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sponsorship letter template

How to Write a Sponsorship Letter Template in 2024

Establishing partnerships with supporters in the business sector is crucial for nonprofits looking to attain their fundraising objectives.

Your nonprofit can use the best sponsorship letter template to generate the necessary funds to fulfill its mission and garner support from essential sponsors. Moreover, you increase your chances of achieving fundraising success by leveraging a sponsor’s audience of potential donors.

Fortunately, you possess a valuable resource: sponsorship letters. These letters are a highly effective method to initiate a dialogue between your nonprofit and a potential sponsor about creating a mutually advantageous partnership.

sponsorship letter template

These letters explain the reasons a potential sponsor should endorse your cause. They also convey the benefits the sponsor can derive from this collaboration.

We understand that bagging sponsorship isn’t as simple as writing and sending letters. However, they come in handy when you have some warm leads- with whom you have had previous conversions. You might have convinced them to know more about your causes, taking them ahead of the sponsorship funnel.

This blog covers everything about sponsorship letter templates: their meaning, how to write them, and how to send them to prospective sponsors. Also, we have provided samples to help you get started!

What Is a Sponsorship Letter?

A sponsorship letter template extends its reach further than the typical fundraising letter, seeking donations, grants, volunteer time, contributions, auction items, or similar gifts.

It focuses on establishing relationships with potential donors by treating them as partners and presenting an incentive for their support.

A letter template for sponsorship requests typically asks a business or individual to contribute to an event or fundraising initiative or extend long-term support to a nonprofit organization. Alongside the essential tax receipt, the donor will get extra perks for their support, like priority seating at an event, a speaking slot, or inclusion in event publicity.

What Benefits Can You Provide to Sponsors in Return of an Event Sponsorship?

You may ask yourself, “Why would a company sponsor us? What can we offer them in return?”

However, there are numerous benefits to engaging in charitable giving. Donors gain even more besides the satisfaction of supporting a nonprofit organization they believe in.

It happens because of the growing significance of social responsibility among consumers, especially millennials. Studies indicate that 70 percent are willing to spend more on brands endorsing meaningful causes.

Therefore, when an entity can showcase its endorsement of meaningful causes for its clientele, it will experience a “halo effect” that enhances positive feelings (and possibly sales) for its enterprise. Firms can use the sponsorship letter templates to take advantage of this fact!

Additional advantages include the enhancement of morale within the workforce and brand promotion through marketing efforts. They also boost the local community where the business operates. Individual contributors who want to improve their personal or occupational standing also avail of the advantages of getting recognition for their generosity.

Also, please note that your nonprofit has a valuable audience – one that businesses may struggle to reach otherwise. Granting them access to your audience via your youth sports sponsorship letter template is often something many companies are willing to pay for.

All you can do is offer various benefits to the sponsor in return when seeking the sponsorship.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Advertising Space: Businesses can provide space in your event program for their advertisement.
  2. Logo Visibility: They can feature their logo prominently in all event communications, including social media.
  3. Public Acknowledgment: Acknowledge the donor’s generosity publicly during the event.
  4. Promotional Materials: Include their promotional materials in swag bags or make them available at the event(s).
  5. Speaking Opportunity: Try using the letter of sponsorship template to offer them a chance to speak at the event.
  6. Booth Presence: Provide a booth for them at the event.
  7. Online Recognition: Include their name on your nonprofit’s online ‘Supporters’ list.
  8. Gratitude Display: Offer a framed “thank you for your support” letter to display in their office.
  9. Social Media Shout-outs: Give them shout-outs on your social media platforms.
  10. Contest Participation: Allow them to run a contest at your event or on social media.

Determining Your Goals Before You Write a Sponsorship Letter for an Event

Firms should use sponsorship letter templates only after they have contacted the prospects at least once. The letters should be a bridge to educate them on the significance of sponsoring an event or occasion.

Unlike most fundraising letters, the primary objective of the sponsorship letter isn’t necessarily to seek immediate financial assistance — though that can be a component. The crucial aim is to lay the foundation for a lasting and meaningful relationship.

