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How Many Stamps to Mail A Letter to Canada

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How Many Stamps to Mail a Letter to Canada: Costs, Best Options, and More

Canada Post delivers nearly 10 billion mail pieces yearly to urban, rural, and PO box addresses nationwide. 

You must know how many stamps to mail a letter to Canada to send a crucial document or ship a birthday postcard to a cousin!

uk mailing address format

Canada Post has many domestic mailing options to send mail and packages to Canadian addresses and other countries. But you should apply the correct postage and follow the guidelines to deliver your items accurately! Knowing how many stamps to send a letter to Canada can make the job easier.

This blog digs deeper into Canada Post’s mailing options and rates. Also, we will help you know how many stamps to send a letter to Canada without any issues!

How Many Stamps to Mail a Letter to Canada?

A single stamp helps you mail letters and postcards weighing up to 30 g or up to five sheets. 

But you can also use a single stamp to send items weighing between 30 and 50 g or up to nine sheets. It costs more, but the price difference is less.

How Much Do the Stamps Cost for Mailing to Canada?

Now that you know how many stamps to send a letter to Canada- let us discuss the rates! 

One stamp is worth $1.07, and one is enough to mail greeting cards, business documents, transactional mail, publications, advertising letters, etc. 

But remember that shipping rates to Canada vary with your item’s dimensions, weight, and mailing service. Hence, how many stamps to send a letter to Canada can differ considerably for every mailpiece!

The $1.07 postage rate is only for standard shipping, not heavy packages. Also, other classes like Priority and XpressPost cost more. So, affix more stamps to get your postage value up to the mailing cost.   

Below, we have mentioned the standard and non-standard mail rates to help you know how many stamps to send a letter to Canada speedily:

Standard Mail

Weight  Cost
Weighing up to 30 g or five sheets  $1.07 for one stamp. The cost drops to $0.92 if you buy stamps in a booklet. 
Weighing between 30 g and 50 g or nine sheets $1.30

You can send standard cards, postcards, and letter envelopes. 

Oversize or Non-Standard Mail

Weight  Cost
Weighing up to 100 g or 20 sheets  $1.94 
Weighing between 100 g and 200 g or 40 sheets $3.19
Weighing between 200 g and 300 g or 60 sheets $4.44
Weighing between 300 g and 400 g or 80 sheets $5.09
Weighing between 400 g and 500 g or 100 sheets $5.47

You may use this service to send large documents, heavy cards, and oversize envelopes. 

Use Canada Post’s Parcel Services to send items weighing above 500 g. 

While you learn how many stamps to send a letter to Canada, note that you round up to the higher ounce if your item’s weight falls between two categories.  

Can I Mail a Letter to Canada With Domestic Stamps?

Many enquire whether they can use the $1.07 stamps for items weighing more than 30 g. And the answer is yes!

They can add more stamps to cover the postage. 

Also, they can use denominations and other stamps. 

First, calculate your postage to know how many stamps to send a letter to Canada. As said earlier, one item of $1.07 is enough to send 30 g mailers. 

If you want a heavier letter or postcard, check how many more stamps you need based on the weight. 

Types of Stamps You Can Use to Send a Letter to Canada

Canada Post offers many stamp types to help you pick your preferred choices. You can buy them in the following formats:


The cost for one coil of stamps starts at $46. You get 50 domestic stamps for mailing items to Canada.

These prices increase to $97 for a coil of 50 stamps.

You may also buy a coil of 100 stamps for $92 only. Please note the prices vary based on the size and design.


Canada Post’s website has only one single stamp type. It costs $8. You can use it to send items weighing up to 500 g.


Buy a strip of four stamps at $3.68. Please note that you may need to stick more than one stamp to reach your postage value.


A stamp pane costs between $0.50 and $14.72. Please affix the stamps according to your mail’s weight, size, and dimensions.


You can save money by buying your stamps in booklets. The costs start at $5.52 for six domestic stamps and increase to $16.26.

Canada Post also offers denomination stamps. They help you make up for your postage if one stamp costs less for your item and two stamps cost more.

These stamps help you achieve an accurate value and save costs.

