing catalog

Forge and foster a client base and nurture better leads with PostGrid’s personalized on-demand catalog printing and mailing solution.



Why should I opt for an automated system over an in-house catalog printing and mailing?

Automated catalog printing and mailing will provide you with supreme quality printing, data security, and save significant time, money, and manual resources.

Why should I trust PostGrid with my catalog printing and mailing?

We strive for the reliability, safety, and security of data, premium quality personalized printing, and accurate mailing at the best price available in the market.

Will I be able to track my catalog?

Yes, right from printing, processing, handing over to postal service and on route to delivery right from your dashboard.

Get rid of those tacky catalog designs and plain product listings with PostGrid’s automated printing and mailing solutions and monetise from the opportunity of targeted and personalized mailing at the most competitive price, with premium quality catalogs. 

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