It means your messages should be appealing to individuals or firms to demonstrate how your work adds to improving society and the different ways it relates to people they might care about! Try using the best letter of sponsorship sample to motivate them by the end of the letter. It should inspire them to donate to your causes more than once!

Indeed, there are occasions when a prospective sponsor can offer more than just a substantial financial donation. Establishing a lasting sponsorship connection with your organization will offer a business a continuous stream of publicity — and vice versa.

After establishing a connection, you have several options for leveraging a sponsorship letter template or sample:

  1. To seek financial or in-kind assistance for a particular event or campaign.
  2. As a method to establish a mutually advantageous partnership with an individual or corporate contributor.
  3. To seek non-financial contributions, such as time, equipment, space, or supplies.

In the sponsorship letter template, firms must discuss the request’s nature with each donor, explain the reasons behind their ask, and break down the benefits they can derive from the collaboration.

Many highly effective sponsorship initiatives focus on more than events, irrespective of the fact that many organizations primarily associate sponsorships with such occasions.

Companies must take another perspective on sponsorships to accept in-kind donations, employee giving, and other avenues. It helps them reveal that establishing connections with a broader range of organizations is significantly more achievable.

How to Search Organizations Likely to Support Your Nonprofit Cause Via Sponsorships

The sponsorship letter templates that stand out the most are the exceptionally personalized ones.

It implies that before beginning your writing process, thorough research is necessary.

Therefore, instead of dispatching letters to every business in your locality right away, consider the following methods to discover promising potential sponsors:

  • Firms must examine entities supporting nonprofits with a comparable focus to yours. A restaurant backing a sports team would be more inclined to consider your after-school sports program than a company with no history of sponsoring teams.
  • They can explore businesses that complement theirs. Organizations must try seeking out companies operating within the same industry or field as their nonprofit. For instance, they can use a letter of sponsorship sample and consider reaching out to health practitioners, suppliers of health aids, pharmaceutical companies, and similar entities if they run a healthcare-related firm. 
  • You must explore traditional and online platforms to identify individuals who share a strong enthusiasm for your cause. Try conducting an online search using appropriate keywords, specifically those about your association’s mission and locality to discover many potential connections.
  • Try sending the best sponsorship letter templates to explore the connections among your members, team, and board. You must motivate everyone linked to your organization, including your family and friends, to assist in establishing connections with potential donors.
  • Firms must buy locally. Typically, individuals and businesses prefer to back the groups and initiatives in their local communities.
  • You can reach out to companies that have previously backed your cause. While it may seem obvious, some organizations may neglect current or former contributors for sponsorship possibilities, assuming they already contribute differently. Provide them with choices!
  • Please search for businesses that have strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Numerous employers encourage their staff to contribute to their communities through initiatives such as paid volunteer time and donation matching. You can write moving messages using appealing sponsorship letter templates to position your organization in the competition!
  • Connect with individuals who benefit from associating with your cause. Ask them to introduce potential donors from their network. They can initiate the initial contact, sharing a personal motivation for contributing. Then, you can send a carefully crafted sponsorship letter to continue the conversation.
  • Think about the folks you buy stuff from or pay for services – your suppliers or vendors. These are people who might feel a personal connection to what your group is all about. They could be really good options for getting sponsorship.

10 Best Practices for Using Sponsorship Letter Templates

After compiling your list of potential and current sponsors by engaging in phone and email interactions, you can start writing the letters. Connecting with them emotionally and directly before sending these messages can be a win-win for your nonprofit firm.

Here are some of the best ways to curate sponsorship letter templates to send to intended recipients.