You can see three categories for denomination stamps on the Canada Post’s website:

  • 1c to 25c.
  • 92c to $3.
  • $4 to $10.

The number of stamps you affix to your envelopes, postcards, or packages depends on the mailing class you select.

Canada Mailing Options You Can Use

The Post Office has many options to mail a letter to Canada. Here are some of your best choices:

  • Priority: It allows you to ship items to local, regional, and national addresses with one-day shipping. The Priority option is one of the fastest shipping services nationwide. You get many features, like delivery updates, an on-time arrival guarantee, confirmation, and tracking. Canada Post charges extra for the collect-on-delivery option. There is an insurance cover for items worth up to $100. But you can buy extra cover for up to $5,000. 
  • Xpresspost: This mailing service is similar to Priority because it offers one-day shipping to local and regional addresses. But national deliveries can take up to two business days. Xpresspost also offers delivery updates and arrival guarantees like Priority. But it does not provide a signature on delivery services. You must pay an extra fee to avail of it.
  • Flat-rate box: The flat-rate box mailing service takes one to two business days to send items to local addresses. It takes one to four and two to eight business days to ship something regionally and nationally. This option lacks features like collect on the delivery, signature, and return to sender. 
  • Regular parcel: Your items arrive at the mailing addresses after one to ten business days. Canada Post does not guarantee on-time delivery

Hence, you may face delays for some addresses, primarily if they are rural. The good news is that you can track your packages and get delivery updates. 

As discussed above, Canada Post has several mailing options for domestic and international shipments. You can select one according to your preferences and budget. 

Luckily, Canada Post has an online tool to help you know how many stamps to send a letter to Canada smoothly! Thus, you can get a pricing estimate beforehand and decide which mailing service you want. 

Another way to increase mailing efficiency is to use PostGrid’s direct mail services. You can automate your mailing tasks and save nearly 75% of your costs! Additionally, you get many benefits, like remembering how many stamps to send a letter to Canada or what the Post Office rules are! 

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How Can PostGrid’s Direct Mail Solutions Help You Ship Your Items to Canada?

PostGrid’s online direct mail solutions allow you to send your items to any part of the world at all-inclusive rates. And the best part is you don’t need to do a thing!

Our international printing and mailing network enables you to automate shipping to 245+ countries, including Canada. Hence, gone are the days when you had to worry about how many stamps to mail a letter to Canada! Now- your business can save time and money and cut manual effort—while conducting more effective campaigns.

“We wanted to expand our business operations to major cities in Canada. Then, we looked for online technology to help us send our documents, letters, and parcels to Canada. It is when we started using PostGrid, and we are glad we did so. PostGrid makes mailing to Canada so effective and quick, and we were surprised to get such a good deal!”- Commented one of our clients during a one-on-one session!

We have clients in all sectors, from education and banks to healthcare! PostGrid helps them determine how many stamps to send a letter to Canada and assists them in every step!

Here are some of our best benefits that some businesses tend to overlook while considering launching a campaign in-house:

  • Restful API: You can use our API integrations to send letters, postcards, checks, etc., and validate your mailing lists. Thus, you can skip steps like calculating postage and learning how many stamps to send a letter to Canada and other destinations. 
  • HIPAA-compliant solutions: Conducing a mailing campaign in-house may pose many problems, like being HIPAA-compliant. Thankfully, our solutions help you send your items lawfully without doing anything extra!
  • Zapier integration: Zapier helps you connect with more than 1600 apps, allowing you to expand your database. Hence, you can expand your reach and get more responses. 
  • Mailing history: Businesses can get a consolidated view of their mailing history by logging into their account and accessing their dashboard. Here, you can also know how many stamps to mail a letter to Canada, i.e., how much you paid for every campaign and your ROI. Hence, it is easier you keep records and measure your campaign performance. 


Mailing to Canada doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive! You can use the standard mailing service to get the best rates for smooth shipping.

We hope this blog answers your question- can I mail a letter to Canada with stamps?

PostGrid can help you print and mail any item you want to Canada whenever you want! 

Also, our turnkey mailing solutions enable you to increase your revenue and save expenses rapidly!

Request a demo now, and PostGrid can help you know how many stamps to send a letter to Canada and more!

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