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What Is A Mail Stop Code

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What Do Mail Stop Codes Mean in an Address, and How Are They Helpful?

Direct mail is becoming less common in this ever-evolving digital era. There are various events where sending direct mail is preferred over email.

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If you want to send direct mail to a client, customer, stakeholder, or partner, use the correct address format. It is to ensure that your mail gets delivered safely and on time. Alternatively, you may encounter issues such as miscommunication.

But what is a mail stop? And how does it work?

Let us see how!

What is a Mail Stop Code?

You might encounter a mail stop code when mailing a letter to a large organization, university, college campus, or another large facility. Each place where the organization drops off mail is assigned an alphanumeric code. The recipient’s floor number or building address has a mail stop code. You may use it to identify a department or desk number.

Adding more to the mail stop meaning!

It is possible that senders, recipients, or businesses may need help understanding the significance of mail stop codes. But employees at the facility can decipher and comprehend the information, including details about the address, the floor, and even the department or desk where they need to send the mail items.

The facility uses stop codes for internal mail and mail received at the organization. In Canada, when sending mail to a mail stop facility, state the recipient’s name, the recipient’s mail stop code, and the department and facility names, followed by the street address and city, province, and postal code.

Postal codes separate the mail delivery areas within a city. Each of these smaller areas divides into a set of mail stops. For example, the postal code M4B 0A3 can have different Post Offices, such as M4B 0A4 or M4B 0A5.

Now we have answered- what is a mail code? Let us now move ahead and see where mail stops appear in an address.

How Do You Write Addresses with Mail Codes?

You must include your Mail Stop name on any postal envelope mail to ensure you received it. Remember, including it expedites deliveries. You can help your correspondents correctly address your mail using the following formats on letterhead and envelopes.

We hope we answered all your questions about what mail stop means in an address! Please keep reading, as we have a lot more for you.

Write the address of the recipient first. In the centre of the envelope, you should write the recipient’s name on the top. To write the recipient’s address, you should follow the below-mentioned format:

  • Receivers Name
  • Your Mail Stop Number
  • Business Name
  • Complete Street Address
  • Followed by City, Province, and Postal Code

Don’t forget to add your address. If the sender’s address is on the envelope, the Post Office can return it if the delivery fails. Your address should appear in the top left corner of the envelope on the same side as the recipient’s address. Format your address as follows:

  • Your Name
  • Your Mail Stop Number, if required
  • Business Name
  • Complete Street Address
  • Followed by Your City, Province, and Postal Code

Adding Mail Stop Labels

If you use a label to address a parcel, package, or large envelope, please use the recommended format. Include all of the required information. The Post Office will contact you if you don’t prepare the labels well.

Canada Post’s automation equipment needs labels that are parallel to the bottom edge of the envelope to be able to process them.

Knowing the Importance of Mail Stop in a Mailing Address

To deliver your mail to your intended recipient, you must address the mail correctly. Incorrectly writing the address on the envelope could lead to mail returns. You may run into business issues if your recipient does not receive the mail on time or could lose the deal if you fail to mail a contract on time to the recipient.

Always ensure you have your contact’s first and last name on hand when sending business mail. Make sure the spelling of your associate’s name is correct. It is also a sign of respect that the postal service can locate the recipient.

Please look up the address of the business you want to mail to on its website. Canada Post’s postal code lookup tool can also help verify the postal code with an address verification tool like PostGrid.

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Best Practices To Write Follow Address on Mail Stop Envelope

Use a pen or permanent marker to write the address on the envelope, not a pencil. Use capital letters when writing it. Your writing will be more readable and less likely to be misunderstood. The end of a sentence should not contain any punctuation, such as a period or a comma.

Try to provide entire postal codes. It will help to ensure that your mail is delivered accurately. The Canada Post website offers a complete list of postal codes. So you can visit the same to find yours. 

You can print labels for your envelopes on your computer by typing the address. 

Address multiple items using the same label. Ensure both directions are easy to read, and there is no scope for number or letter misinterpretation.

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