  1. Use the Reader’s Name
    As sponsorships revolve around relationship-building, using a generic salutation like “To Whom This May Concern” isn’t effective. Identify the appropriate individual within the organization to receive the letter. You can achieve this by making a phone call to inquire about the decision-makers for corporate donations or by exploring their website. Additionally, tools such as Hunter, an email scraper, can assist in obtaining their contact details.
  1. Personalize Correctly
    It’s essential to emphasize that you should verify the accurate spelling of their name. Never presume it’s Joseph Smith; it might be Josef Smythe. When inquiring about the correct spelling for the sponsorship letter templates, also know the name they commonly use they commonly use. Joseph could be predominantly known as Joey to most people.
  1. Tailor the Templates
    Form letters rarely lead to lasting connections. While you don’t need to craft every part of your letters entirely from the beginning, it’s crucial to create a personalized opening that shows you have some knowledge about the recipient. For instance, you might start by acknowledging a small business’s charitable contributions, saying, “As a company that actively supports [XYZ charities], your commitment to the community is evident…”
  1. Keep it Simple
    Show consideration for their time by ensuring your sponsorship letter is confined to a single page. Employ concise sentences and smaller paragraphs to enhance readability. Research indicates that individuals tend to postpone reading materials that exceed a 1-3 minute timeframe.
  1. Think From the Sponsor’s Perspective
    You know what you want (sponsorship), but a good sponsorship letter template considers the recipient first. Now that you’ve had the chance to speak with them, you should know: what do they want? Do they need a way to give back to their community? Are they looking to benefit from the halo effect? To give their employees a way to give back? A chance to show their customers that they care about the cause? Write for them.
  1. Send the Letter Via Leadership
    Ensure that the president or an executive from your nonprofit endorses the sponsorship letter templates. It will provide your recipient with the confidence that it is professional and authentic communication. Also, remember to incorporate your charitable registration number.
  1. Get People Your Sponsor Knows to Send the Message
    Nonprofit businesses must let a familiar person craft the sponsorship letter template because it simply increases the chances that recipients read and respond to the message. Sending it via a stranger might not have the same effect! Even though your brand has already engaged with the sponsors multiple times, reminding them of a personal connection can always have a better impact on their minds, driving them to contact you.
  1. Give Alternatives
    When you reach the section discussing sponsorship, present various opportunities for engagement with your organization. Inform them that you are receptive to a wide range of partnership possibilities.
  1. Include the Sponsorship Advantages
    Remember to outline how a sponsorship can be advantageous for them. Provide opportunities for their inclusion in your event or regular communication materials, showcase their logos in advertisements and promotional items, offer a table or VIP access to an event, and ensure special mentions in all fundraising campaigns. Consider their preferences and craft a customized appeal.
  1. Follow-Up Your Sponsorship Letter Template
    Not every person who receives your message will feel instantly motivated to write a check or dial your number to contribute. The sponsorship letter template is the initial contact in the journey of establishing a connection. Please provide additional details for follow-up, such as how they can contact the appropriate individual in your organization. If suitable, assure them that you plan to follow up through another means. Ensure that you indeed follow up, whether it’s through a phone call or email.

Primary Elements of a Sponsorship Letter Template

Your letter of sponsorship template has many aspects that help you convey your message. They include

The Recipient’s Mailing Address

You must add the recipient’s accurate mailing address at the top of your message. It helps the postal services deliver the letter to the correct address. Also, it lets you personalize it to enable the reader to recognize the effort you put into crafting and shipping the envelopes.

You can use address verification services, like PostGrid, to update and verify your recipients’ delivery addresses before shipping the letters.

Your Mailing Address

Always add your details in the sponsorship letter template to make it authentic. It also helps people write back to you.

Try using a letterhead to give your letters a professional and appealing look. However, you can also write the address separately in the letter format and add your logo at the top-right corner.


You might include the subject in the middle, after writing your and the readers’ mailing addresses. All you must do is mention your letter’s purpose, like seeking sponsorship.

The subject helps readers understand why you sent them the letter. Thus, it simplifies conveying your message and ensures they pay attention to the cause.

Salutation and Introductory Paragraphs

The salutation should be personal and custom. Nonprofit organizations must use the letter of sponsorship sample that allows them to address the readers by their first name.

You don’t need to do anything over the top. A simple “Dear Sarah” or “Hello Mr. Barry” can help you make a lasting impression.

Then comes the introductory paragraph/s. You can discuss your nonprofit in short, explaining how you help specific communities and what impact you have made. Also, you can thank recurring donors for their support and contributions.

Try using the sponsorship letter templates to mention how much you raised during previous fundraisers, primarily if the reader participated in them! It helps maintain clarity and transparency about the brand’s usage of the collected funds.

It is best to use one introductory paragraph, but you can add two whenever needed.


The letter’s body is the primary element of the sponsorship letter template because it enables you to provide more context to the introduction. You can use this paragraph to add an emotional touch to the message and convince prospective donors to donate money or contribute something to the organization.

Professionals curating the sponsorship-seeking letter must add the call to action (CTA) carefully. They can add it to the letter’s body or create a separate paragraph requesting the readers to complete it.

Either way, they must be upfront about what they expect the readers to do after reading the letter. Prospects should know how to contribute without connecting with the organization to inquire about it!

Contact Details

Nonprofits and charities must include their contact information on every youth sports sponsorship letter template to help people contact the organization. Try adding the brand name, phone number, email address, and website link at a highly visible spot to ensure they complete the CTA and get in touch to talk further about the sponsorship offer!

Closing Paragraphs

The closing should be as catchy as the opening and body. It should reinstate your message and request readers to consider your sponsorship request.

You can add a closing statement with a “Yours Sincerely” to maintain the professional feel and touch.


The signature toward the end of your letter template for sponsorship requests shows the message is from a person. Please include the writer’s name and designation, helping readers understand whom they can connect with to talk about the sponsorship.

Corporate Sponsorship Letter for Fundraising

When discussing nonprofit sponsorships, our initial thought often revolves around the conventional corporate sponsorship model, wherein a company commits to sponsoring a nonprofit for a specified duration.

To establish a lasting partnership with a corporate sponsor, a highly effective approach involves requesting them to discuss your cause among their employees. The sponsorship letter template can encourage participation in their matching gifts program.

Sponsors might feature your cause on their corporate philanthropy page or agree to match donations to your organization at a more favourable ratio than contributions to other causes. In return, your nonprofit would acknowledge their business as a valued sponsor on your website.

Church Sponsorship Letter Template

Raising funds for your church can pose a challenge. Despite regular congregational fundraisers every Sunday, these contributions may not always suffice to cover operational expenses and finance projects such as mission trips. Seeking a sponsor via a letter of sponsorship sample to assist with your funding requirements can be a valuable solution.

Your church leadership might identify local business leaders who credit their success to their faith, with some possibly being members of your congregation. Much like everyone else, these leaders seek opportunities to contribute to their community, including their faith communities.

Faith-driven businesses may be enthusiastic about supporting a church and aiding in the growth of your congregation. However, they might be unaware of the need for assistance if you have yet to approach them with the best type of sponsorship letter for an event or fundraiser.

Sponsorship Letter for Sports or Schools

Schools are those nonprofit organizations that often don’t come to mind in fundraising discussions. However, they are among the most widespread nonprofit entities simply because there is a school in virtually every community.

Fortunately, establishing a partnership with a business using sponsorship letter templates can be straightforward with an effective sponsorship letter approach. It is essential to demonstrate to your potential sponsor why supporting your school is valuable and how this sponsorship can be advantageous for their business.

Given that a significant segment of your community is connected to your school, whether as parents, students, or alumni, a business stands to gain substantial advertising value through your partnership.

Auction Items’ Sponsorship Letter for In-Kind Donation

Experienced fundraisers understand that the success of an auction event hinges on the quality of the items featured. Consider proposing a sponsorship arrangement where a partner contributes items for the event. Instead of sourcing auction items from various places, a carefully selected sponsor can handle this for you.

Numerous local businesses and even larger companies may be willing to sponsor your auction, primarily recognizing the potential for future business. Satisfied donors who get your letter of sponsorship template and win appealing items are more likely to become repeat customers.

The range and quality of items you get will depend on the sponsor’s capabilities, so it’s crucial to thoughtfully consider whom to approach.

Sponsorship Acknowledgement Letter or Thank You Letter

You might send a sponsorship proposal for an upcoming event to reach your fundraising goal. However, you need more than a donation request letter saying, “Please sponsor our event.”

Firms must curate the best event sponsorship letter for in-kind sponsorship or other contributions. Once they get the conversion, they must send a thank-you letter to make sponsors feel appreciated. It is one of the best fundraising ideas for all charities and nonprofits.

Your letter must include the event name and an appreciation message. It shows you do much more than focus on your fundraising efforts; you make genuine connections and live up to them!

Food Donation Sponsorship Request Letter

Whether your nonprofit operates as a family shelter, a faith-based charity, or even a school, there are occasions when you find it necessary to solicit donations for specific items rather than monetary funds. A typical instance of this is seeking donations of food.

Numerous nonprofit organizations rely on their supporters to contribute donations of non-perishable food items such as soup, cereal, peanut butter, and more. You can stock this food in your nonprofit’s community pantry or donate to another organization facing an urgent need for these essential staples.

Yet, your nonprofit isn’t limited to conventional donors for procuring these essential food supplies; you can use the sponsorship letter template to also approach a sponsor to make an in-kind donation of food items.

Explore this Sponsorship Letter Template to Request a Food Donation:


Recipient’s Name



City, State Abbreviation, and Postal Code

Dear Mr. Jason,

We hope you are doing well! It has been a while since we last saw you at our ABC fundraiser in June 2023. Seeing you participate and contribute warmed up our hearts. The fundraising event did great too; it raised over $10,000 to help our cause.

Today, we are writing to you with a sponsorship request. We are trying to get sponsors for our next Marathon, 2024. In return, we will offer you a free full-page advertisement in colour in our event directory. Also, we will print your brand name and logo on all our merchandise.

Altogether 250 companies are visiting and participating in this Marathon, and we are excited to have you too. Please fill out the attached form if you are interested and contact us.

Most sincerely,

[The sender’s name and designation]

How Can PostGrid Help Nonprofits and Other Organizations Write and Mail Sponsorship Letters?

PostGrid’s direct mail API allows nonprofits, charities, and other firms to use sponsorship letter templates without hassles or paying designers. They don’t need to negotiate rates on a per-hour basis to design anything or edit the graphics.

Our pre-built templates are available in PDF and HTML to let firms choose and edit artwork for sending sponsorship letters. PostGrid’s template editor helps their brand and saves the designs for future reference.

It cuts expenses and time to get a template for customization, printing, and distribution. Also, firms can make last-minute changes- without contacting vendors or discussing the circumstances.

PostGrid’s automated direct mail services offer more advanced features. We have mentioned some below.

  • High-quality printing: Once you have your letter of sponsorship template, you can ask PostGrid to print the number of copies you need. You can order one or a million letters under the same campaign, and we can have our printers print them in the best quality within the specified timeframe. We also offer variable data prints to allow you to personalize messages for every recipient, increasing the chances they see and reply to them.
  • List compilation: Firms can find sponsors by creating segmented mailing lists via PostGrid. You can compile the delivery addresses of the most relevant individuals and organizations to target. We let you choose the demographics based on the recipients’ age, income, profession, location, preferences, etc. The best part is you may verify the lists for accuracy, correctness, and deliverability. PostGrid updates and validates them to ensure your envelopes land at the correct destinations. You can use this feature for your already-existing and newly-created lists, providing access to the latest data.
  • Mail delivery options: Charities and nonprofits can send the sponsorship letter templates by selecting from First-Class, Marketing, Certified, Registered, and Express mail services. They can choose the solution based on budget, speed preference, and mailer type. First-Class or Certified mail options with the return receipt are among the best choices for sending letters.
  • Real-time mail tracking: Senders can check their campaign performance via the dashboard to stay informed about the process as their letters move from the printing to the distribution stages. PostGrid also enables them to add custom QR codes and personalized links to the sponsorship letter template to determine the number of responses and conversions, letting them measure how many people are willing to sponsor!

Contact us to start designing, printing, and sending sponsorship letter templates to potential and current donors!

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